Create virtual environment with python virtualenvwrapper in windows

You can Create virtual environment with Python virtualenvwrapper in windows by following some easy methods. Here is what you need to know.

Virtual environment with Python virtualenvwrapper for windows

Suppose you need to work on three different projects project A, project B and project C. project A and project B need python 3 and some required libraries. But for project C you need python 2.7 and dependent libraries.

So best practice for this is to separate those project environments. For creating separate python virtual environment need to follow below steps:

Step 1: Install pip with this command: python -m pip install -U pip

Step 2: Then install “virtualenvwrapper-win” package by using command (command can be executed windows power shell):

pip install virtualenvwrapper-win

Step 3: Create a new virtualenv environment by using command: mkvirtualenv python_3.5

Step 4: Activate the environment by using command:
workon < environment name>

Main commands for Python virtualenvwrapper:

Create a new virtualenv environment named . The environment will be created in WORKON_HOME.
List all of the environments stored in WORKON_HOME.
Remove the environment . Uses folder_delete.bat.
workon []
If is specified, activate the environment named (change the working virtualenv to ). If a project directory has been defined, we will change into it. If no argument is specified, list the available environments. One can pass additional option -c after virtualenv name to cd to virtualenv directory if no projectdir is set.
Deactivate the working virtualenv and switch back to the default system Python.
If a virtualenv environment is active, appends to virtualenv_path_extensions.pth inside the environment’s site-packages, which effectively adds to the environment’s PYTHONPATH. If a virtualenv environment is not active, appends to virtualenv_path_extensions.pth inside the default Python’s site-packages. If doesn’t exist, it will be created.

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