Writing to CSV in Python from String or List

Writing to CSV in Python from String or List has a specific method which can be learned by programmers. Find out more about it here.

Parameter Details

open ("/path/", "mode") Specify the path to your CSV file
open (path, "mode") Specify mode to open file in (read, write, etc.)
csv.writer(file, delimiter) Pass opened CSV file here csv.writer(file, delimiter=' ') Specify delimiter character or pattern

Writing to a .csv file is not unlike writing to a regular file in most regards, and is fairly straightforward. I will, to the best of my ability, cover the easiest, and most efficient approach to the problem.

Writing to CSV in Python: Basic Write Example

import csv

—— We will write to CSV in this function ————

def csv_writer(data, path):

Open CSV file whose path we passed.

with open(path, "wb") as csv_file:
writer = csv.writer(csv_file, delimiter=',')
for line in data:

—- Define our list here, and call function ————

if name == "main":
data = our list that we want to write.
Split it so we get a list of lists.
data = "first_name,last_name,age".split(","), "John,Doe,22".split(","), "Jane,Doe,31".split(","), "Jack,Reacher,27".split(",")
Path to CSV file we want to write to. path = "output.csv" csv_writer(data, path)

Appending a String as a newline in a CSV file

def append_to_csv(input_string):
with open("fileName.csv", "a") as csv_file:
csv_file.write(input_row + "\n")

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