What is Create ML – The Apple Machine Learning Framework

What is Create ML – The Apple Machine Learning Framework from Coding compiler. Create ML is a framework from Apple for machine learning. It allows the creation and training of machine learning models within the Apple ecosystem. The trained models can be easily integrated into own apps with Core ML. The models can be used, for example, for image, text or speech recognition.

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What is Core ML – Apple Machine Learning Framework

What is Core ML from Coding compiler. Core ML is an Apple machine learning framework that integrates machine learning models into its own apps. The framework supports models designed and trained with Create ML as well as models of other frameworks such as TensorFlow.

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What is a Convolutional Neural Network?

What is a Convolutional Neural Network from Coding compiler. The Convolutional Neural Network is a special form of the artificial neural network. It has multiple convolutional layers and is well suited for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in the field of image and speech recognition.

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What is Cognos – The Business Intelligence Tool

What is Cognos – The Business Intelligence Tool from Coding compiler. Cognos is a collection of IBM software products. The software is used in companies for performance management and business intelligence. There are solutions for operating on own hardware as well as Cognos cloud services.

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What is Cognitive Computing?

What is Cognitive Computing from Coding compiler. Cognitive computing uses artificial intelligence technologies to simulate human thought processes. The goal is to develop own solutions and strategies based on experience. The systems interact in real time with their environment and process large amounts of data.

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What is Caffe – The Deep Learning Framework

What is Caffe – Everything you need to know about the deep learning framework from Coding compiler. Caffe is a deep learning framework characterized by its speed, scalability, and modularity. Caffe works with CPUs and GPUs and is scalable across multiple processors. The Deep Learning Framework is suitable for industrial applications in the fields of machine vision, multimedia and speech.

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Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain Guide

Cryptocurrency Guide –  Everything You Need To Know About  Bitcoin, Blockchain from Coding compiler. Even people not connected with the financial sector or the IT industry have often heard about Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain. Since its introduction in 2009, Bitcon, as a peer to peer payment system, has increasingly attracted attention and conquered new users. Moreover, the leading international financial institutions speak of new opportunities for the use of blockchains, and the need to regulate relations related to cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that a consortium has also been established in Russia under the leadership of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation dealing with this subject matter.

Using blockchains as the main concept of bitcoins, experts are called as very promising. However, as with any technology, bitcoins have a reverse side of the coin, which attackers can use for personal gain. These are primarily issues related to the trafficking of illegal content, uncontrolled financial transactions, as well as ensuring the confidentiality of subjects and the security of translations.

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The Best Low-code Platform Solutions

The best 22 low-code platform solutions for programmers from Coding compiler. When it comes to low-code development, software developers have the wrong idea about them. Due to low-code visualization, drag-and-drop programming methods, it is often associated with business users or citizen developers.

This reputation has led many developers to wonder if it will be introduced into the workflow, but as companies accelerate their digital transformation, they may have no choice. According to relevant data, low-code platforms are rapidly becoming the standard for many organizations. This article will recommend 22 low-code solutions, can they make programmers and developers more efficient?

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Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain – The perfect match from Codingcompiler. Artificial intelligence and blockchain are among the most progressive technologies that promise to radically change the life of society. What are the prospects for the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain?  A pair of “blockchain – artificial intelligence” is able to provide fundamental changes in all aspects of society, promising the growth of the global economy, despite the fact that they have a long way to go.

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Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence from Coding compiler. Machine learning is one of the industry trends of these years, there is no doubt. Or was it deep learning? Or Artificial Intelligence? What is the difference?

Deep learning is considered as a sub-field of machine learning , which in turn is a branch of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence). Machine learning includes all (sometimes very different) methods of classification or regression that the machine itself learns through human-led training. In addition, machine learning also includes unsupervised methods for data mining in particularly large and diverse amounts of data.

Deep learning is a sub-type of machine learning and does basically nothing else: it’s about trained classification or regression. Less commonly, deep learning algorithms are also used as an unsupervised learning mechanism for learning pattern noise (data mining). Deep learning refers to the use of artificial neural networks, which are often superior to other methods of machine learning and have other advantages and disadvantages.

This is article is the first article series “Getting Started in Deep Learning“.

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