Unzipping Files in Python

To extract or uncompress a tarball, ZIP, or gzip file, Python's tarfile, zipfile, and gzip modules are provided respectively. Learn More about Unzipping Files in Python here. 

Python’s tarfile module provides the TarFile.extractall(path=”.”, members=None) function for extracting from a tarball file. Python’s zipfile module provides the ZipFile.extractall([path[, members[, pwd]]]) function for extracting or unzipping ZIP compressed files. Finally, Python’s gzip module provides the GzipFile class for decompressing.

Unzipping Files in Python: Using Python ZipFile.extractall() to decompress a ZIP file

file_unzip = 'filename.zip'
unzip = zipfile.ZipFile(file_unzip, 'r')

Using Python TarFile.extractall() to decompress a tarball

file_untar = 'filename.tar.gz'
untar = tarfile.TarFile(file_untar)

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