SQL Server DBA Tutorial

SQL Server DBA Tutorial for beginners 2019 from Coding compiler. Database administrator is a person responsible for the database design, Implementation, maintenance and repair of the database. The main goal of DBA is to keep the database server always up and make it available to users. Incase of any failures DBA should minimize the Database by implementing powerful backup and restoring technique. Let’s start lean SQL server dba with step by step tutorials.

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Amazon Web Services Cheat Sheet

Amazon Web Services Cheat Sheet – AWS Services and Products. Hey, have you heard about these new AWS services: ContainerCache, ElastiCast and QR72?

Of course you are but I just made them up. To avoid falling into such situations, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the cheat sheet on Amazon Web Services from Coding compiler. Let’s dive into the world of AWS.

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React Router Tutorial For Beginners with Examples 2019

React router tutorial for beginners with examples from Coding compiler. The purpose of this react router tutorial is to explain the conceptual model when using the React Router. We call it “dynamic routing,” which is quite different from the “static routing” you might be more familiar with. Let’s start learning react router with code examples.

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Preact Tutorial For Beginners

What is Preact?

Preact is a JavaScript library that describes itself as a fast 3kB alternative to React with the same ES6 API. Preact tutorial for beginners from Coding compiler. Let’s start learning Preact and it’s features, components, how it is different from React and why you should switch from React to Preact. Let’s start learning Preact with code examples.

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VuePress Tutorial

VuePress Introduction

VuePress is an Vue-driven static site generation tool. VuePress consists of two parts: a minimalist static website generation tool for a Vue-driven theme system, and a default theme optimized for writing technical documentation. It was created to support the documentation needs of the Vue subproject.

Each page generated by VuePress has corresponding pre-rendered static HTML that provides excellent load performance and is SEO-friendly. However, after the page loads, Vue takes over the static content as a full single-page application (SPA). When the user is browsing the site, other pages can be loaded as needed.

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MobX Tutorial For Beginners With Examples 2019

MobX Tutorial

MobX tutorial for beginners with code examples from Coding compiler.MobX is Simple, scalable state management. MobX is sponsored by Mendix, Coinbase, Facebook Open Source and numerous individual sponsors. Let’s start learning MobX.

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JavaScript Guide – Basic JavaScript Concepts with Code Examples

JavaScript Guide – Basic JavaScript Concepts with Code Examples from Coding compiler. Pareto Guide: 20% of the language you need in 80% of cases. Only basic javascript concepts with code examples. Since the advent of JavaScript 20 years ago, it has come a long way from a modest tool for simple animations to the top ten of the Tiobe rating. It is a language with a high level of abstraction, which allows you to focus on the code, and not on the low-level implementation of the program. It has weak dynamic typing and supports various programming paradigms.

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Basics of Functional Programming in JavaScript

Basics of Functional Programming in JavaScript from Coding compiler – This tutorial explains the basics of functional programming with simple examples to create a concise and easily supported code. In recent years, an even greater distinction has been made between traditional and functional programming in JavaScript. Its essence is not in the superiority of one over the other but in personal preferences.

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33 Most Useful Regular Expressions For Web Developers 2019

33 most useful regular expressions for web developers with examples 2019 from Coding compiler. Use these regular expressions to quickly solve the most common tasks of web development. Let’s start learning about the most used regular expressions in web development.

Types of Regular Expressions

  1. Regular Expressions to Validate User Data
  2. Regular Expression to Validate Common Formats
  3. Regular Expressions Related to Numbers
  4. Regular Expressions Related to Files and URLs
  5. Regular Expressions Related to Social Networks
  6. Regular Expressions Related to HTML and CSS
  7. Regular Expressions Related to other Web Developer Tasks
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11 JavaScript Animation Libraries For 2019

11 JavaScript Animation Libraries For 2019. Let’s not forget about using pure CSS, why because it can improve graphics performance (GPU), provide backward and forward compatibility, and this may just be the most effective way to create animations.

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