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Coding Compiler Blue Prism Training. Blue Prism is the leading RPA tool is used to automate the process. In this Robotic Process Automation course, you will learn about how to set up the RPA Tools. You will also learn how to create bots, creating processes, automating rule based processes, simplify work using RPA process.  

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Blue Prism Training – Key Features

  • Live Instructor-Led Classes – You can attend Live classes from your remote location.
  • Flexible Timings – Learn from anywhere and anytime as you wish.
  • Learn From Industry Experts – You can learn from the most experienced trainers in the industry.
  • Lifetime Access – You can get lifetime access to your recorded sessions.
  • Training Material – You will get the training material like PPTs, Docs, PDF, and interview questions to crack the interview.
  • Real-time Project – At the end of training you will get the real-time project.

Blue Prism Certification

There are 6 types of Blue prism certifications are there in the market. First you can start with the basic certification one and then move on to the next levels of Blue prism certifications.

How can I get certified if my company is not a partner of Blue Prism?

As of 2017, there is no option to get certified if your company is not a partner of Blue Prism.  But now Blue prism extended their certification and training program to non-partners. Sounds great right, now you can also get certified if your company is not a partner of Blue Prism.

Blue Prism Portal Access

There are two types of Blue Prism portal access is available. They are:

  1. Normal AccessNormal users can get access to blue prism portal through this normal access.
  2. Partner Access – Only blue prism partners can get access to partner access.

Roles and Responsibilities of Blue Prism Developer

There are many roles in the Blue Prism.

  1. Blue Prism Certified Developer (80 % Job Openings)
  2. Blue Prism Certified Admin (10% Job Openings)
  3. Blue Prism Certified Architect (10% Job Openings)

The most important role is Blue Prism Developer, companies are looking for 80% Blue Prism developers roles, so just focus on that to grab opportunities.

Where should I join Blue Prism Training?

There are many Blue Prism Training vendors are there but make sure that you get free blue prism lab access before and after the sessions to practice. Coding compiler is the one who can make you expert in Blue prim with the latest real-time scenarios.

I suggest you to attend free demo before joining the actual sessions. So that you will get to know Blue Prism is good fit for you or not.

Where can I get Blue prism Training in Bangalore, Blue Prism Training in Hyderabad, Blue prism Training in New York,  Blue Prism Training in California, Blue Prism Training in USA etc?

Well if you are from the above locations, then you are at right place. No matter where you are from, you can attend Blue Prism classes from your locations. We offer only Blue Prism online training, because it is completely 100% practical and it should thought on live environment to understand the concepts clearly. You can attend Blue prism training from any remote location across the globe at your convenient time slots.

Blue Prism Partner Companies

There are many multinational companies like Accenture, Capegemini, IBM, Deloitte etc. are officially partnered with Blue Prism. The clear information about their partners listed on their Blue Prism official portal.

Blue Prism Interview Questions And Answers

If you have enough working knowledge on Blue Prism, then most of the Blue Prism Interview Questions are very easy to answers in the interviews.

Blue Prism Jobs

What is the market trend for Blue Prism Jobs?

The market trend for Blue Prism jobs are very high and there are very huge openings are there in different cities across the globe. Blue prism has been implemented in below locations like, San Jose, California, Los Angeles, Detroit, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Orlando, Seattle, Washington, New York, India, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai. It’s very easy to get a job if you can join training with us.

Blue Prism Salary Trends and Career Prospects

Choosing Blue Prism as your career can definitely a good choice because as per Indeed job portal the average annual salary for a Blue prism certified professional is $70,000, whereas a non-certified once make around $43,000. So definitely Blue Prism is one of the best career prospect to consider.

How to get Real-Time Experience on Blue Prism?

Here we deliver 100% real-time project oriented training on Blue Prism. After completion of this Blue Prism course, you will get a bundle of experience on real-time scenarios and projects.

Where Can I Get Blue Prism Sample Resumes?

Yes, absolutely we can provide multiple sample resumes to assist you in your Blue Prism resume preparation.

Where Can I get any Blue Prism training materials like pdf, ppt, user guide,docs?

There are many resources available over the internet. Check out this for Blue Prism Foundation.

Where Can I download the Blue Prism software?

It depends, If your company is partner of Blue Prism then you can get a training license for practice. Otherwise, you need to check with the any Blue Prism Partner for the license.

Blue Prism Training Cost

How much does Blue Prism training cost?

The Blue Prism training cost depends on the vendor, it varies from the vendor to vendor and training to software accessibility. In general the blur prism training cost should not exceed 250$ to 300$.

Blue Prism Competitors List

There are many RPA tools out there in the market but Blue Prism tops the list. Other major Robotic Process Automation tools are Automation Anywhere, UiPath and Openspan.

Pre-Requisites to Learn Blue Prism

What are the pre-requisites to learn Blue Prism RPA Tool?

There is no need of programming skills to master the Blue prism tool. Anyone with very less or no programming knowledge can learn and master it.

How much time it takes to learn Blue Prism?

Well, that depends on the quality of Blue Prism training. We complete blue prism training in 30 days and more 15 – 30 days to practice the labs to get more familiar with the tool. In 45 to 60 days you will master the Blue Prism tool.

Blue Prism Course Curriculum

Blue Prism’s Robotic Automation
Basic familiarization to RPA


Running a Process
Basic Skills
Process Validation
Decision stage
Calculation Stage
Data Items
Circular Paths
Controlling Play
Set next Stage
Collections and loops
Layers of Logic
Pages for Organization
Input Parameters
Stepping and Pages
Data Item Visibility
Data Type
Output Parameters
Start-up Parameters
Control room
Process Outputs

Object Studio
Business Objects
Action Stage
Inputs and Outputs
The Process Layer

Creating a Business Object
Application Modeler
Spying Elements
Attribute Selection
Attach and Detach
Action Inputs and Outputs
Data Items as Inputs

Error Management
Exception Handling
Recover And Resume
Throwing Exceptions
Preserving the Current Exception
Exception Bubbling
Exception Blocks
Exception handling in practice

Queue Items
Work Queue Configuration
Pause and Resume

Safe stop
Collection Actions
Choice Stage
Log viewer
System Manager
Process/Business Object Grouping
Process and object References
Export and Import
Release Manager-Packages and Releases
Managing solutions
Operating instructions
Connecting different systems and the problems
Implementation of Blue Prism and its benefits
Blue Prism RPA tool and how it works

Order system Process
Consolidation Exercise Checklist
Submitting your Completed Solution

Undefined Collections
Data Item Initialisation
Data Item Exposure
Code Stage
Run Mode
Initialize and Cleanup
Attribute Match Types
Dynamic Attributes
Active Accessibility
Application manager Mode
Global Clicks and Keys
Environment Locking
Command Line
Resource PC
Blue prism competitors
Background of Blue Prism

Mainframe Applications
Java Applications
Match Index and Match Reverse

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