Big Data Roles & Job Responsibilities

Big Data Roles & Job Responsibilities – The widespread adoption and use of the internet in all aspects of life and business resulted in a new output of data in volume, velocity, veracity, and variety. Some of this data is rich in information valuable to businesses, while some are not.

However, businesses collect and process all of the manners of data in order to extract what is valuable. Big data analysis would help organizations to analyze and process the big data to get useful insights. If you are looking for Big data jobs then you should understand various Big data roles and their job responsibilities.

Different Big Data Job Roles

Here is the list of different Big data job roles.

  1. Big Data Administrator
  2. Big Data Architect
  3. Big Data Analyst
  4. Big Data Developer
  5. Data Visualization Developer
  6. Big Data Scientist
  7. Big Data Steward

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Big Data Roles & Job Responsibilities

Let’s understand various Big data roles and job responsibilities.

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Big Data Administrator Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Build, setup and configure Hadoop cluster
  • Install and configure software
  • Manage the health and wellness of the entire Hadoop cluster
  • Provide and manage access
  • Help with the development and implementation of physical and online system security
  • Work with Hadoop Architect in design and setup of storage and database structures

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Big Data Architect Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Conceptualize, plan and design Hadoop big data system
  • Design functional and technical architectures
  • Complete knowledge and understanding of big data ecosystem technologies and their use cases
  • System and technical requirement analysis and technology selection
  • Manage all databases, their objects and data on Hadoop/big data platform
  • Work closely with Hadoop Administrator, Hadoop Architect and Hadoop Developers
  • Hands-on experience with fundamental Hadoop tools and technologies
  • Deploy/manage big data solutions
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of Hadoop/big data solution

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Big Data Analyst Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Analyze data and contextualize within business functions and needs
  • Strong understanding of data and business function
  • Skilled in ad-hoc data analysis
  • Work as the liaison between IT and Business

Big Data Developer Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop custom applications on the Hadoop platform using open source programming languages
  • Explain design concepts to stakeholders
  • Develop ETL/ELT process to find the right data in an understandable format
  • Understand data sources, data structures and the relationship between them
  • Strong analytic and logical sense

Data Visualization Developer Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop data visualization analysis to provide value-added analytics to decision-makers
  • Understand data structure and data flow between systems in order to make sure the right data is available for desired reporting and analytics
  • Work closely with data quality and analysts to ensure data integrity and completeness

Big Data Scientist Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Predictive analytics modeling and development
  • Analyze complex and heterogeneous data to help a business make decisions
  • Skilled in software engineering, strong in mathematics and statistics; applied scientist in nature

Big Data Steward Job Roles & Responsibilities

  • Enable the organization to spend less time finding data and more time using data to add value
  • With the help of right people, processes and technologies, implement and guarantee data quality and promote analytic culture across the organization
  • Define and enforce policies, auditing, and regulations around data
  • Work with various IT and Business groups to set up data provisioning and sharing mechanisms
  • Determine and ensure right master data and metadata management policies are in place
  • Guarantee all the security and operational protocols in place to safeguard the organization’s data platform

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