30 Best BI Tools For Startups

Welcome to the Coding compiler blog on 30 Best BI Tools for startups. One of the biggest advantages of Business intelligence (BI) software is it can handle data in a very efficient and effective manner.

When there is a large set of data, handling it with appropriate care is always needed. If any of the data gets lost the total information that is present becomes non-vital. We figured out the exact meaning and forecast with that.

So this business intelligence software plays an indefinite role that is especially for the startup to have a better decision-making process and time management. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss an overview of Business Intelligence Software and also a brief note about the best BI tools for startups and small businesses.

What Is Business Intelligence Software?

Business Intelligence software, with the name itself we can figure out how important this software is to make your business process effective. This particular software helps to analyze the data, retrieve, and store and transform them.

In this case, the data should be an already stored one. Initially, this BI software was first identified by the top giants like IBM and Oracle.

So they spent about nearly two decades to make this process whereas in the meanwhile many small companies put on their innovation and they too brought some little software and still many stands out the best in the market according to the customer preference.

What Does Business Intelligence Software Do?

  • They read the previously stored data
  • They analyze the content
  • If the content has to be transformed, these software’s helps to do that
  • In any case of loss of the data in any of the application, it can be retrieved easily using this software
  • This software helps to store data safely and efficiently

Why Startups Need Business Intelligence Software?

When it comes to startups there will be only few people who will be potentially spending time on the development and in many cases the time management places a very crucial role for them.

In order to face time management and also to deal with the data in a very efficient manner this business intelligence software paves a unique way. 

Mainly the bi tools help you to make better decisions. These two aspects of time management and appropriate decision making on things can help the startup to reach its goal easily.

For Data Analysis

As a startup, they have a very challenging environment where they need to face a lot of people who were already running in the competition.  When the data is analyzed properly the proper planning will come out of that.

For many startups with only a few people in the team even might be 1 or 2 members who step into the business with their knowledge to achieve a place for them, would be really challenging to handle these data.

How come all these things are simplified in one software. Sounds great right, Business Intelligence software is a boon to software who really handles a lot of data for analyzing.

Uncover the Hidden Facts

Using business analysis software this can actually help you to analyze the data thoroughly. When we are keen into the concept then you have the possibility to identify many hidden things that already lie in the pre-existing data.

So you have the possibility to come across data that already has many hidden facts. Once you uncover all these hidden facts then you will find a separate way of segmenting these data efficiently.

Identifying Business Trends 

When you uncover the hidden facts that lie in the data, you most probably have a chance of identifying how the business trends evolve from the past and give you a forecast on the business trends that can efficiently play a role in your business success.

Sales, Profit & Growth Projections

When you deal with these data, you can have an efficient pre planning of how your business market is going to be and what kind of sales growth you can have.

A projection on how many products you can sell, what is their margin, the percentage of profit, and how their project will be in the years together. All these things were efficiently projected by using this business intelligence software.

For Decision Making

When you can analyze the large set of data effectively then you can easily forecast your business for the future.

So you can really plan out how to increase your business revenue year by year and what new aspects you can actually add into your business to be more successful.

A good decision-making data aspect can be obtained using this BI tools.

What to Look For In Business Intelligence Software for Startups?

Data Visualization is the concept to look for BI software in the startup. As a startup there will be many constraints like time, money, ROI and etc. To handle all the data effectively and give a forecast of updates this BI software plays an efficient role.


  • It gives an idea about future tasks
  • Insights on how we can handle things further
  • Dashboards have effectively communicated the kind of reports that are actually needed
  • Share the report with the team
  • Collaborate and work on the tasks

Data Visualization Capabilities

Analyze data in a deeper format and provide insights on how they perform on different constraints.

Easy To Setup Dashboard

You can customize the dashboard, with the particular data which you can make use of to analyze efficient business results.

Ease of Use

Many of the tools’ interface and usage can be understood by the beginners, so implementing them becomes pretty easy for them.

Customizations & Reporting

You can generate reports according to the need either you can have an hourly or weekly report. Save those customized reports in the dashboard and send it to the other team members.


Pricing range for each of the software differs, even with the customization too.

Benefits of Using BI Tools for Startups & Small Business

  • By using BI tools for startups and small businesses they help to deliver the product with utmost customer satisfaction.
  • Hence to forecast your business plan, assign the future tasks accordingly.
  • You can exactly plan what the market needs and how your product can give a solution and there is no more guess.
  • When you handle and analyze the data, you know who all your competitors are and their strategy.
  • You can easily identify your USB and improvise your product sales.

List of Best BI Tools for Startups & Small Business

Many Best BI tools are available in the market in order to effectively help startup and small businesses. Some of the best software available in the market is listed below.

Each BI tool will have a unique set of features and we will further see in this blog about each tool in detail.

Best BI Tools For Startups

  1. Tableau
  2. QlikView
  3. Qlik Sense
  4. Microsoft Power BI
  5. Microsoft Business Intelligence
  6. Micro strategy
  7. TIBCO Spotfire 
  8. IBM Cognos
  9. IBM Watson Analytics
  10. Oracle BI Publisher
  11. Adobe Analytics
  12. SAS Business Intelligence
  13. SAP BI BusinessObjects
  14. SAP Analytics Cloud
  15. Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  16. NetSuite Analytics
  17. AlterYX
  18. Pentaho
  19. Looker
  20. Kibana
  21. JasperSoft
  22. Domo
  23. Sisense
  24. Zoho Reports
  25. Klipfolio
  26. Google Data Studio
  27. Google Analytics
  28. ChartIO
  29. Redash
  30. Logi Analytics

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30 Best BI Tools For Startups & Small Businesses

Each BI tool will have a unique set of features and we will see about each tool in detail here.

1) Tableau Business Intelligence Tool

Tableau is a tool which is used for data visualization and it is used in an organization to have better data-driven business decisions.


  • If data is described in a visual format, it is easy to understand.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Gives a very faster data analysis


  • It does not support multi-location access and data encryption.

Tableau Pricing: The package of tableau lies in 3 segments, Creator – $70, Explorer – $35 and Viewer which is $12 and billed monthly.

2) QlikView Business Intelligence Tool

It helps to have perfect customer insights through data discovery. They play an efficient role in the decision making process using intelligence space.


  • The software is very affordable, adaptable and scalable.
  • Easy for enterprise collaborations
  • It has in-memory applications.


  • OLAP is not supported

QlikView Pricing: It has 2 plans on-premise and on cloud. For on-premise it is about $12per month for one user and as of the same it is $15 for cloud.

3) Qlik Sense BI Tool

Qlik Sense BI Tool is a self-service data driven platform, in which human intervention is added to get better data driven results.


  • Very efficient database handling
  • Better deployment options
  • Has very improved data literacy


  • Human intervention sometimes can be a fault too.

Qlik Sense Pricing:  The pricing for this software starts from $15 per month.

4) Microsoft Power BI Tool

This Microsoft Power BI tool provides business insights through data mining and reporting, and also visualizes them too.


  • It gives a 360 degree view of data
  • Helps to collaborate across the organization
  • It gives secure business insights


  • It does not support any SQL queries

Microsoft Power BI Pricing: The pricing of Power BI starts from $9.99 per month

5) Microsoft Business Intelligence Software

This MSBI software is used to transform the data into a more visualization format, thereby helping the viewers to understand the concept effectively.


  • You can get insights from pre-build data visualization effectively


  • Costlier for startups

Microsoft Business Intelligence Pricing: It has 3 plans desktop, pro plan – $9.99 and  premium versions – $4,995

6) Microstrategy BI Tool

Microstrategy BI platform helps to integrate with third party platforms for data analysis and reporting. It is a bit different from the existing ones.


  • It has multiple widgets on the dashboard to view reports
  • It has the ability to save the data template for later analysis


  • It takes a little longer time for configuration

Microstrategy Pricing: It has a different pricing variation for the web and mobile users.

7) TIBCO Spotfire BI Tool

TIBCO Spotfire BI is a complete business solution provider and an intelligence platform, which is used for data discovery and in-depth analysis of the business.


  • Easily solve toughest problems
  • Gives you a best data insights that can help you stay top in the future


  • Don’t offer robust data
  • Don’t let users to customize SQL data 

TIBCO Spotfire Pricing: The pricing for a Spotfire Analyst is about $1,300/year and for the Web User is $300.

8) IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Tool

IBM Cognos is a self-serviced and web-based analytics platform which has the unique features like reporting, analyzing, transforming etc. It has various components additional to the software functionality.


  • It gives good data management and always helps to stay in control.
  • Data reports can be shared using mobile devices too.


  • It is a bit expensive for startup’s to afford.

IBM Cognos Pricing: It has 3 price variables, Workgroup – Starting from $1,990/month, Standard package – Starting at $10,100/month, Enterprise package – Starting at $19,950/month.

9) IBM Watson Analytics BI Tool

IBM Watson Analytics, It is one of the intelligent and self serviced software which is used to analyse the already existing data and get insights from that.


  • It can be accessible from different devices
  • It helps to analyze and make future tasks

IBM Watson Analytics Pricing: The pricing start from around $30

10) Oracle BI Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher, Which helps to have a robust reporting format and analytics solutions for all the business size and especially it is a cloud based one.


  • It offers a customized solution
  • It helps to collaborate


  • Should have a good User-Interface

Oracle BI Publisher Pricing: Analytics publisher licenses cost round $46,000

11) Adobe Analytics BI Software

Adobe Analytics BI is an efficient reporting format which is used by many organizations to decide on the future ventures of the business.


  • It produces extremely deeper segments and provides insights on KPI.


  • It is hard to implement.

Adobe Analytics Pricing: It doesn’t have a free version, you can check in their website to have detailed pricing.

12) SAS Business Intelligence Software

SAS BI Software, One of the best tools in the SAS enterprise solution helps to find and gather data on the enterprise level.


  • Easy analysis on mobile and reporting
  • Easy collaboration process


  • Affordability for a new business is really tough

SAS BI Pricing: The plan starts from $9,000 per year for each user

13) SAP BI BusinessObjects

Business objects from SAP offer solutions for all kinds of business sizes. It aims to reduce business costs and gives a perfect solution to business problems. It streamlines all the workloads and helps to make a better decision.


  • Efficient use for businesses with different sizes


  • Requires more number of servers

SAP BI Business Objects Pricing: The pricing starts from around $14,000

14) SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud, It is a cloud based one, which is used to fetch instant data from the live session effectively.


  • Fastest access
  • You can get the data from wherever you are


  • Need more training for beginners to get accessed to the software

SAP Analytics Cloud Pricing: The price starts from $21 per month

15)  Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Einstein Analytics, It helps businesses to collaborate with data to give better insights for their business growth.


  • You can get more customized reports

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Pricing: The price range starts from $75 to $150

16) NetSuite Analytics

This NetSuite software provides an embedded BI for any customization or build-in application within the suite cloud, eliminating the need for experts or developers to handle.


  • It helps to have a good level of inventory and production management 


  • The level of customization is slightly difficult

NetSuite Pricing: The pricing starts from $499/month and $99/user per month. The third party package is available from $399/month

17) AlterYX BI Software

AlterYX BI Software gives a predictive analytics solution for your business brand, with the already existing data sets. They deploy deeper insights with an hourly based report.


  • It has many inbuilt functions for data integration and merging datasets


  • Sometimes the interfacing may be a confusing one.

AlterYX Pricing: The designer cost is around $5,195 per year, and the server cost is about $78,975.

18) Pentaho BI Tool

It is a business suit which combines both data integration and analytic processing to help users to have better decision making options.


  • It helps for real-time analysis and visualization.

Pentaho BI Pricing: The pricing range is customizable according to the need.

19) Looker BI Tool

Looker is a BI application with an analytics oriented application server, which helps to maintain data at the highest relational levels.


  • The software is very user-friendly to use
  • It helps to save report for later analysis


  • The part of customization is difficult

Looker BI Pricing: It is usually about $300-$500 per month for user

20) Kibana BI Tool

Kibana BI Software, It is efficient software which helps users to manage and track their elastic stacks effectively.


  • It has a dashboard sharing facility
  • It is an open source in nature


  • It does not support mobile devices

Kibana Pricing: The elastic cloud starts from $45/month

21) JasperSoft BI Tool

Tibco offers Jaspersoft a developer level reporting and analytics software infrastructure to take reports and analyze.


  • It is used for the main purposes of embedding
  • It helps to collaborate across different departments and helps to provide a good business insights


  • Analysis can be made on high-level

JasperSoft Pricing: It has 5 different pricing plans Community, Reporting, AWS, Professional and Enterprise.

22) Domo BI Tool

Domo BI Tools is a cloud based software that is used to store all the business data together in one segment to have a clear and good analytics report.


  • Helps to collaborate with the teams effectively
  • It helps to have a clean business report


  • Learning curve is steep
  • Sometimes it is hard to customize

Domo Pricing: It has professional and enterprising package (Professional – $175/month/user, Enterprise – $250/month/user)

23) Sisense BI Tool

Sisense BI Tool – All the large sets of data are handled and proper insights were provided in a single commodity server.


  • A very clear report format


  • Embedded visuals are difficult

Sisense Pricing: You can contact their customer support to get the package, you can even avail their trial version too.

24) Zoho Reports

Business intelligence Zoho software is used to get analytics data for building new business insights.


  • It helps to analyze and handle huge set of data
  • The dashboards on zoho is very customizable


  • Streamlining things sometimes may drag timings

Zoho Reports Pricing: The pricing for this software starts from $25 per month

25) Klipfolio BI Tool

Klipfolio BI Tool is an analytics platform where users use the data intellectually and share the information in a very confident way by building a dashboard for reporting purpose.


  • It makes use of simplified data sets
  • It has high level of scalability
  • Efficient collaboration of data’s

Klipfolio Pricing: It has a different level of pricing for businesses, enterprises, and agencies, you can choose the one that suits your business.

26) Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a beautiful tool which is powered with data, which can be used to generate an effective sales report for your business.


  • It can be accessed with high speed
  • It gives an unlimited data
  • You can add notes and comments in that


  • Reports are available only in read-only format.

Google Data Studio Pricing: It has 4 pricing segments Individual, pro, super pro and enterprise section along with various pricing bars you can choose accordingly.

27) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an efficient report insights providing software, you can get the different data sets accessed in one place.


  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Highly reliable too


  • It is slightly difficult for a beginner to use

Google Analytics Pricing: You can access free version, Google Analytics 360 a premium version will cost you around $150,000 dollars a year

28) ChartIO BI Tool

ChartIO BI Tool is a cloud based solution which is used to analyze data and generate reports for day-to-day access.


  • It helps to pull different data sets from different data segments.
  • It is flexible
  • Easy to use without SQL knowledge


  • Outdated layout for usage.

ChartIO Pricing: You can check their website to get a customized offer.

29) Redash BI Software

Redash BI Software is the main feature of the redash tool, it allows using filters and parameters for the customers to play with data reports.


  • It doesn’t wants users to have knowledge about SQL
  • It merges data from multiple sources

Redash Pricing: It has 3 packages: Starter: $49/month, Startup-$99/month, Business pack-$450/month

30) Logi BI Analytics

Logi Analytics is an embedded analytics platform which is used to give a self-analysis report and data driven solution.


  • Suits for all kind of business 
  • It can customize CSS and JavaScript’s


  • It is not suitable for Non-SQL users

Logi Analytics Pricing: It offers a customized package to know about that in delta we have to contact their support team.

Final thoughts: 

For any kind of business size, business intelligence software is very important to make a good decision. It helps to deal with a large set of data for analyses, reporting, and transforming.

So having one for your software is a must to use your time efficiently and effectively, have a good forecast about the market, and have the best market-driven approach to sell the product. 

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