TOP 3 Programming Languages ​​That You Should Learn Before 2020

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Top 3 Programming Languages That You Need To Learn this year. It’s not just the three best programming languages but in a sense an attempt to look into the future. Who will catch the wave of success? Let’s get started to know the best programming languages.

Top 3 Programming Languages You Should Learn

We will manage without the extended introductions and at once we shall name winners: Python, JavaScript and Go.

By an amazing coincidence (although nothing surprising here, of course, no), these three programming languages were noted as the most popular in the survey for Stack Overflow.

Of course, there is a great temptation to choose the most popular languages for studying, but this is not always the best solution. It looks like buying shares at the height of growth. At any time, the favourites may fall out of favour with the global developer community.

Python, JavaScript and Go are not the most popular. Rather, they are the most necessary.

1. Python Programming Language

Whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner, you can not help but notice the simplicity of this programming language – the simplicity of the syntax and ease of use.

heap = []

while (True):
data = input()
if(data == 'q'):

Python got rid of a lot of superfluous of other languages.

int max_x;

if(coordinates.get(i).x > 0)
max_x = 255;
max_x = -255;

int max_y;

This is Java code. You see here the curly brackets that surround the conditional structures, and the semicolons after each statement. The same style is followed by C, C ++, C # and even JavaScript.

For a beginner programmer, it should be nice and convenient not to worry about the syntax and be able to fully concentrate on the really important things.

On the other hand, Python will teach newbies how to structure the code and make the right indentation, because it is sensitive to spaces. This facilitates the visual perception of the program and makes it easier to understand it.

Analyzing data with Python

Python is great for statistics, data analysis, and machine learning. In this area, Python has a serious competitor – the language of statistical programming R.

R is much more specialized than Python, with which you can create games, websites, business applications and much, much more. Therefore, in the initial stages of training, it makes sense to choose the language of general-purpose, and if necessary, to study R. This will lay a much more solid foundation.

Python also has the strongest developer community, where you can always find support.

Python for Web Development

In web development, Python acts on the server-side.

While HTML, CSS and JavaScript always work on the frontend, you can use any suitable language on the server: C#, Java, Ruby, and Python. Its frameworks Django and Flask are especially useful.

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2. JavaScript Programming

JavaScript has a very dual reputation: it is either loved or hated.

Here are just some of his problems:

  • presumably was developed in 10 days;
  • has nothing to do with Java;
  • there is no proper integer type;
  • strange comparisons (why is the expression true [] == ![](array == not an array)?);
  • forces you to work with global variables;
  • strange scopes;
  • and much more…

Nevertheless, starting to work with JavaScript is very, very easy. Probably, it is because of this that many novice developers never really study it. They use serious frameworks and libraries, but do not understand the basics of the programming language. If something goes wrong, they have a long time to understand, because each change leads to unpredictable consequences.

This problem becomes even more because of the regular appearance of new frameworks. There are a lot of good developers at React who do not understand the peculiarities of vanilla JavaScript, as they are limited only to learning new technologies.

If JavaScript is so terrible, why study it?

Despite all the complexities, it can not be denied that JavaScript is used to create the most elegant sites and cross-platform applications. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that an excellent web page is based on a terrible JavaScript code.

This language, unlike a number of others, strict and boring, gives you freedom and energy for creativity. For this reason, many developers love it.

You can not choose between opportunities and freedom and security. Note the languages that are translated in JavaScript. This means that you write code on something else, avoiding problems, and the result is the same JS. One such language is TypeScript.

You can not hide from JavaScript

The frontend always consists of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so JS quickly became the most popular language in the world . It seems that it is required everywhere. It can be used even for server development with Node.js.

If you want to create beautiful applications or become a web developer of a full stack, you can not get away from it anywhere. Do not become one of those backenders that failed to master JavaScript. It is not difficult to start working with it, but it gives a lot of opportunities.

Start studying JavaScript with the book A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript.

3. Go Programming Language

Go collected all the positive aspects of different languages, while avoiding negative ones. It is similar in nature to C, but in the simplicity of reading and writing is closer to Python.

Unlike JavaScript, Go is strongly typed. In this case, you do not need to manually define the types, since they can be automatically displayed at initialization (x: = 0 instead of int x = 0).

Go can be used for web development, server programming and many other tasks. There is even a Go-compiler that translates the code into Go in JavaScript. So you can develop JavaScript without even understanding it.

One of the reasons why people like Go is effective parallelism, which allows you to break work into several threads. Gates, channels and select instruction allow to avoid many difficulties.

Another plus of Go is open source! An ambitious software developer can learn all the details of the language and even use it as a guide for designing your own programming language!

Excellent book to start working with Go – The Go Programming Language .

The Bonus Top 3 Programming Language

And this is a small bonus section for three more good programming languages.

Swift Programming

The first of these is Swift – a very popular language for developing applications for the iPhone. Why did not he hit the top? Because of too narrow specialization. Its capabilities are much smaller than for general-purpose languages, for example, Python. In this Swift is similar to R. However, the scope of development of iPhone-applications is huge, and studying Swift can bring many benefits.

C# Programming

Despite its popularity, the C # language has never experienced a rapid rise. Like C ++ and Java, it’s just been on top for many years.

It is very similar to C ++ in terms of syntax and structure, except for multiple inheritance through interfaces. It also abstracts the management of memory and garbage collection.

C # is great for creating large-scale applications and web development (on the MVC-ASP.NET CORE framework).

C Programming

C is not the fastest-developing language, but it is indispensable if you need to understand deeply the fundamental concepts of informatics, such as pointers, memory management, parallelism, recursion.

And what language do you think is necessary? Drop your comments in the below comments box.

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