What Is The Difference Between UI And UX?

What is the difference between UI and UX from Codingcompiler. Global markets have become very competitive and widely influenced by various technical, commercial and aesthetic factors. Every business activity, digital process, and marketing strategy is now increasingly sophisticated and supported by the use of modern technology.

This article explains how to design a website with the use of two components of digital product development, UI and UX, to increase the level of customer satisfaction.

After reading this article, you will understand how important the design role of U1 / UX is for product success in the online market. You can also get commercial aspects from UI designer roles, job responsibilities, and so on.

What is the Difference Between User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)?

The main objective is to get a deeper perspective on the differences between UI and UX design components.

1. What is UI Development and UX?

UI and UX are each acronym of User Interface ( User interface) and User Experience  or user experience. Both are important components of web development.

What is UI (User Interface)?

  • UI definition

What is the user interface or UI? This is the process of designing the style and appearance of web page components, such as buttons, menus, icons, images, dropdowns, and other components. The main goal of  a good UI design  is to create a good product experience and responsive web design. The UI interface must always be attractive, easy to use and positioned correctly on web pages.

  • UI Designer’s Tasks

The main activities of the UI designer include examining the product,  how the  product  will be used  , the UI prototype, finalizing the UI design, and testing the UI components. Most of these activities are carried out within the boundaries of the UX design layout developed by UX designers.

The most important interactions between websites, web applications, and mobile and user applications occur through UI components. Even the appearance of the web page, which includes page color, length, header footer, and many other factors was designed with the help of UI designers. Attractive and easy-to-use UI design has great value in the definition and assessment of customer satisfaction.

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What is UX (User Experience)?

  • Definition of UX

Another important factor for interesting websites is the user experience or the UX design. User experience design  (UX)  is a comprehensive process of developing web products that can create a great product experience when using products and also provide a better environment for better user interface implementation in product layout.

  • UX Designer Tasks

The user experience design process includes the overall development of product design, application of product macro features, development of product branding, and the creation of interactive and responsive website design from web products. The main goal of implementing the best UX design features is to achieve full customer satisfaction by  developing a great user experience  in the web environment.

Both the UI and UX components in designing websites are the main determinant of how to build a website with a perfect product branding design so that the average website conversion rate increases significantly.

2. Difference Between UI And UX

The difference between the development of UI and UX is mentioned in the following table:

User Experience Development (UX) User Interface (UI) Development
User Experience (UX) development is relatively more technical and analytically oriented to handle the layout of excessive front-end development.The development of User Interface (UI) is related to graphical web components in the web environment
Focus on developing UX on a complete website or web environment as a whole product based on strong design research and trend analysisUI development focuses on small components in the layout of web products developed by UX designers
UX development must consider many factors in design processes such as cognitive science, modern trends, SEO, responsiveness, interactivity, social media monitoring , digital marketing, market segments, client goals, and more.UI development only talks about better presentation and implementation of web components on the website
UX develops a basic web structure, which is embellished by the development of the UI to create an extraordinary user experienceUI development provides beauty, views and appeal to the basic structure of web products
Without UX, UI development has no meaningWithout UI support, the UX design is like a clothesless structure
Without UX development, thinking about products is meaninglessWithout UI development you cannot reach your product business goals
Various usability testing methods such as user testing, surveys and others are used to assess user experience of product usersThe A / B usability testing method is usually used to assess user experience in web products or web pages
All web product experience, business services, product value, and interactivity effectiveness are included in the UX development domainNavigation on the page and interactivity of web pages with users is the UI domain
UX focuses on solutions to problems that users are looking for with the help of UX expert users and expert researchersUI focuses on presenting products on one web page

That is the definition and difference between the development of UI and UX. Now we will explain more about the differences between UI and UX.

Difference Between UX and UI

3.  UI / UX Role in Product Development

The development of professional class web products is not possible without UI and UX designers and developers.

  • UX’s Role in Product Development

UX designers research design trends, understand product goals, and translate business goals into digital solutions. The main responsibility of a UX designer starts from understanding and assessing business requirements, tapping, prototyping, and testing the UX design.

  • UI Role  in Product Development

After the UX design is complete, the role of the UI developer begins to make the design more attractive and easy to use so that great customer value is created. UI developers focus on providing the best views and presentations to users to get the value offered by web products easily. You cannot create an extraordinary user experience without the help of one of the roles above.

4.  The Demand For UI Vs UX Developers

Demand for UI and UX developers is very high in the market. Both are very much needed in various software development projects such as websites, web applications, cellular applications, enterprise applications, and even in the development of simple push notifications for digital marketing purposes.

If we compare the requirements of UI and UX developers, UX developers are in high demand compared to UI developers. But, that does not mean that UI demand is decreasing, the main reason for the relatively low demand for UI developers is that the responsibility of UI developers also joins the responsibility of the UX developer. Combining these responsibilities creates a new role for UI / UX developers, which is a hybrid role to carry out UI and UX responsibilities.

UI developers must greatly strengthen their expertise by excelling in the field of 3D graphic design, illustration, interactive design, and responsive web development. This will increase their demand in the market due to comprehensive knowledge of web front-end development.

More than 6 large companies including IBM, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Atlassian, and Uber have doubled design professionals, especially in the UI and UX design fields between 2013 and 2018.

5. Large Industries Web Designers

1. Software Development Industry

The software development industry is the core consumer of web designers. They need a web designer in developing websites, web applications, cellular applications, and enterprise applications. There is a large software industry spread throughout the world, especially in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and other regions. The demand for web developers will remain in this industry for years to come.

2. Web & Optimization (SEO)

The SEO and web optimization industry also requires many web designers to make their website responsive and interactive. Indexing search engines is strongly influenced by website design. If your website isn’t designed properly, your website may  not rank well in search engine indexing. So, web designers are asked to optimize websites for SEO and other marketing strategies.

3. Machine Learning Industry

Machine learning  industry is one of the roaming fields in the software development market. The new concept of machine learning is supported by virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR. Chatbots and many other software are in great demand. The designers have a greater role in realizing machine learning projects.

4.  Web Based Operations

The operation of web-based services such as Google, Facebook and many others requires professional web designers to check and solve problems and debug problems in web-based service operations. Good designers can also help improve sustainable development to improve user experience in the DevOps environment.

5. Mobile App Development

The mobile application development industry is one of the fastest growing in the sector. Millions of Android, iOS, Windows, and other mobile applications are available on the market and the numbers are only increasing. The request of UI / UX developers in developing mobile applications is very large.


That’s the difference between UI and UX design components. User interface designers (UI) and user experience (UX) play an important role in modern web development in this industry. They complement each other with certain differences. We hope that you enjoy reading this article on difference between UX and UI design.

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