Learn Walt Disney’s Approach To Data Analysis

Learn Walt Disney’s Approach To Data Analysis from Coding compiler. The Walt Disney Company is continuing to increase its investment in data analytics to improve the customer experience in its key business segments. The company’s businesses include parks and resorts, media networks, studio entertainment and consumer products and interactive media, but its data analysis technology is mainly used to improve the consumer and guest experience in parks and resorts.

Walt Disney Data Analysis Approach

Teddy Benson, head of Disney’s solution integration, said: “Analysis is the key to maintaining a good customer experience to ensure they get the best experience – we want them to be happy and go back and tell their friends.”

The Disney team includes 1,000 employees and suppliers who work on analysis-related tasks, from facial recognition to data stamping. According to Benson, the Disney team does not have a “data unicorn.” He said: “It is difficult to find professional knowledge here. We have no core. We all work separately and cross-cooperation.”

You might think that a large company like Disney has a definitive approach to data analysis, but according to Benson, the company has been evolving and always maintaining an experimental way of thinking.

He said: “We almost do concept verification like a startup. We spend very little budget and considerable risks. We have achieved various degrees of success in various investments. We want to see if we can get within the existing architecture design.”

However, this is not to say that the company is a newcomer to analysis. In the past seven years, Disney has been using machine learning in some form, but this does not mean that proof of concept work is over.

Disney’s Approach To Data Analysis

Benson pointed out: “You still need to know how to tell stories. There are many mysteries about machine learning and artificial intelligence, so we try to express and educate people in a clear way because there are too many buzzwords now.”

If you want to know what Disney is doing to analyze, you can attend its annual data and analysis meeting, which will be held in August 2018 and is expected to attract more than 1,300 executives and managers from more than 200 companies and universities. And analysts, as well as all departments of Walt Disney.

The conference will cover a range of analytical disciplines including revenue management, pricing, forecasting, market analysis, customer relationship management, research, technology, data management, and decision science. At this conference, you can not only understand what the company is doing but also discuss what is happening in the entire data field.

Benson pointed out: “At our analysis meeting, we exposed ourselves to Disney and exposed to the outside world. We will talk about everything, from electric cars to health care, etc. Different people gather to talk about all these topics. Great thing.”

When talking about the future of the company’s data projects, Benson said: “Disney places great value on its intellectual property (IP), which also keeps its leadership in the competition.”

He pointed out that the company will continue to invest in new analytical capabilities and will also invest in areas that have proven to be of commercial value.

Broadway Analysis

One area is pricing and revenue management. Disney’s analytical technology helped Lion King create the highest box office revenue on Broadway, and although it was staged in smaller theatres and shorter than other popular shows, the technology will continue to improve.

Benson said: “So far, “Lion King” is the most successful Broadway show ever, and Disney has turned it into a science.”

“We understand how revenue management is based on the experience of airlines. As technology advances and grows, we have made significant advances in accuracy, including determining how many days a guest stays, how to motivate people and market products.”

“Personalized services are very important, providing an experience that caters to your customers.”

This kind of tailor-made service for customers (the main work area of the Disney analysis team) may involve factors such as the weather, the number of queues, and the specific time of day to avoid pressured experiences such as long queues, etc. At the same time provide customers with related products and services.

According to Benson, it is critical that they achieve results in the analytics arena to maintain core development and invest in people and to maintain a link to market development.

He said: “We do not want to talk too much about the success we have achieved because it is a never-ending battle. The idea here is that you never complete your work because the data is very much like a growing and changing the living body.

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