300+ Useful Tools For Remote Work

300+ Useful Remote Working Tools For Distributed Teams from Codingcompiler. The selection of the right tools for effective remote work is very important in a distributed team environment.

The right tools and applications allow effective team management, organization, planning, work control, remote task management, as well as monitoring their performance and subsequent settlement.

Here we are sharing a list of 300+ useful tools from different categories for effective remote work.

List of Tools Categories:

We are going to share tools from the below categories.

  1. Team Communication Tools
  2. Webinar Tools / Video Calling / Video Conferencing Tools
  3. Tools For Online Conversations With Customers
  4. Virtual Board Tools
  5. File Sharing Tools
  6. Data Backup Tools
  7. Backup Programs
  8. Cloud Backup Tools
  9. Writing Tools And Text Editing Tools
  10. Task Management Tools
  11. Meeting Tools / Scheduling Tools
  12. Remote Desktop Tools
  13. Online Contract Signing Tools
  14. Recording And Screenshot Tools
  15. Online Invoicing Tools
  16. Time Management Tools
  17. Online Graphics & Video Creation Tools
  18. Developer Tools
  19. Mind Map Tools
  20. Tools For Sharing Knowledge With The Team
  21. Intranet Tools – Internal Company Network Tools
  22. Password Management Tools
  23. Increasing Productivity Tools
  24. Work Automation Tools
  25. Applications For Serving Targets In OKRs

List of Remote Working Tools For Effective Communication

Managing a distributed team is quite a challenge, but there are tools that will allow you to get excellent results. The number of tools facilitating remote work is huge.

In this post, we present you selected applications that will make the work of your team more effective, communication easier, and assigning tasks less complicated.

Team Communication Tools

Text communication tools include text messengers with the option of voice and video calls, as well as the possibility of file sharing.

They have both web and mobile versions. They enable project management.

They improve communication and productivity in teams.

Perfect for coordinating the work of the team, conducting virtual meetings, conducting conversations between team members.

Joint discussions allow for making better decisions and integrate the team.

It’s worth developing the habit of daily communication in the team, as well as defining all forms and channels of communication and the rules for using them.

List of Webinar Tools / Tools For Video Calling & Videoconferences

If you want to organize a virtual meeting for more people – employees or clients – choose the tool that suits your needs. You will find many tools on the list for video calling, videoconferencing, and webinars.

You can use them for presentations to colleagues, clients, as well as a remote desktop. Perfect for online training. With these tools, you can schedule an appointment and organize it quickly and easily.

You will use them with various devices. Some of them require you to install the program, while others you can connect without logging in, directly from the browser.

Use your time productively, you no longer have to spend time traveling to a customer in another city, you can meet him face to face in your office or even at home.

One-click allows the entire team to meet without the need for a conference room. Especially if your co-workers work remotely from different places in the world.

Video Calling Tools | Video Conferencing Tools | Webinar Tools

Tools For Online Conversations With Clients

If you are planning a virtual meeting with a client, consider one of the following solutions. Seeing the other person increases commitment and trust.

Thanks to these applications, you do not have to spend long hours traveling – use your day productively. In a few moments, you can even organize a meeting with a client who is at the edge of the world.

Virtual Board Tools

Team productivity will be improved by tools that enable collaboration on a project in real time. Thanks to them, we will create digital boards on which you can write, add photos, drawings, charts.

They make it easy to track changes live, discuss, and make decisions with your team, regardless of where their members are and what devices they use.

Bring your ideas and projects to a virtual whiteboard and enjoy greater efficiency of your business. Also perfect for educational purposes.

File Sharing Tools

In teamwork, it is very useful to edit documents together. Sending them by e-mail is not the most productive way, it happens that some correspondence disappears somewhere in the depths of the mailbox or ends up in spam.

Modern tools allow you to save data in the cloud, quickly share, add comments, so many people can work on one document at once, and we see the changes live.

Data Backup Tools

Data backup applications and programs are indispensable not only in remote work. Data loss can be a huge problem and costly, so it’s better to protect yourself against it.

Unfortunately, hardware failures, malware attacks, or user errors do occur and it is better to prepare for them in advance. Take care of the security of your corporate data by choosing one of the tools below.

List of Backup Tools

Cloud Backup Tools

Writing And Editing Text Tools

When writing offers, contracts or texts for a company blog, you have tools at your disposal to correct mistakes, take notes or speed up writing. Check if the following applications are useful in your organization.

Task Management Tools

Managing a distributed team is not the easiest thing to do, so choose the right tool that will help you manage your tasks. These types of applications and programs allow you to delegate tasks, improve their flow, schedule execution time, monitoring and settlement.

Thanks to them, you will avoid colleagues’ doubts about tasks, misunderstandings, and frustration, and the goals will be easier to achieve.

The applications differ in functionality, so it is worth getting acquainted with their capabilities and testing a few yourself. Give up sticky notes for a more modern solution!

Meeting / Appointment Scheduling Tools

Making an appointment by email? Never again! Check which applications you can use to schedule meetings with colleagues or clients.

You can integrate applications, among others with its calendar, videoconferencing program or online payment system.

By using the application, you will avoid arranging two meetings at the same time and use your working day effectively.

Remote Desktop Tools

What to do if your team is dispersed and some of your team members experience technical issues? Tools that will allow you to remotely manage other computers come to your aid.

This is not the only situation in which you can use them – they will also be useful when there are problems with operating a program, as well as when organizing video conferences or online training.

The use of these programs is safe, the connection is made with the consent of both parties. Often they have the ability to transfer files. If you care about security, choose a program that uses an encrypted connection.

Online Contract Signing Tools

How to speed up the process of starting cooperation with a new client? Papermaking often lengthens this process, but there is a way to avoid it and act as soon as possible. Sign distance contracts.

The methods of operation of platforms or applications are very different, check prices and functionalities.

You can create your template, send a contract to a contractor and sign it with a click, contracts are stored in the cloud, so you also save paper.

You can sign an online document anywhere and anytime, on any device you choose. An option worth considering.

Recording And Screenshot Tools

Screenshot programs allow you to take a screenshot of the currently displayed image on the monitor. Applications allow you to capture the entire screen or a selected part of it.

Some of them also record short GIFs and video sequences with sound. Interesting options include adding notes to graphics and sharing them with other people.

Tools for creating screenshots will certainly be useful in preparing training materials, working together in a team, or in reporting errors.

Online Invoicing Tools

Online invoicing software is a great way to make the work of an entrepreneur easier. You will issue an invoice from anywhere and send it to your contractor immediately.

Their functionalities include Online CRM, goods and services catalog, warehouse system and much more.

They often have integration with Woocommerce or online stores, which allows you to automate the issuing of invoices, and thus save time and costs.

Time Management Tools

Organizing your working time is not easy, especially if you work from home. So let’s use the tools that will allow you to effectively manage your time so that it no longer flows through your fingers. Of course, the basis is the calendar, thanks to which you will not forget about any important event.

In your work, you can use time counting applications, which is useful in settling accounts with employees as well as with clients. Noteworthy are the tools that allow you to create checklists, prioritize, receive reminders, thanks to them the efficiency of your work will increase.

Mail Management Tools

Order in your mailbox is a must, you cannot afford not to answer an important customer or not notice a lucrative offer.

If you are using multiple accounts at once, it may not be possible to manage them without the appropriate application.

In the options of the mail management programs you will find, among others, creating message templates, automatic mail sorting, snooze, no reply reminder or sending messages at a later date.

Online Graphics And Video Creation Tools

Online graphic creation tools are intended for both professional graphic designers and people who want to prepare graphics for social media or blogs.

If you are not a graphic designer, use graphic wizards that provide templates, stock photos, icons, and other graphic elements. Thanks to them, creating graphics is not difficult.

Check out the tools below and choose the one that suits your needs.

Developer Tools

Tools for developers are of course essential software in IT companies, but they are also useful in other industries. Check if they will be useful in your team.

Mind Map Tools

Mind maps are a graphical representation of notes. Of course, this can be done on an A4 sheet, but using one of the tools will help you organize and structure information.

With these applications, you will make a plan, solve a problem, set priorities, see the whole picture, get clarity of your goals.

You can work on a mind map with your team, it can be very useful during a corporate brainstorming session.

Tools For Sharing Knowledge With The Team

Share knowledge in your team, create your own wikipedia using dedicated applications.

The following tools allow users to create common documents in real-time, structuring information, presenting it in a visual form, which will allow you to quickly find the necessary data, and thus save time.

Intranet Tools – Internal Company Network Tools

Check out simple next-generation intranet solutions that will improve employee engagement and internal communication. This may come in handy for your team.

Password Management Tools

Password security is essential these days. Various programs, platforms or websites demand more and more complicated passwords, which are hard to remember.

Password management applications are the solution. These applications will keep your most sensitive data safe.

You can also share access to your accounts with other people without giving them passwords and you can revoke access at any time.

Remember: it’s better not to send passwords with popular messengers, but choose a proven solution for this!

Productivity Tools – Tools For Increasing Your Productivity

Productivity applications have various functionalities, so when choosing, think first about what is a problem for you at work and what will help you run more efficiently.

The applications offer, among others music that will improve your focus, block sites that distract you from work (such as social media or online games), help you manage your time and tasks.

Take a look at the list and become the productivity champion.

Work Automation Tools

Think about introducing automation. Contrary to appearances, it is not difficult. With the help of these programs you can connect the internet applications you use.

The program will automatically transfer information between applications, and you can focus on your work.

Applications To Support Targets In OKRs

Goal management software helps deliver important results and accelerate growth. If you designate OKRs in your team, these applications can be of great help to you.

Thanks to them, you will be up-to-date with what is happening in your team, and your team will know what is expected of them and will focus on achieving their goals.

Useful Tools For Remote Work – Summary

We have presented you with a list of applications and programs that improve the work of remote teams.

However, it cannot be denied that the choice is yours. I think it is worth spending a few moments to test because this time will certainly pay off.

If you already have favorite applications or programs for remote work, share your comments in the comment. Happy reading.

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