Top 10 Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Business

Blockchain was launched in 2009 which was met with a lot of criticism and very few were actually in favor of this aerodynamic technology. But now, the scenario is completely upside down with millions of people & companies incorporating this incredible technology into their main area of operations. The distributed ledger technology has a lot in store for the corporate sector to be intrigued about & the hype behind the technology is undeniably real. Let’s discuss the top 10 benefits of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology

Top 10 Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Here are some of the benefits that blockchain has brought forth for companies worldwide.  It takes a closer look at the unprecedented benefits of blockchain:

#1 Innovation 

Blockchain helps in solving intractable problems. The practices that are longstanding cumbersome can also be improved. Essential information on the applicant’s job resume can be easily verified through it. This will help in reducing the instances of those candidates who repeatedly mislead the recruiters. Now, hiring managers will get the truth quite effortlessly. 

#2 Tokenization 

The overall asset’s value is successfully converted into an aerodynamic digital token which is later recorded & shared through the use of blockchain. Digital art incorporates tokenization quite heavily and similar virtual assets are exploring this option quite profusely. Business transactions can be made smoother with the application of tokenization. 

#3 Data can be controlled individually 

You can control your digital data independently. Blockchain protects your data quite efficiently and your ownership is never compromised. You can easily decide the piece of your digital data that you feel like sharing with whoever you want to and for whatever long. The limits will be mentioned in smart contracts for you to comply with. 

#4 Immutability 

This is one of the riveting features of the blockchain as the transaction once recorded can neither be deleted nor changed. You can also leverage the advantage of getting a permanent record as all the transactions are usually date-stamped & time-stamped. You can thereby track information which will allow you to gain a secured & reliable pool of information. 

#5 Traceability & Visibility 

The best example, in this case, can be Walmart. They incorporate blockchain which allows them to track the entire history of mangoes & other series of products they sell. It helps them to efficiently manage their inventory and also to quickly respond to customer complaints. They can also easily confirm the merchandise’s history in real-time. 

#6 Speed 

Say goodbye to all the conventional methods as unprecedented blockchain technology has already eliminated the majority of the intermediaries. Furthermore, all the manual process is being done away with which has expedited the operations significantly for the companies. You can also conduct the transactions in just a matter of seconds & maybe even less. 

#7 Reduction in Costs

Organizations have a lot of reasons to be happy about the advent of blockchain as the cutting-edge technology easily cuts the cost for them. Now, you can witness additional efficiency in processing numerous transactions. Furthermore, manual tasks can be eliminated & replaced with robust methods to amend data. 

#8 Impenetrable security 

Blockchain is able to successfully create unalterable transaction records with the additional benefit of encrypting end-to-end. This phenomenon alienates the entire possibility of any unauthorized activities & frauds. Computer systems are immune to being hacked & privacy concerns are diligently addressed. These were the prevalent shortcomings in the traditional computer systems which are now being catered to by blockchain technology. 

#9 Decentralization 

You are free! There is no central authority to monitor your activities and you can also leverage the benefit of being anonymous in this digital ecosystem. Hence, there is no specific particular entity that controls everything. This is the whole concept of decentralization which is why millions of people flock towards this technology like a beehive. The supply chain can work a lot better with this kind of decentralization that blockchain has recently ushered in. 

#10 Trust 

Trust is easily established between the parties who conduct transactions on the blockchain. It is one of the indispensable attributes of any transaction that the involved parties seek. It allows all the parties who might have not entertained the idea of conducting transactions on traditional means can easily resort to the blockchain. Trust is the most cited & predominant benefit of conducting transactions on the blockchain. 

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