Reading and Writing CSV

Reading and Writing CSV can be done in Python by following different methods. Learn about each individual method in this guide.

Reading and Writing CSV: Using pandas

Write a CSV file from a dict or a DataFrame.

import pandas as pd
d = {'a': (1, 101), 'b': (2, 202), 'c': (3, 303)}
pd.DataFrame.from_dict(d, orient="index")

Read a CSV file as a DataFrame and convert it to a dict:

df = pd.read_csv("data.csv")
d = df.to_dict()

Writing a CSV file


import csv
with open('/tmp/output.tsv', 'wt') as out_file:
tsv_writer = csv.writer(out_file, delimiter='\t')
tsv_writer.writerow(['name', 'field'])
tsv_writer.writerow(['Dijkstra', 'Computer Science'])
tsv_writer.writerow(['Shelah', 'Math'])
tsv_writer.writerow(['Aumann', 'Economic Sciences'])

Output file

$ cat /tmp/output.tsv
name field
Dijkstra Computer Science
Shelah Math
Aumann Economic Sciences

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