12 JavaScript Tricks For Novice Programmers

JavaScript Tricks For Novice Programmers from Coding Compiler. A small selection of JavaScript tricks and utilities for creating short and effective code that you will not find in the textbooks. Most textbooks and tutorials explain basic concepts and constructions to novice programmers. From these, you get the academic JavaScript basics of the language, but the practical tricks will have to be recruited independently.

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JavaScript Guide – Basic JavaScript Concepts with Code Examples

JavaScript Guide – Basic JavaScript Concepts with Code Examples from Coding compiler. Pareto Guide: 20% of the language you need in 80% of cases. Only basic javascript concepts with code examples. Since the advent of JavaScript 20 years ago, it has come a long way from a modest tool for simple animations to the top ten of the Tiobe rating. It is a language with a high level of abstraction, which allows you to focus on the code, and not on the low-level implementation of the program. It has weak dynamic typing and supports various programming paradigms.

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33 Most Useful Regular Expressions For Web Developers 2019

33 most useful regular expressions for web developers with examples 2019 from Coding compiler. Use these regular expressions to quickly solve the most common tasks of web development. Let’s start learning about the most used regular expressions in web development.

Types of Regular Expressions

  1. Regular Expressions to Validate User Data
  2. Regular Expression to Validate Common Formats
  3. Regular Expressions Related to Numbers
  4. Regular Expressions Related to Files and URLs
  5. Regular Expressions Related to Social Networks
  6. Regular Expressions Related to HTML and CSS
  7. Regular Expressions Related to other Web Developer Tasks
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11 JavaScript Animation Libraries For 2019

11 JavaScript Animation Libraries For 2019. Let’s not forget about using pure CSS, why because it can improve graphics performance (GPU), provide backward and forward compatibility, and this may just be the most effective way to create animations.

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12 JavaScript Libraries For Data Visualization 2019

12 JavaScript Libraries For Data Visualization 2019 from Coding compiler. Data visualization has quickly become a standard for the dissemination of web information, and data visualization can help us understand and transfer insight between information. This tool is used in business intelligence to journalism.

Top 12 JavaScript Libraries For Data Visualization

  1. D3.js
  2. ChartJS
  3. ThreeJS
  4. Echarts & Highcharts
  5. Metric-Graphics
  6. Recharts
  7. Raphael
  8. C3js
  9. React Virtualized + React Vis + Victory
  10. CartoDB
  11. Raw graphs
  12. Metabase

JavaScript Data Visualization Libraries

D3.js JavaScript Library

With 80,000 stars in the hub’s gateway, D3.js is built to create data-driven documents and create data into life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. The D3 emphasis on web standards allows you to create modern browsers without connecting to a dedicated framework, combining visual components, and a data-driven approach for the DOM. This allows you to assign arbitrary data to an Object Model (DOM) and then apply the transformations to the document.

Chart.JS JavaScript Library

With 40,000 stars in the Github, this Chart.js open-source library is built with HTML5 and canvas standards. It provides various graphs, graph axes and beautiful animations. Simple and elegant designs with 8 types of base diagrams and you can combine the library with moment.js for the time axis.

Three.JS JavaScript Library

With 47,000 stars in the Github, this Three.js library is made to create 3D animations using WebGL. The flexibility and abstraction of the project means that it is useful for data visualization in two or three dimensions.

Echarts & Highcharts JavaScript Library

With 30,000 stars in the GitHub, it’s an interactive library of graphs and visualization for the browser. Echarts & Highcharts is written with pure javascript and is based on the zrender canvas library. The program supports rendering charts in the form of Canvas, SVG (4.0+) and VML. In addition to computer and mobile browsers, ECharts can also be used with a node node in the grid to provide server-side processing (SSR).

Highcharts JS with 8,000 stars in the Goethe Hub, this library is based on SVG, with VBI and band for older browsers. Claims that 72 of the 100 world’s companies use the library, such as Facebook and Twitter.


With 7,000 stars in the GitHub, MetricGraphics.js is a library that is optimized for visualization and estimation of time series data. With a volume of 80 KB, it provides a slim but beautiful selection of line charts, sparse pages, histograms, bar graphs and data tables, as well as features such as linear regression carpet.

Recharts JavaScript Library

Recharts – With 10,000 stars in the GitHub, there is a React and D3 structural library that allows you to apply as React Announcement components. With support for native SVG, the lightweight dependency tree (submodules D3) provides highly customizable through the component booth.

Raphael JavaScript Library

With 10,000 stars in the GitHub, the “vector library” is designed to work with vector graphics on the web. This Raphael library uses the SVG W3C Recommendation and VML as the basis for creating graphics, so any graphical object is also a DOM object, and you can attach Java event categories. Raphael now supports Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome 5.0+, Opera 9.5+ and Internet Explorer 6.0+.

C3.js JavaScript Library

With 8,000 stars in the Github, C3.js is a D3-based integrated chart library for web applications. This library provides classes for each element, so you can define a custom style by class and directly expand the structure of D3. It also provides a variety of programming interface and callbacks to access the chart state. With them, you can update the chart even after rendering.

React Virtualized + React Vis + Victory JavaScript Libraries

With 4,000 stars in the Github, React Virtualized + React Vis + Victory is a set of React Uber components is suited for displaying data in a consistent manner, including line / area / bar graphs, heat maps, scatter plates, meter plots, hexagonal heaters, and much more. This library has no previous knowledge with D3 or any other information library, and provides modular building block components such as the X / Y axis.

With a 12,000 star in the GitHub, there is a set of React components for rendering large lists and tabular data. ES6, CommonJS and UMD are available in each distribution, and the project supports Webpack.

Victory is a collection of composite reactions designed to create interactive data visualization that is created using the same web programming interface for the Web and React Native applications for simple and cross-platform applications. A delicate and flexible method for levering React Components in favor of practical information visualization.


With 2000 stars in the GitHub, Carto is a smart tool and visual information to discover insights based on location data. You can upload geographic data (Shapefiles, GeoJSON, etc.) using a web form and view it in a dataset or map, search it using SQL, and use the map styles Apply CartoCSS.


RAWGraphs – With 5000 stars in the Github, there is a link between spreadsheets and data visualization created to create custom vector images for the d3.js library. This works with tabular data (spreadsheets and comma separated values) as well as texts copied and pasted from other programs. Based on the SVG format, visualizations can be embedded with vector graphics programs for further refinement, or directly on web pages.


With 11,000 stars in the Github, Metabase is a quick and easy way to create a data warehouse without knowing SQL. You can create focal areas and criteria, send information to Slack. It’s probably a great tool to visualize data internally for your team, although some maintenance may be needed.

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JavaScript Design Patterns Tutorial With Examples

This this JavaScript design patterns tutorial, we are going to implement popular design patterns in JavaScript and at the same time we understand this difficult topic with real examples. JavaScript design patterns have a number of features. The language has no interfaces, so you have to resort to some agreements. We assume that a class implements a certain interface if it has inherent methods and properties. The interfaces themselves are described in the comments. The examples use ES6 syntax.

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JavaScript Variables

Variables in JavaScript

JavaScript Variables Tutorial from Coding compiler. Depending on what you are doing the script, you will need to work with the information. If this is an electronic store, then this is a goods basket. If the chat – visitors, messages and so on.

Variables are used to store information .

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Modern standard “use strict” in JavaScript

JavaScript “use strict”

Modern standard “use strict” in JavaScript tutorial from Coding compiler. For a very long time, the JavaScript language developed without losing compatibility. New features were added to the language, but the old – never changed, so as not to “break” the already existing HTML / JS-pages with their use.

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