DataCamp Review 2023 – Is It Worth Buying For Data Science Courses?

DataCamp Review 2023 From CodingCompiler Blog – DataCamp is the data science and analytic skills learning platform that offers an astonishing pace in the industry. The global market expects the immense growth of data scientists and analysts in the future that help efficiently analyze the data and its structure in the real world.

In today’s digital world, there are numerous ways exist to learn data science but evaluating data science needs one specific online learning platform i.e. DataCamp. For those with no prior experience in data science has a superb learning option.

DataCamp is an online learning platform that is simple to learn and flexible to work with. The DataCamp training program helps the individual and company about the skill sets of programming language to work in the real data world.

Datacamp Review
Datacamp Review

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What Is DataCamp?

DataCamp is an online interactive training program that is designed for learning data science, analytics, and R programming. This is a user-friendly well-structured beginner training program that contains various superb learning options that help to improve high-quality education for a secure future.

DataCamp for classrooms serves more than 35, 0000 students around the world. It is a democratized data skill program that is designed for students from various educational backgrounds.

The online certification on DataCamp offers classes on Python, R program, SQL as well as different courses about Spreadsheets and various other topics. It greatly helps the learners to learn from basics to advanced methods with real-time access.

DataCamp Pros – What we like about DataCamp?

DataCamp is an excellent learning platform for studying data science and analytics. The person who learns data science becomes expert in the same field and feels unchallenging with the difficult tasks.

DataCamp is the best online learning platform for beginners, experienced, and businesses. It is an intuitive code editor that provides excellent data science knowledge to its learners. There are numerous reasons you may feel confident in choosing this training program.

DataCamp Cons – What we don’t like about DataCamp

When there are many Pros of using DataCamp, the platform still has some cons that we don’t like to accept easily.

Some of the pros & cons are mentioned here, have a look:


  • Interactive Learning Platform that covers excellent web-based code editor
  • Covers major data science language that includes R, Python, SQL
  • Free plan to try DataCamp basic beginner level
  • Clear pricing plans
  • Huge variety of course with DataCamp tracks available
  • User and beginner-friendly training
  • Lots of industry expert instructors
  • Lots of practical projects to choose from
  • Positive reviews about the course


  • Too much of the code comes in a pre-written format
  • The free plan has short videos and no detailed information available
  • Experts might find few content unchallenged
  • No authorized certificate from any recognized university

DataCamp Initial Verdict – Is DataCamp Legitimate?

DataCamp is an interactive code editor learning platform that gives detailed knowledge about data science. It is designed for a beginner learning purpose that mainly focuses on gaining new skills and career paths.

Sometimes we may have a verdict that is DataCamp legitimate? Is this the right platform legit? Is the money spent on online learning worth it? This is the normal doubt that occurs to every learner when they apply for a standard or premium plan. 

The real fact about the DataCamp is it was founded in the year 2013 in Belgium. It has its headquarters in New York and offices in Belgium and London.

It proves that the company is legit and safe to use at the same time you never get scammed. It offers track programs that are mainly focused on gaining the best data science skills and career paths.

It offers a certificate to the learners who complete the training successfully. It also increases the demand for talented individuals to draw handsome packages.

Who Is DataCamp For?

DataCamp is an incredible online training platform that is designed with 300+ Data Science courses for shaping every aspect of our lives and business. DataCamp’s online learning program is predominantly designed with a bite-size text code editor. The online course offers expert videos that explain programming and concepts.

In the online training, the doubt clear session and interaction session with the expertise is available to get clear clarified with the doubts about data science skills and analytics. DataCamp is mainly focusing on a variety of data science technologies that include R language, Python, SQL, code editor, etc.

This DataCamp is further classified into
DataCamp For Beginners
DataCamp For Experienced
DataCamp For Businesses
DataCamp For Classroom

DataCamp For Beginners

Data science and analytic is a rapidly growing course that deserves high–quality education and data skill development for a secure future.

The beginners may unsure about whether DataCamp is the right online learning platform for them? DataCamp is mainly designed for beginners to start up their careers in data science and analytics.

If you are complete beginners who have good knowledge in data science and analytics then this platform has some fruitful experience for you. The future growth of the graph is unimaginable and the CTC to the company deserves good value.

DataCamp For Experienced

Data science uses effective machine learning skills in the industry. DataCamp for experienced provides advanced techniques and ethical data set concerns to the experienced learners.

Every industry uses a DataCamp for their machine algorithm; it greatly helps to reduce the costs of power programs. The corporate companies are trying to find the experienced professional who has complete knowledge in data science to use their work skills.

DataCamp for experienced is a typical online training program for professionals that offers the best machine language knowledge to the learners with the best lucrative package for their future career.

DataCamp For Business

DataCamp for Businesses helps to upskill the knowledge of the employee who is working under the team of data processes. It helps to make better data-driven values with faster decisions.

The companies who use DataCamp will achieve a data completion rate that is 6X faster than an untrained employee.

DataCamp For Classroom

DataCamp classroom offers 1200+ hours of data science courses online. It offers free access to educators. As an educator, it is easy to create assessments and assignments for the students who learn data skills.

It is easy to track the student’s records online and look at the student’s growth and progress. DataCamp for the classroom empowers the data skill of the students with good proven track records.

Features of DataCamp

The DataCamp offers a tailored online learning content to the students. It greatly helps to receive expert guidance with proper training. It provides hands-on skill-building.

DataCamp has worked successfully with many companies and business associates to upskill its employee to empower their knowledge to make the best at their work.

This DataCamp is further classified into
DataCamp Skill Tracks
DataCamp Career Tracks

DataCamp – Skill And Career Tracks

DataCamp offers online skill track and career track learning programs for its users. The learners can select the track according to their convenience or get guidance from experts to choose the track for a secure future.

DataCamp Skill Tracks

The skill track is a feature that helps to learn the combination of different courses from the skill set to give complete knowledge about particular programming and its extension. The skill track has almost 51 programs like R programming, Python fundamentals, etc.

The user can choose their track according to their convenience and getting guidance from the expert will result in excellent knowledge and power to the relevant tracks.

For example, if you are interested to learn about skill track finance basics with R, the skill track incorporates four various courses with 20 hours of learning available online.

The learner can choose this to get complete knowledge about Finance basics with R with the help of experts.

DataCamp Career Tracks

Unlike the skill track, the career track offers 15 incorporate courses from a variety of instructors with 60 hours of learning that helps for a successful career in a particular path.

DataCamp Cost – What Is The Pricing?

DataCamp is a subscription model of learning that offers huge varieties of plans to individuals. The learner can select the plan and pricing according to their convenience and choose the one for their learning purpose.

How Much Are DataCamp Courses?

The DataCamp offers two subscription plans for its users: A personal plan and a business plan.

Personal Plan: 

The personal plans for individuals are further classified into:

  • Free account: 0$ ( It is a free account that is used for a try)
  • Standard account: 25$ per month ( Basic essential data skills are taught)
  • Premium account: 33.25$ per month ( For the learners who needs access to all projects)

To make a try, the individual user can sign-up with a free account whereas the standard subscriptions and premium accounts are billed annually. The data learning –standard account subscription billed annually is quite popular among users.

Business Plans:

This is the best suitable plan for a DataCamp for businesses, it is further classified into

  • Professional: $25 ( Simple platform that is specifically designed for a small  team)
  • Enterprise: It depends on team size. (Advanced integration and reporting, it is specifically designed for large team size.)

To get access to the professional Business plan, the team must have a minimum of 5 users to get access to the subscription. If you are looking for a large team size plan then choose an enterprise business plan.

DataCamp Discounts

DataCamp is a flexible online training program that offers online teaching to individual learners and businesses. DataCamp Business plan for enterprise helps to make the team, work with the better data-driven environment with the faster decision.

To get access to the enterprise discounts, the business officials must contact the DataCamp for special discounts and pricing.

How to open a DataCamp Account?

The registration of the DataCamp is intuitive. It is easy to open a DataCamp account. Here is the step-by-step information about how to join.

First sign-up for the DataCamp account.

  • You can even sign-up with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google.
  • Then choose your favorite programming language from my progress.
  • Start to take a skill assessment
  • Choose the DataCamp track
  • Start to learn from expert videos 
  • Complete the track, projects, and get certified

How To Choose The Perfect DataCamp Course For You?

DataCamp offers a variety of data science and analytic courses for their learners. It is essential to choose the right track for you. As per the DataCamp review and users choice here is the list of the top 5 most popular DataCamp training program that assures the best output performance for their learners.

Top 5 Best DataCamp Career Tracks for Data scientists

Data Scientist with Python

In this Data Scientist with Python track, the learner can gain career-building Python skills to become a successful data scientist. Python is the most popular language in the recent generation.

Python is the famous computer programming language used with recent applications for machine learning. No prior coding experience is needed to learn Python. It takes almost 88 hours to complete the programming course.

With the help of online interactive classes and projects, the learners get knowledge about Python libraries, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc. They get access to real-world data sets and begin their journey as the best data scientist.

Data Engineer with Python

It is a track you learn to build an effective data architecture with streamlined data processing and data systems with large-scale maintenance. Data science with python helps to learn language skills like Shell, SQL, Scala, automate common file systems, etc.

In addition to the above learning skills, it also includes hands-on exercises about big data tools such as AWS Boto, PySpark, Spark SQL, MongoDB, wrangle data, creates query database, etc. It is a 95 hours course that helps to get mastered in critical DB, scripting, and program coding.

By the end of this track, the learner can get the best database knowledge with critical database, scripting, and can configure the schedule to run on the best pipelines.

Data Scientist with R

It is a career track course that helps to gain knowledge in R skills and technologies. Data Science with R is a specific coding language that is ideal for data manipulation and advanced statistical calculations.

It is the language of choice with many top data scientists and researchers. It has a huge volume of community packages. It takes nearly 76 hours to complete the course. It works on real data sets.

Machine Learning Scientist with R

Master the essentials to land as a machine learning scientist with R. Here, you get augmented with R skillset programming that helps to perform supervised and unsupervised learning.

It helps to learn about how to process the data for modeling, visualize the models, assess their performance, train the models, etc. This process helps to get knowledge about natural language processing called Spark.

Machine Learning Scientist with Python

Machine learning and data science are quite popular in recent days. The Machine learning scientist with Python involves learning machine language with the different sets of tools along with python consisting of 20 courses that are taken for 60 hours.

Learn Python With DataCamp Online Training Courses

DataCamp Python Review

DataCamp python programming is quite popular for data science. Companies in worldwide operations use Python for database access. IN the DataCamp Python online program, the learner can learn about the powerful Python programming language, its data sets, manipulation of data, and helpful data science tools.

The learners also get knowledge about the Python Data Science Toolbox that teaches about Python scoping, custom functions, lambda functions, and variable arguments during the training period.

This online training program greatly helps to learn about database skillset by learning scientific computing with Numpy. Start DataCamp Python curriculum for the best future career.

DataCamp Python Courses

There are ideal types of Python training courses available for students who are willing to learn data science and analytics through DataCamp Python. The online videos help to learn web-based code editors with a few videos mixed from the well-trained experts providing complete training about Python.

The learner also learns about Pandas foundation data frames that are a beginner-friendly course that helps to understand the introduction of pandas.

It mainly focuses on introductory courses for beginners and an advanced course for the experienced. They also focus on training data visualization, data frames, model visualization, and statistical thinking processes.

DataCamp Python Projects

DataCamp students can choose the best project from a total of 39 python projects that help to build a better portfolio of work to show their potential learning skills. 

All DataCamp Python projects are designed and led by well-experienced data science experts around the globe. DataCamp projects include bitcoin and cryptocurrency with python-based data analysis led to innovative data science and analytic processes with the best opportunity in the industry.

DataCamp Python Tracks

The DataCamp offers python tracks for skilled learners. It is interconnected with the series of course that helps to build a strong knowledge in particular skill sets. There are almost 7 Python-based Career Tracks available. Here is the detailed list:

Python Programmer: 50 hours, 13 courses
Data scientist with Python: 85 hours, 22 courses
Data analyst with Python: 65 hours, 16 courses
Machine Learning Scientist with Python: 90 hours, 23 courses
Data Engineer with Python: 72 hours, 18 courses
Data Science for all: 100 hours, 27 courses
Machine Learning for Everyone:110 hours, 29 courses

DataCamp python skill tracks typically consist of 7 individual courses. But the skill tracks are shorter than career tracks.

Learn R With DataCamp Online Training Courses

DataCamp R Review

DataCamp R programming course is designed especially for data manipulation and statistical calculation. It is widely used by top data scientists and researchers for the huge volume of community packages.

It is highly recommended for the persons who wish to start their career path in data science with recommended R courses and tracks.

DataCamp R Programming Courses

Unlike Python, DataCamp R is a highly specific coding language that is built especially for data manipulation and advanced statistical calculations. DataCamp R course is one of the world’s most widely adopted programming languages for data science that is recommended by top data scientists.

There are a total of 152 DataCamp R courses available in the DataCamp. When compared to 128 python courses and 24 SQL courses the choice of DataCamp R is outstanding. Not all learners are able to learn R, only the person who intends to study data science with R and has the best skills to learn R can only get into this course.

This indicates the DataCamp R course is a high-demand course that offers a high lucrative package for its learners. DataCamp R course takes place inside the web-based code editor providing excellent practical coding experience to the learners.

DataCamp R Programming Projects

Similar to DataCamp python projects, DataCamp R offers 40 real-time projects for its online learners. These projects provide the best-in-class training programs to the learners and get a clear idea about data manipulation, statistical condition, and data validation in detail.

“Draw Flowers Using Mathematics” is a freely accessible R project that uses the necessary steps to create a flower art with an unusual application for the R programming language. The advanced R course teaches about how to find the most popular tools and techniques involved in the data processing.

DataCamp R Tracks

Similar to Python projects, DataCamp R based Career Track provides 6 best tracks for the learners:

R Programmer (43 hours, 9 courses)
Data Scientist learned with R (89 hours, 22 courses)
Data Analyst learned with R (64 hours, 19 courses)
Quantitative Analyst learned with R (65 hours, 15 courses)
Statistician learned with R (56 hours, 14 courses)
Machine Learning Specialist learned with R (61 hours, 15 courses)

DataCamp R also offers n skill tracks for the learners that have a short end version than career tracks.

Learn SQL With DataCamp Online Training Courses

DataCamp SQL Review

When you talk about the database and programming, the first thing that comes to IT people’s minds is SQL. SQL uses My SQL, Maria DB, for SQL programming. SQL is a programming language that is designed for querying databases.

With the help of DataCamp SQL, the languages like Python programming, R, Data scientist with python, and Data Scientist with R can be reviewed and analyzed.

SQL has an inseparable part of data science that helps to create, clear, and filters data sets. SQL helps to create query data from a regional database and update the data inside the database.

The budding data scientist who is familiar with the basics of SQL programming covers SQL topics that include row selection, column selection, row filtering, aggregate functions, grouping, etc.

DataCamp SQL Courses

DataCamp mainly focuses on the SQL course as it serves as an excellent resource for learning data science with analytics SQL skills. The DataCamp R and Python programming languages are taken quite often whereas DataCamp SQL works tend to take place with the majority of daily works.

The DataCamp SQL online learning covers an introduction to SQL and joining data in SQL which serves as an excellent introduction to SQL programming. It covers major parts of SQL that include row filtering, column selection, grouping, and aggregate functions.

This is a beginner-oriented SQL course that has a solid grasp of SQL language. It is the best suitable course to start a career in data science with SQL programming.

DataCamp SQL Projects

The DataCamp SQL projects contain only two valuable projects around the SQL programming language. They are: Introduction to DataCamp projects and analyze international debt statistics.

DataCamp SQL projects use Jupyter notebooks and their projects for beginners’ project work.

Analyzing International debt statistics is the more advanced project designed to perform World Bank data sets and its debts to various world governments.

DataCamp SQL Tracks

DataCamp online learning offers a single career track that covers 6 skill tracks for SQL-based learners. Career track: Data analysts with basic SQL for 45 hours class with 11 courses are available.

Single SQL Course Tracks: 

SQL Fundamentals for 11 hours with 5 courses
SQL Server Fundamentals for 22 hours with 5 courses
SQL for Business Analysts for 20 hours with 5 courses
SQL Server for Database Administrators for 28 hours with 7 courses
SQL for Database Administrators for 16 hours with 4 courses

Will DataCamp help me with my career?

DataCamp Instructors: DataCamp instructors are experts in the same field who work closely with the support throughout the online training and help the learners to understand the programming skills with clear and complete knowledge.

DataCamp Assessments: It offers DataCamp assessments to the learners. All the assessments are designed by well-experienced trainers.

DataCamp Certification: DataCamp is an excellent online certificate program that is worth paying it. DataCamp offers a good career option for learners who wish to start their careers in data science and analytics.

DataCamp Support: It offers a support chatbot that helps to get in touch with them and get clarified with the doubts instantly.

Last Thoughts: Is DataCamp Worth Buying It?

DataCamp is a fantastic online learning program that needs commitment and learning skills. The DataCamp is available with skill tracks and career tracks for the convenience of the learners. It is worth buying it for a successful career and brighter future.

DataCamp Alternatives

DataCamp provides the best online interactive data science and analytic training. The best alternative for DataCamp is Udacity, edX, and Pluralsight. This alternative also offers excellent online training to beginners with greater discounts and promotions.

edX Review: edX is a popular online learning platform that offers more frequent courses, offers, and discounts than DataCamp. It has a higher user rating and review.

Udacity Review: DataCamp alternative Udacity offers an excellent online platform with the best quality course. The latest digital skill with the best online platform takes Udacity to the lead.

Pluralsight Review: When compared with the DataCamp, plural sight has plenty of features for its online learners. It offers fair pricing with excellent quality of course to the users.

DataCamp FAQ’s

How good is DataCamp for learning data science?

DataCamp is a good career option for learners who wish to start their career in data science and analytics. It uses an intuitive code editor that greatly helps the beginner to understand the concepts easily. It provides a huge lucrative package for the deserved candidates.

Is DataCamp Good for Python?

Yes, of course, DataCamp is an excellent platform for learning python through a web-based code editor. It has a huge hands-on programming exercise that is worth mentioning that teaches python in the context of data science, analytics, and general-purpose programming.

Is DataCamp Good for R?

Yes, DataCamp is the best learning course for data science with R. There is a huge number of R courses that help get exploring the R language with the help of experts. DataCamp is the best resource that helps to learn R.

Is DataCamp good for SQL?

Of course, Yes. DataCamp is a great website that helps to learn SQL with fundamentals and database administration. SQL is one of the best-in-class websites that helps to learn SQL with a complete database structure.

Is DataCamp Good For Data Engineers?

Yes, sure. For data engineers, the DataCamp offers mastered critical database knowledge with scripting and processing skills. The data engineers can draw large-scale income through this data science online tracks and skills.

Are DataCamp Certificates Worth It?

Yes, it provides certificates to the learners who complete the course with projects and tracks. It is worth learning and gets certified in a DataCamp that helps to get into a decent job with a good lucrative package.

Do employers recognize DataCamp?

Yes, employers do recognize DataCamp because it is highly recognized by industrial experts.

Is a DataCamp good for beginners?

Yeah sure, it is an excellent interactive learning program for a beginner who wishes to kick-start their career in data science and analytics. No prior knowledge of programming skills is required.

Is the DataCamp annual subscription worth it?

It is advised for the beginner to walk before running. It is highly recommended to choose a monthly plan and not rush to an annual subscription for beginners. 

To make the DataCamp annual subscription worth it, it is essential to maximize the use of a featured-standard plan before upgrading to a premium.

Is a data scientist a good career?

Yes, the Data scientist is a good career that offers tremendous opportunities to data science learners. The demand for a data scientist is high and competitive.

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