Microsoft Azure Cheat Sheet

Microsoft Azure Cheat Sheet from Coding compiler. Do you know about these new  Azure services: Elasticville, StorageWart and the Gatesian API? Of course you are but I just know about them. To avoid such situations, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the cheat sheet on Microsoft Azure services. Let’s get started with Microsoft Azure cheat sheet. You can also refer AWS cheat sheet.

List of Microsoft Azure Services

  • Azure Web Application Development Services
  • Azure Storage Services
  • Azure Management Services
  • Azure Services For Mobile Developers
  • Azure Media and CDN Services
  • Azure Network Services
  • Azure Corporate Services
  • Azure Big Data Services

Microsoft Azure Products and  Services

Here we will discuss about the different Microsoft Azure products and services.

Azure Web Application Development Services

If you are writing a web application, then most likely you will use these services. If comparing with AWS does not bring clarity, you can glance in the appropriate cheat sheet on the Amazon web services .

Service Fabric
Should be calledAzure MicroserviceScope of application Does your code have a class? Make it a microservice! Apply it to the Service Fabric! You can ask for a promotion.Looks like Heroku, Modulus, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, CloudFoundry
App Service> Web Apps
Should be
Azure PAAS, formerly called “Azure Websites”
Application Scope

Manage the application, but don’t worry about system administration.
Looks like
Heroku, Modulus, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, CloudFoundry
Cloud services
Must be
Azure IAAS
Scope of application
Manage the application that you have to configure and patch.
Looks like AWS EC2
Virtual machines
Must be
You can not believe that this is not a real server

Application area
Show off to your Devops friends that you would do everything on real hardware, but your technical director prefers the cloud.
Looks like
Linode, Rackspace VPS
Visual studio team services
Should be
called Source Control CI
Application area Write applications with other people: total source management and continuous integrationLooks like Github, Jenkins, CodeShip, BitBucket, AWS CodeCommit
Application insights
Must be called Crash, Burn and Report (Crush, Break and Report)Scope of Application Monitor performance and errors in applications on ASP.NET or J2EE. Get error notifications and logs.Looks like Honey badger,
Should be called Cron the Barbarian (Cron-Barbarian)Application area Perform small tasks on a schedule. Conveniently, now you do not need to keep the virtual machine constantly running.Looks like Heroku Background Jobs, Cron

Azure Storage Services

Azure has a single service called “Storage”, which includes all of the following and a few more on which they depend.

Blob storage
Should be called Large File StorageApplication area Add uploaded images, logs, spiral domestic comedies and everything your application needs into an endless hard drive.Looks like AWS S3, Rackspace Cloud Files
Table storage
Should be called Database Storage (Database Storage)Scope of application Something between SQL and NoSQL.Looks like DynamoDB
Queue storage
Must be called aQueueApplication areaConnect services in order of priority.Looks likeAWS SQS, RabbitMQ, Sidekiqx`
File storage
It should be calledAttached File Storage.Application ScopeTransfer applications to Azure that depend on the local file system. And yes, you cannot use Blob Storage.Looks likeAWS EBS
Should be called amore complex version of “Storage”Scope of applicationSimilar to “Storage”, but moves files from and to Azure according to the rules you set.Looks likeAWS Storage Gateway
Must be calledFullText SearchScope of applicationLook for what you need in a file, site and any other text object.Looks likeAWS CloudSearch, ElasticSearch

Document DB

Should be calledJSON DB
Application areaStore NoSQL-structured JSON data — that is, store more data than you would if using SQL.Looks likeDynamoDB, MongoDB
SQL Database
Should be calledSQL DatabaseApplication areaStore all application data in tables and set up “relationships” between them.Looks likeHeroku Postgres
Redis cache
Should be called RedisApplication area Store frequently used data in convenient structures. It looks like Memcached, but without the old stuff from LiveJournal.Looks likeRedis2Go, RedisGreen

Azure Management Services

Azure is becoming difficult, these services will help to understand.

Should be called Cloud ShellAutomate Azure services using Powershell, the Gods language of Windows Server.Looks like AWS Cloudformation
Operational Insights
Should be called Log ReaderApplication Scope Collect, integrate and study logs to solve problems.Looks like Splunk
Should be called Hardware Security ModuleApplication area Store encryption keys in a secure vault, accessible only by use.Looks like AWS KMS,
Security center
Should be called Policy MinderSet specific rules for Azure services and get notified when they are violated.

Microsoft Azure Services for Mobile Developers

These services are needed only by mobile developers.

App Service> Mobile Apps
Must be calledBaby’s got Backend As A Service (Yes, baby, I have Backend As A Service)Application areaConfirm and send messages and store network data for mobile platforms.
Looks likeHeroku, Urban Airship, Parse
App Service> API Apps
Should be calledAzure API Proxy
Application areaCreate an API for Azure services and SDK for various client languages ​​(PHP, Node, Java, ASP.NET).

Looks likeAWS API Gateway
API Management
Should be calledAPI Big Boss Scope of applicationManage traffic and the limits of what is transmitted through the API.
Looks likeAWS API Gateway
Notification Hubs

Must be calledAzure Push Notifications
Application ScopeSend push notifications to iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle. Now that even the Kindle is supported, it’s even embarrassing to joke about the Blackberry.
Looks likeAWS SNS, UrbanAirship
Mobile engagement

Should be calledMobile Analytics (but this name has already been taken by AWS)

Application areaAnalyze why people buy bonuses in your panda bowling app, in real time.

Looks likeAWS Mobile Analytics, Flurry

Azure Media and CDN services

Deliver content faster and customize videos for viewing on different devices.


Thename should be called and so good, but it would be better called “VHS” – the charm of antiquity

Scope of applicationEncrypt video in formats for playback on mobile devices, on the web, on home theaters with a resolution of 4K, etc.

Looks likeAWS ElasticTranscoder

Media player

Should be calledRealPlayer (TM)

Application areaSimply embed videos without thinking about various platforms.

Media indexer

Should be calledClosed Captioner (Almost Accurate Translator)

Application ScopeAutomatically generate text / subtitles from audio and video files.

Content Protection

Should be calledAzure DRM

Application areaProtect your videos with cats from copyright infringers and pirates.

Live and On Demand Streaming

Should be calledMobile Analytics (but this name has already been taken by AWS)

Application areaControl streaming video, making sure that only the right people who have already paid you for it are watching it

Content Delivery Network
Should be calledA (zure) kami

Scope of applicationFast delivery of sites, files and videos to people who need it.

Looks likeCloudfront, MaxCDN

Microsoft Azure Network Services

Depending on what you do, these services can improve performance or security.

Virtual network
Should be calledNetwork Expander Scope of applicationLet everything look as if the new Azure services appeared by chance in the company’s internal network. Take your IP address with you.
Looks likeAWS VPC
Express route
Should be calledand so come down Scope of applicationSend terabytes of data to Azure, but parents swear that they lack speed? Get the highlighted channel.
Looks likeAWS Direct Connect
VPN gateway
Must be calledI can’t afford the Express Route
Application areaSet up a VPN connection between your data center and Azure.

Looks likeOpenVPN
Traffic manager

Must be calledGeo Load Balancer (GeoPosition Load Balancer)

Application areaIncrease productivity by distributing traffic between data centers depending on the location of requests.

Looks likeAWS ELB
Load balancer

Should be calledLocal Load Balancer (Local Load Balancer)
Scope of applicationSeparate traffic between multiple servers / services.
Looks likeAWS ELB
Application gateway

Should be calledWeb Load Balancer (Network Load Balancer)
Application areaOptimize web server load. All optimized HTTP tricks included.
Looks likeAWS ELB

Microsoft Azure Corporate Services

Services for business and networks.

Should be calledApps on Cloud Application ScopeDownload the application to and give users access via RDP.
Looks likeCitrix

Should be calledApp Communicator

Application areaCombine Enteprise applications (like SAS or Peoplesoft). It sounds funny.
Service bus

Should be calledNetwork Message Queue

Application areaSend commands and data to a queue that allows you to connect multiple devices, servers and clients to optimize processing.

Looks likeRabbitMQ, AWS SQS


Must be calledBetter than a drive

Application areaProtect the data center from erasing all backups.

Looks likeGlacier, Backblaze
Site Recovery

Should be calledPlan B

Application areaSave a copy of all critical infrastructure in Azure.

Looks likeAWS CloudConfig

Active Directory

Should be calledHybridactive Directory

Application areaConfigure Active Directory As A Service, which can synchronize with your active Enterprise directory or replace it.

Microsoft Azure Big Data Services

Services for the absorption, control and other fraud data.


Should be calledBunch-of-VMs.bat (heap-virtual-machines.bat)

Application areaDo many different things on several systems at once, but not always. Use the word “parallel” more often than a geometry teacher at school.

Looks likeAWS Elastic Map Reduce

App Service> Logic Apps

Should be calledCloud Lego Flowchart (Cloud Lego for flowcharts)

Application areaSet up a workflow for your cloud data.

Looks likeIFTTT, Zapier

SQL Data Warehouse

Should be calledAnd you are not bad, SQL Data Warehouse, you are not bad.

Application areaDownload data to your dream SQL Server and process it completely.

Looks likeAWS Redshift

Data lake analytics

Should be calledUber-SQL Data Warehouse

Application areaStore data exabytes (don’t worry about how much it is – if you had so much data you would know).
Data lake store

Should be calledETL Query (IOS query)

Application ScopeExtract, process and save all data from Data Warehouse with Hadoop.

Looks likeAWS ElasticMap Reduce

Should be calledApache Apps
Application ScopeAssure your boss that Svintus, Roy, Eychbeys, Storm and Spark (Pig, Hive, HBase, Storm, Spark) are not the names of the superheroes from the new movie about the Avengers.

Machine learning

Should be calledCortana AI Edition

Application ScopeFind out what non-gamers think about everything related to Cortana. Well, use the service so that the AI ​​takes you on its side when the Singularity arrives.

Looks likeAWS Machine Learning
Stream analytics

Should be calledReal Time Analytics

Application ScopeCollect thousands of analytics streams at the same time.

Looks likeAWS Kinesis

Data Factory

Should be calledData Pipeline

Scope of applicationMake a plan for transferring data between services.

Looks likeAWS DataPipeline

Data Catalog

Should be calledData Sharing

Application ScopeGive access to some data from other services to everyone in your organization. Looks like a SQL View for cross-service data.

Looks likeChartio

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