Best Laravel Tools and Packages

Best Laravel Tools and Packages article from the Coding compiler. When it comes to reading a programming language it’s really a daunting task and finding the right beneficial one which we exactly want is also another question.

Choosing a language that is more understandable and the most wanted in the market is always advisable to read. It may give you a wider opportunity to get a place if you are looking for a job position in a good software company.

Laravel is a framework that is used in many organizations for its high level of security and authentication. It is very easy to learn this language since the syntax of what was there in the language is very simple to understand and use. Here in this blog, we will discuss a few important points about this Laravel framework and the best Laravel tools and packages.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework, which is very expressive and has elegant syntax. Laravel is used to design custom software products.

When you really enjoy programming language, these codlings are really a great way to showcase your kind of innovation. It always makes the developer happy always, since it helps to develop an application without sacrificing any of its functionality.

What are the benefits of Laravel Framework?

  • Laravel provides a good level of authorization and authentication.
  • It has a very simple and clean API which helps to integrate with the mailing service.
  • When there is more technical vulnerabilities laravel can be used to fix that easily
  • Not only with the mailing services, it can easily integrate with the other tools and helps to deliver fast web applications.
  • It avails a good level of error and expectation handling.
  • It provides a convenient environment for automation testing.
  • It provides a very simple and expressive method of routing.
  • It can configure and manage schedule tasks very effectively.

What are the Laravel Tools and Packages?

Laravel is one of the most popular applications in the market, which is very easy to learn. This is more popular among the developers because it does not comprise any of the product functionality.

It aims to give many web project functions like integration, authentication, authorization, etc. When you choose a Laravel package you can actually use them in different ways for accessing databases, performance dependency, and a lot more…

There are about 2 types of packages one is framework independent and the other one is for a specific framework. The greatest advantage of this package is, it has all features from hosting applications to routing, migration, testing, views and etc. Another most important advantage is the DRY principle.

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50 Best Laravel Tools For Development

Here is the list of best Laravel tools and packages.

  1. PHPStorm
  2. Github
  3. Migration
  4. Laravel Backup
  5. Tinker
  6. Laravel Mix
  7. Lumen
  8. Laravel WebSockets Package
  9. User Verification
  10. NoCaptcha
  11. Heyman
  12. Socialite
  13. Laravel Passport
  14. Entrust
  15. Laravel Debugbar
  16. Laravel Sentry
  17. Laravel Bugsnag
  18. Laravel Dusk 
  19. Laravel Envoy
  20. Laravel Horizon
  21. Laravel Telescope
  22. Laravel Notification Channels
  23. Easy Flash Messages
  24. Laravel Slack
  25. BotMan Studio
  26. Acelle
  27. Mail Preview
  28. Beauty mail
  29. Aimeos
  30. Laravel Invoiceable
  31. Bagisto
  32. Laravel Echo
  33. Laravel Media library
  34. Buzzy
  35. Botble
  36. Sluggable
  37. Laravel Scout
  38. Laravel Spark
  39. Laravel Nova
  40. Laravel Cashier
  41. Laravel Tenancy
  42. Eloquent-Sluggable
  43. Laravel Charts
  44. Laravel Form Builder 
  45. Laravel Forge
  46. Laravel Vapor 
  47. Laravel Chipper CI
  48. Laravel Flare
  49. Laravel Shift
  50. Laravel Envoyer

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50 Best Laravel Tools And Frameworks Development

1) PHPStorm

  • Smart Php Code editor
  • Code navigation & quality analysis
  • Intelligent coding assistance
  • Testing and debugging
  • HTML & CSS editor

For Individual Customers – $8.90/month

For Business And Organizations – $19.90/month


2) Github

  • Automate from code to cloud
  • Good code review segment
  • Automatically update vulnerabilities
  • Protects users and provide secure environment
  • Workflows are automated

It has 4 packages


Team: It is about $4 per user/month

Enterprise: It is about $21 per user/month

GitHUB one: It is a customization package, can avail details through contacting them.


3) Migration

  • Provides automatic schedule posts
  • Automated approvals and workflows
  • Can custom file names
  • Has comparison feature
  • Code uses filed sets

Migration Mailbox – $9.50

Migration Bundle – $14

Teams Migration – $50/team


4) Laravel Backup

  • Monitors the overall health of backup
  • Gives notifications
  • Scheduling process
  • Provides an high-level of overview
  • You can even customize the notifications

The pricing varies according to the usage, you can check in their official website to know further details.


5) Tinker

  • Used in MacOS
  • Create object and modify the data easily
  • Interact with the database effectively
  • It is a command tool makes use of command line
  • Quickly read data from laravel applications


6) Laravel Mix

  • Aims to make web pack very simple
  • Makes use of simple syntax to compile
  • Work with different style sheets
  • Automatically monitors your file for changes
  • Displays OS notifications


7) Lumen

  • It is a micro-framework
  • Easy to use
  • Supports integration by third party
  • Handles more number of requests per second
  • Light-version
  • Response time is less


8) Laravel WebSockets Package

  • Can completely handle server side web sockets
  • Real-time bug dashboard
  • Support for multi-tenancy
  • It has extensive documentation
  • It’s auto updated


Best Laravel Authentication Tools

1) User Verification

This tool is specifically used to validate and verify the users, so that they can send emails to the correct email address.

  • It generates verification taken
  • Users can send and verify emails
  • It provides high-level of security
  • Authenticated users can use it


2) NoCaptcha

This app provides you an ability to add Google captcha in your laravel application.

  • Allow multiple captchas on the same page.
  • Allow conditional login captcha
  • An secured access
  • Not especially for robots
  • Recaptcha with secret key.

It costs about $1.12 to $1.4 per 1000 captcha


3) Heyman

It helps you to take care of things like authentication, validation in your application.

  • Customizable syntax
  • High-level of authentication
  • Structural benefits
  • Works under different customs
  • More advanced reaction


4) Socialite

Popular package handles social authentication with OAuth. 

  • Works with most of the social media
  • Handles all the boilerplates
  • Helps to keep your code clean
  • Provides a high-level authentication
  • Easy to use


5) Laravel Passport

Laravel Passport is native OAuth 2 server for Laravel apps.

  • It is simple
  • Enjoyable to use
  • Helps in official documentation
  • Secure way to implement token authorization
  • It has data migration


6) Entrust

It is used in laravel to add flexible codes to give the users navigations and permissions

  • Provides dynamic navigation
  • User relations to roles
  • Short syntax route filter
  • Checking for different roles and permissions
  • Easier installation


Best Laravel Auditing Tools & Packages

1) Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar helps you to have more tabs for easy access during the development process.

  • It helps to Debug queries
  • Shows current route/controller
  • It can process during request data
  • Views, Mail, Gates, Cache
  • Authenticated


2) Laravel Sentry

It is fully used for authentication and authorization processes. Integration can be done very easily.

  • It has filtering events
  • Grouping Events into Issues
  • Server-side Fingerprinting
  • Custom Grouping Enhancements
  • Sensitive Data handling

Pricing range starts at $26.00 per month. There is a free version. 


3) Laravel Bugsnag

It is an automatic, intelligent error monitoring software used for laravel application. It can detect all the laravel exceptions and fix their errors.

  • Easier installation
  • Reporting unhandled exceptions
  • Automatically send diagnostic data
  • Can correlate  errors with customers report
  • Easy session Tracking

Team plan starts from $29

Pro plan starts from $59

Enterprise plan is a customized one, you can get quote from their website.


4) Laravel Dusk 

Dusk is a tool for application testing. Mostly the pages with the JavaScript can be tested using dusk.

  • It helps to test in a real browser
  • Tests multiple parts of an application
  • Can do cross-class testing
  • Testing done on user point of view
  • It is much easier to find a problem


5) Laravel Envoy 

Laravel Envoy is a task runner on your remote servers. 

  • Easy setup process
  • Can run on Mac and Linux OS
  • Multiple server execution
  • It avails you with notifications
  • Simple task execution


6) Laravel Horizon

It is software which comes with a dashboard, for you to easily access how your key metrics are performing.

  • Clear dashboard presentation
  • Code-driven configuration
  • Monitors the key metrics
  • Can integrate easily
  • Analyze and report job failures too

It is an open-source and free software


7) Laravel Telescope

It is elegant debug assistant software for the Laravel framework. 

  • It provides an clear insights data
  • It can schedule tasks “related” telescope records are also seen
  • List of emails can be added
  • Custom migration
  • Easy for upgrading

This software is free for use.


Best Laravel Notification Tools & Packages

1) Laravel Notification Channels

If your default notification option is not sufficient then these laravel notification channels help you to have custom notifications.

  • Collection of drivers help to send notification
  • We can customize the notification
  • Around 41 channels support this
  • It avail you with push notifications
  • You can even send SMS/VoIP


2) Easy Flash Messages

Easy flash helps you to deliver simple messages in a flash like format through notifications.

  • It can be displayed to more number of audience
  • Simple and easy way of communication
  • No complex design required
  • Its available on the nest page request too
  • You can even display success page


3) Laravel Slack

They fit into your company needs for integrating calls, exchanging chats and etc.

  • You can sent messages
  • Can have call collaboration
  • Applicable of different browsers
  • Can have group chat
  • You can have notification popup

Starts from $6.67 per month


4) BotMan Studio

This bundled version in laravel makes the user chat experience more friendly than ever before.

  • Supports multiple features
  • Helps to send different templates
  • Build-in natural language processing
  • Friendly to all kind of drivers
  • Works as a single point definition


Best Laravel Email Tools & Packages

1) Acelle

ACelle is an email marketing tool in laravel. It is a self-hosted platform which works similar to other email service providers.

  • It manages subscribers list
  • Helps to do automations
  • Tracks the emailing data
  • You can even integrate with other platforms to send email 
  • Easy connect with external service provider

Standard License – $59

Extended License – $199

Enterprise License – Customized


2) Mail Preview

It is a kind of plug-in which can be used to complement acelle and other emailing tools

  • Get a preview exactly
  • Different format of reviews 
  • Browser compatibility
  • Gives exact look of your email send to your contacts
  • You can even review in client system

The pricing starts form $39 to $399


3) Beauty mail

Handy package you can quickly add email functionality into any kind of platform.

  • Import templates easily
  • Can integrate with any platforms
  • Can build your own custom templates
  • No need of any external services
  • Configure easily in all types of emails

According to the version, the pricing varies.


Best Laravel Ecommerce Packages

1) Aimeos

Aimeos gives a laravel package that gives your website ecommerce capabilities in less than 5 min.

  • Easy to create an ecommerce website
  • Countless payment gateways
  • Supports different templates
  • Helpful for subscriptions
  • Add vouchers 

Pricing starts from $9.99


2) Laravel Invoiceable

It is a small laravel package which makes the invoicing process very simple.

  • Creates invoice in a very simple manner
  • Easy for integration
  • Compact with other tools and browsers
  • Automatic scheduling can be done
  • It’s gateway-agnostic

Pricing starts from $49/license


3) Bagisto

Popular ecommerce package which helps to integrate.

  • Supports multiple channels
  • You can use different currencies
  • It has inventory management
  • More number of themes available
  • Easy integration

The pricing of bagisto starts from $9.99/month


4) Laravel Echo

Laravel Echo is a javascript library which provides you with the details about the things that can be delivered through the laravel platform.

  • Best for using echo sockets
  • It provides a nice and clean syntax
  • Avails simple features like public channels
  • Avail complex features like authentication and authorization
  • Allows to share same event names


5) Laravel Media library

It is used to sort all kinds of files and give them an elegant look which can be accessed with simple syntax formats.

  • Easy access of files
  • Simple to work with
  • It has fluent API
  • Suits for all kind of data storage
  • Can plug in any compatible file system


Best Laravel Blogging Packages

1) Buzzy

Buzzy is a Laravel package which is used to quickly create media sharing sites. 

  • A new site or blog designed with ease
  • It has unlimited widgets
  • It has more pages and categories
  • It is high beneficial to create users and schedule posts
  • More easy to set up

It usually prices from $35 to $180


2) Botble

Botble is a Content management software package for Laravel. 

  • Easy to create a new website
  • Manage and edit contents quickly
  • More customizable themes
  • Supports Google analytics integration
  • Can do social media sharing at ease

Botble pricing starts from $49


3) Sluggable

When it comes to website design, SEO plays a major role in marketing that. The sluggable is used to simplify your URLs into an SEO-friendly one.

  • Helps to have SEO-friendly Urls
  • Removes Spaces, underscores and etc
  • Removes all problematic signs
  • Converts them into easy phrase match strings
  • More language specific characters


4) Laravel Scout

It provides a simple solution for the full text search, it changes them into eloquent models.

  • Simplify text search
  • Easy for use
  • Complex language can be written simple
  • Easier for integration with different platform
  • More compatible


Best Laravel Packages for SaaS Applications

1) Laravel Spark

Which is a cloud based software used for billing purpose, subscription, invoicing, team management etc.

  • Allows to have Team Billing
  • Announcements
  • Invite team members to edit
  • User Impersonation
  • More Customizable

The pricing starts from $99 for a single license and $299 for an unlimited


2) Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova is a beautiful administration platform for all laravel applications. Its main feature is to administrate and access the database in a very easy manner.

  • Provides a full CRUD interface 
  • Give more authorization
  • Has many custom fields
  • It can display custom metrics for application
  • Lenses can be added to take full control of the results


3) Laravel Cashier

Another billing related software which can handle the billing service more efficiently.  

  • Easy integration with payment gateways
  • Makes billing a easy process
  • Database to access  data
  • Generates invoices
  • Handles all the cancellation


4) Laravel Tenancy

Laravel tenancy is a multi- tenancy saas platform which is used to control many features efficiently in the aspects of integration and etc.

  • It can easily integrate with the Laravel framework.
  • It provides Event-driven extensible architecture.
  • Close – optional – integration into the web server.
  • Easily compatible
  • It has the ability to add tenant-specific configs and etc


Other Top Laravel Packages & Tools

1) Eloquent-Sluggable

It is designed to create friendly URL slugs

  • Strings are user-friendly
  • Create slugs easily
  • Easy to understand
  • Passes all the null value
  • Minimal configuration


2) Laravel Charts

Charts are usually known as Laravel library, which is used to create Charts using Chartisan.

  • Powerful charting libraries
  • Customizable
  • Allows to create performant
  • Powered by Google Chart API
  • Has auto discover feature 


3) Laravel Form Builder 

This form builder helps to create form in laravel at ease, all the editing and modification process are simple in this.

  • Easy to build up a form
  • Simple way of editing
  • Add customized field
  • It can be reused
  • It supports bootstrap by default


4) Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge is a tool which is used to automate the deployment of any application and configure them.

  • Push to deploy
  • More simple to use
  • Secure by default
  • More easy to collaborate
  • Free SSL certifications

For growth account – $15/month and for business account its $39/month


5) Laravel Vapor 

It is a deployment platform, which has no server and it is powered by AWS.

  • Auto scaling
  • Secret management
  • Easy deployment
  • Cache management
  • Manages database

It costs around $39/month


6) Laravel Chipper CI

A continuous integration program, that is fast and seamless.

  • Automated deployments
  • Report your results
  • Ensures code quality
  • Runs tests
  • Continuous integration work flow

It has a 3 pricing plans, available for free, standard package – $39/month, super package a customizable one.


7) Laravel Flare

Laravel Flare is an online service which is used to fix errors in laravel.

  • Mirrors your local debugging experience
  • Focused service
  • Super-fast interface 
  • Customization 
  • Easy for team to handle

3 plans available: Standard – $29/month, Growth – $69/month, Premium – $279/month


8) Laravel Shift

Shift helps to upgrade the older version of laravel to the newer version.

  • Integrates well
  • Easy adoption
  • UI is easy to use
  • Helps to keep your code private
  • Effective way to upgrade

It starts from $4.9/month


9) Laravel Envoyer

Laravel Envoyer is a one-click deployment tool which is designed to helps the teams to makes their deployment process simple.

  • Application Health Checks
  • Chat Notifications integration
  • Tuned for Laravel Apps
  • Deployment made ease
  • Easy to integrate

Basic plan:$10/month, Plus plan:$20/month, Premium plan:$50/month


Final Thoughts

Due to its easy deployment and the customized level of integration, many companies want to deploy these Laravel applications in their organization. The level of security is high. Most of the tools provide a high level of authority and authentication. All of them are developer-friendly to use. Choose the one which suits best for your organization.

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