RPA Real World Use Cases – Customer Service And Support

Robotic Process Automation Case Study and RPA Use Cases. How your business can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA Use Cases – Customer Service & Support Desk

Robotic Process Automation can improve efficiency and customer satisfaction

Customer Service & Support Desk Industry Overview

Typically, call centers and service desks use a number of different systems
and applications and often undertake a high volume of low complexity
repetitive tasks.

When someone calls in, service agents have to navigate these applications while at the same time managing their interaction on the call with the customer. If users connect via email or messaging systems, agents need to translate information from those systems while executing the required actions.

But having to jump back and forth between systems and screens shifts is slow and inaccurate. In a live call, the focus moves away from the caller and the perception of the customer is impacted.

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Disparate systems may require the same information – who hasn’t experienced being asked the same identity verification questions multiple times by the same call center?

Additionally, post-call follow up, such as updating records and recording closure activity can take almost as much time as the call itself, thus negatively impacting upon agent productivity.

A good customer experience can drive long-term growth. Which is why customer satisfaction should be the ultimate goal of service desk and call center performance.

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Customer Service Automation With RPA

RPA can be used to automate many of the common tasks in a customer service or support desks, such as incident management, billing queries, user administration and updating records, to deliver many benefits.

Not only can it ensure tasks run flawlessly and consistently during waking and sleeping hours and address and resolve problems on its own, it can link
disparate systems and applications in one single console, build a unified knowledge base that delivers relevant data in real time, and automatically set up and run processes.

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Agents are freed from having to process repetitive, manual tasks and can focus on developing their customer-centric skills. And don’t forget, Virtual Workers can be many times faster than a person.

This allows for a faster turnaround for customer requests and significantly improves SLAs.

Robotic Process Automation Case Study

Sector: Managed Services

Challenge – A leading European IT Managed Service provider was running a support service for a leading industrial customer who had a large number of employees and a broad mix of legacy and new applications. Handling over 15,000 calls a month, a significant amount of time was being spent by the 1st line support team executing user administration tasks.

In fact, due to the complexity of the systems and processes, the average time for each such incident was almost 6 minutes, as the agent had to inefficiently navigate various systems to access, manipulate and update information, subsequently offering an inefficient service and poor customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation Case Study Outcome

Delivered within 2 weeks, the automated solution – provided through Virtual Workers in place of human agents – was able to complete tasks in less than 50 seconds – that’s an 83% reduction in execution time.

Along with this improved customer service, the volume of support resource required has been significantly reduced and a number of support technicians have subsequently been redeployed, producing a tangible cost
efficiency saving of an estimated €1M.

  • RAPID DEPLOYMENT – 2 week project
  • EXECUTION TIME – Reduced by 83%
  • PRODUCTIVITY SAVING – > €1M annually

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