130+ Python Projects With Source Code On GitHub

Python Projects – Wondering how powerful Python programming is? It’s no surprise that Python is a very powerful programming language. Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of Python applications that demonstrate the language’s versatility. Let’s explore the 130+ useful Python projects with source code on GitHub.

Python Project Categories

We have put together a selection of Python projects from different categories.

  1. Python Internet Projects
  2. Python Audio Projects
  3. Python Video Projects
  4. Python Graphic Projects
  5. Python Game Projects
  6. Python Productivity Projects
  7. Python Organizing Projects
  8. Python Communication Projects
  9. Python Education Projects
  10. Python Science Projects
  11. Python CMS Projects
  12. Python ERP Projects
  13. Python Static Page Projects
  14. Python Development Projects
  15. Python SCM Tool Projects
  16. Python Code Review Projects
  17. Python Ops Projects
  18. Python Security Projects
  19. Python Editor/IDE Projects
  20. Python Project Manager Projects
  21. Python Package Store Projects
  22. Python Deployment Projects
  23. Python Shell Projects

Let’s discuss Python projects from each category.

Python Projects with Source Code
Python Projects

Python Internet Projects

List of internet projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Canto − RSS daemon and Canto Curses client
  • Deluge is a popular, lightweight, cross-platform BitTorrent client.
  • gPodder – simple media aggregator and podcast player
  • Pi-Hole is an application for blocking Internet tracking
  • Planet is an RSS and Atom feed aggregator designed to collect posts from blogs and display them on one page
  • Qute Browser − vim-looked browser based on PyQt5
  • Tribler is a private BitTorrent client with P2P support

Python Audio Projects

List of audio projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Beets is a music library manager with copy search, transcoding and tagging support, integration with MusicBrainz, Discogs and others
  • Exaile − audio player, tag editor and library organizer
  • Friture is a real-time data visualization and analysis service
  • GNU Solfege – ear training program for musicians
  • MusicBrainz Picard – identification and labeling of audio recordings
  • SoundConverter – GNOME based audio file transcoder

Python Video Projects

List of video projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Flowblade is a video editing software for Linux
  • OpenShot – video editor for FreeBSD, Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Pitivi is a video editor for Linux built on GStreamer

Python Graphic Projects

List of graphics projects built with Python Programming language.

  • FreeCAD − 3D CAD Modeler and Building Modeling Software with Finite Element Analysis
  • MakeHuman – a program for creating 3D models of humanoids
  • MyPaint – raster graphics editor for artists
  • OCRopus − document analysis and character recognition system
  • SK1 is a multifunctional illustration program

Python Game Projects

List of Python game projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Frets on Fire X – guitar, bass, drums, and vocals application
  • Lucas Chess – chess client for Windows
  • PyChess – advanced chess client
  • PySolFC – collection of Card Solitaire/Patience games written in Python
  • Unknown Horizons collection of card games – 2D strategy simulator about economy and city building

Python Productivity Apps

List of productivity projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Attic – backup system with additional encryption
  • Autokey – desktop automation for Linux and X11
  • Bleachbit – Disk Cleanup Software
  • Bup is a backup system based on git packfile
  • Excalibur – web interface for extracting tabular data from PDF files
  • gmvault – gmail account backup tool
  • Metamorphose – a program for mass renaming files and folders
  • nvda – Non-Visual Desktop Access – screen reader for Windows
  • Ranger is a vim-inspired console file manager

Python Organizing App Projects

List of organizing projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Caliber – An e-book manager for viewing, converting, editing
  • CherryTree – A personal wiki-like notepad with text and syntax highlighting
  • Gramps – Software for genealogy lovers
  • Invenio – A platform to run a trusted digital repository
  • PyMedusa – A video library manager for TV show, autoloaded
  • Radicale – simple CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server
  • WiKID Pad – thought pad
  • Zim Wiki – wiki for note-taking, listing and drafting

Python Communication App Projects

List of communication app projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Askbot is a web platform similar to StackOverflow with tags, reputation, icons
  • Gajim is a lightweight instant messaging client using the XMPP protocol
  • GlobaLeaks is a web application for secure and anonymous distribution of alerts
  • Mailman is a web application and mail server for managing subscriptions and archives
  • Mailpile is an email client with encryption and privacy features
  • Modoboa is a mail hosting and management platform with a Django based interface. Integrates with Postfix and Dovecot
  • MoinMoin is a native Python web program for creating wikis
  • OfflineIMAP – IMAP reader and synchronizer
  • Pootle is a collaborative translation web application
  • RapidSMS – SMS text messaging platform
  • Seafile – file storage and synchronization system
  • TahoeLAFS – cloud storage system for reliable distributed data storage
  • Virtaal – a graphical interface for translation with support for various formats
  • Zulip is a powerful chat server and web client with support for streaming conversations

Python Education Projects

List of education projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Anki is a desktop application for memorization using flash cards
  • Mnemosyne – spaced repetition program for effective memorization
  • NBGrader is a Jupyter-based application that allows educators to create and grade assignments
  • Open edX Platform – a platform for creating online courses

Python Science Projects

List of science projects built with Python Programming language.

  • ASCEND – system of mathematical modeling of chemical processes
  • CellProfiler – interactive data exploration, analysis and classification of biological image sets
  • CoCalc – collaborative computing in the cloud with support for the scientific stack of Python, SageMath, R, LaTeX, Markdown. Chat, course management and other features are also included
  • Dissem.in is a web-based platform that helps researchers upload their papers to open access repositories
  • Mayavi is a universal tool for visualizing scientific data
  • Veusz – scientific 2D and 3D graphs for creating publish-ready PDF or SVG graphs

Python CMS Projects

List of cms projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Abilian SBE – open source software for company business management
  • Django-CMS is a content management system based on the Django framework with version control, multi-site support and more
  • Ella is a Django-based content management system with a focus on global news sites and online magazines
  • Mezzanine is a flexible content management platform built on the Django platform
  • Plone is an extensible enterprise content management system based on Zope
  • Plumi is a content management system for video sharing based on Plone
  • Saleor is a modular e-commerce platform based on Django, GraphQL and ReactJS
  • Wagtail is a content management system focused on flexibility and usability

Python ERP Projects

List of erp projects built with Python Programming language.

  • ERP5 is a web-based ERP, CRM, DMS and Big Data system with hundreds of built-in modules designed for scalability
  • ERPNext is a web-based ERP system with Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Sales, Procurement, Project Management and HR. Built on Frappe and MariaDB.
  • Odoo − ERP and CRM with many built-in modules
  • Tryton is a modular web ERP designed for companies of all sizes

Python Static Page Creation Projects

List of static page creation projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Cactus – page generator using Django templates
  • Chert  – generator with built-in list support
  • Lektor – static page generator with built-in admin console
  • Nikola – customizable generator with support for Markdown, reST, Jupyter and HTML
  • Pelican – generator with support for Markdown and reST syntaxes

Python Development Projects

List of Python development, SCM, core review, Ops projects built with Python Programming language.

Python SCM Projects

  • Git Cola is a cross-platform wrapper for GUI git
  • GNU Bazaar – distributed and client-server version control system
  • Patchwork – a system for tracking patches in code
  • RhodeCode – source code management platform
  • Roundup is a system for tracking problems with interfaces, network and e-mail
  • ViewVC – browser-based interface for CVS and subversion control

Python Code Review Proects

  • Meld is a visual file and directory comparison tool that supports many version control systems including Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Subversion
  • Review Board – a tool for checking the code of projects
  • Rietveld is a Django-based collaborative code review tool for Subversion

Python Ops Projects

  • Ansible – playbook-based automation
  • Barman – remote backup and disaster recovery for PostgreSQL
  • Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows you to quickly set up network installation environments
  • fail2ban – daemon for banning hosts that cause authentication failures on Linux servers
  • Ganeti is a virtual machine management tool based on existing virtualization technologies such as Xen and KVM
  • Gunicorn is a forked WSGI server running as a counterpart to Unicorn
  • Iris is an automated incident notification system developed and used by LinkedIn
  • NColony − process manager
  • OpenStack is a cloud operating system that manages pools of compute, storage, and network resources in a data center
  • pgcli is an interactive PostgreSQL client that performs autocompletion and syntax highlighting
  • WAL-E – archiving PostgreSQL WAL files and backups

Python Security Projects

List of security projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Cowrie – software for detecting hacker attacks and identifying their sources
  • MITMproxy – interactive TLS protocol with the ability to intercept HTTP proxy for penetration testers and software developers
  • PyEW – malware analysis tool
  • XSStrike − An XSS detection package equipped with handwritten parsers, a fuzzing engine, and a performance scanner

Python Editor/IDE Projects

List of IDE projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Eric IDE – Python editor and Qt based IDE with integrated Scintilla management
  • Gedit – GNOME text editor
  • Jupyter Notebook is a web environment for interactive computing
  • Komodo Edit is a multilingual code editor written in JS, Python and C++ based on the Mozilla platform
  • Leo Editor – personal information manager
  • mu is a small, simple editor designed for beginner Python programmers.
  • Ninja IDE is a cross-platform Python IDE with project management, linting, extensions
  • Pluma – UTF-8 editor for MATE
  • Spyder IDE – a scientific environment for scientists, engineers and data analysts using Python
  • Thonny is a Python development environment for beginners designed to teach programming

Python Package Manager Projects

List of package managers built with Python Programming language.

  • Conda is an OS-independent system binary package manager and ecosystem, with a focus on Python
  • dnf – Dandified YUM (DNF) – successor to yum
  • pip – Python package manager
  • pipenv – a wrapper around pip, virtualenv and pip-tools for a more comfortable package management process
  • Poetry – An independent approach to dependency management and packaging in Python
  • Portage is a package management system created and used by Gentoo Linux, as well as Chrome OS, Sabayon, and Funtoo Linux
  • yum – automatic package upgrade and install/remove tool for RPM-based systems (Fedora, RHEL)

Python Package Storage Projects

List of package storage projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Bandersnatch is a PyPI mirror client conforming to PEP 381
  • devpi – PyPI staging server, packaging, test, release tool with web and search interface – like PyPI
  • Warehouse – server software that supports PyPI, where most of the Python libraries are loaded from

Python Deployment Projects

List of deployment projects built with Python Programming language.

  • bitbake is a task execution engine that allows shell and Python tasks to be executed efficiently and in parallel while working within complex dependency constraints between tasks
  • buildbot is a scheduling system that takes into account the needs of continuous integration and software packaging
  • Buildout – deployment automation tool
  • GYP − AKA ‘Generate Your Projects’, a build system that generates other build systems
  • Meson is a build system designed for speed and ease of use
  • Pants – assembly of a system designed for monolithic storage

Python Shell Projects

List of shell projects built with Python Programming language.

  • Oil – a new shell compatible with bash and dash , with an improved native language
  • Xonsh is a cross-platform shell language and command line. The language is a superset of Python 3.4+ with additional shell primitives.

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