21 Free Resources For Designers 2019

21 Best Free Resources For Graphic Designers 2019 from Coding compiler. Creating a website or product with a good design is usually not cheap. You know that you want to create a design that will look good, but how can this be done if the budget is limited? While there is no alternative to hiring a cool designer, there are ways to create something worthwhile and at the same time save money on trifles – for example, pick up free fonts, icons, photos, and adjust the color scheme. This post contains 21 of our favorite free design resources. They will help to make your next project visually bright, useful for both novice and professional.

21 Free Resources For Graphic Designers 2019

This post contains 21 of our favorite free (or almost free) design resources. They will help to make your next project visually bright, useful for both novice and professional.

Free Stock Photo Resources For Designers

Stock photos and videos are expensive. And although they are key media content for use in websites, presentations, various promotional materials, very few startups can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on images with a limited license.

If you find yourself in this description, try these sites with free (or cheap) stock photos, which are really cool, quite unlike those that were full of business brochures of the 90s.


All photos at Pexels can be used for free for personal and commercial needs under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Now there are 30,000+ stock photos on the site, and each month the collection is replenished with about 300 new photos.


Upsplash was originally developed as a side project of the Crew team. He literally saved the company when she was only a few weeks away from death. Now it is a separate resource for the designer, who is updated daily with new high-quality photos. If interested, check out the Unsplash inspirational story here .

Stock up

Site Stock Up offers 15,000+ indexed photos from more than 30 different stock stores, such as Life of Pix and Splitshire . Most of the photos are distributed under the Creative Commons Zero license (CC0), but always before use you need to check each photo specifically for restrictions.


On Coverr you will find beautiful, free videos for your homepage. Just download your favorite video, upload it, add the appropriate code to the site. Every Monday, the collection is updated with 7 new videos.

Skuawk Public Domain Photos

If you are looking for highly artistic images, you will find them on the Skuwak Public Domain Photos . This collection is more limited compared to other photo sites, but if you are looking for quality aesthetics, this site is a hidden gem.

Death to stock

Death to Stock is a simple resource of stock photos, where you will find “bundles” of photos, each on a specific topic. Register and receive photo collections directly to your email. You can apply for a premium subscription by gaining access to all 1500+ photos and videos on the site.


The Snappa team created StockSnap , and the result is thousands of photos that can be used for free under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licenses. You can watch popular search queries on the site, sort photos by date, popularity, views, downloads, etc.


The quality of photos on Pixabay suffers a little, but the choice is much larger – you have about a million photos. All images and videos on this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, so you can download, edit, distribute and use them for free at no cost. In addition, this site also has illustrations in vector format.


Burst was launched not so long ago, and there are already more than 1000 beautiful free images on it. This resource exists specifically to help create more visually appealing websites, products, and marketing campaigns. Most of the photos that you find on this resource were taken by the internal team, and are suitable for different business topics. This resource even has in- depth analyzes of various cases to help your own business.

Free Font Resources For Designers

Once you tried to find the right fonts for your site in the CMS system or just in some kind of font collection, Scrolling dozens, if not thousands of fonts and trying to find the right one – this task can take hours. Plus, this task is quite tiring. Fortunately, there are tools that will very quickly help you find the right font (or combination of fonts). Here are our favorite resources on this topic:

Type Anything

Type Anything is a simple tool that helps you create great combinations of fonts. Filter the font families, and as soon as you find the one you like, experiment with settings, including: size, weight, line height, opacity, letter spacing, capitalization, etc. Enter your content and go!

Google fonts

Google Fonts is an intuitive repository of Google fonts that you can view, sort, use in more than 135 languages. For each font presented, you can find out information about the designer and what inspired his creation. Themed collections will also help you discover new fonts developed by various Google designers and engineers. Sort fonts by popularity, trends, your location and create your own collections.

Font Fit

The coolest thing about Font Fit is that it allows you to quickly see how an existing site will look in a particular font. So you can quickly compare visually different fonts, understand how they affect the overall aesthetics of the site. In addition, this is a great entertainment – take some cool website like Apple, and “dress up” it in some Comic Sans. ?


Typewolf creator , Jeremiah Shoaf , once said: “Seeing examples of fonts on text like“ Eat these wonderful French buns ”is not particularly useful if we select fonts for web design — but see how a particular font behaves a specific site is much better. ” This is one of the best font resources on the web. Browse the collections of recommended fonts to find the perfect one for your project.


In IconStore you will find more than 200 sets of icons created by the best designers in their niche. It has everything from pizza icons to Harry Potter characters and landmarks. Download files in PNG or SVG; Each set of icons can be used both for personal and commercial needs without any attribution.

The stock

The Stocks contains an ever-growing collection of icons that can be downloaded in different formats, colors and sizes. Choose from hundreds of icons, download in PNG, SVG and XML formats. The site also contains photos, videos, fonts, layouts and colors. This is a kind of one-stop shop for all designer needs.


On the Swifticons website you will find more than 2000 high-quality icons in 6 editable styles: outline, filled, color, “jolly”, “flat” and “pattern”. The whole package of icons can be downloaded for less than $ 100 or for free download package activities (152 icons).


Get ready to spend a lot of your time playing with icons on Illustrio . Here you can choose from hundreds of icons, and each is customized in detail – 16 different styles are available, and any icon can be obtained in any desired color.

Free Color Palette Resources For Graphic Designers

Need to create a color palette for your website or project? This can take a surprisingly long time if you create a palette from scratch. Simplify your life by walking around these sites for inspiration:

On the Color Hunt presented countless palettes, consisting of four shades each. You can watch popular variations for today or choose palettes randomly. Create your own palette and share it with others through the site.

Web gradients

Web Gradients is a collection of nearly 200 background gradients created by the itmeo team. You can use every background for any part of the site. Here is the .png version of each gradient, along with cross-browser CSS3 code that is easy to copy. Bonus: there are even recommended packages for Sketch and Photoshop .


Coolors is a super fast color scheme generator. There are thousands of ready-made schemes (each consists of 5 colors). Or you can generate your own in minutes. Navigating to the “generate” page, press the spacebar to start a new scheme, then adjust the parameters for each color separately.

Lol colors

Admittedly, we just like the name LOL Colors . This site has a good collection of color palettes for inspiration. If you start from scratch, and are not quite sure what you would like to receive, then you can view various variations of the combination of shades.

We hope that in this variety of resources you have found useful tools for yourself and include them in your design projects.

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