RPA Real World Use Cases – IT And Infrastructure Support

Robotic Process Automation Case Study and RPA Use Cases. RPA in IT & Infrastructure Support. How your company can improve efficiency and faster time to deployment with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA Use Cases – IT & Infrastructure Support

Robotic Process Automation helps in faster time to deployment in Information Technology and Infrastructure support.

IT & Infrastructure Industry Overview

IT support staff are highly skilled, well trained and valuable resources.
But many businesses see their IT Support team spending too much time
manually undertaking systems administration tasks, running diagnostics
and system checks, managing patch processes, backups and many other
daily tasks and just do not have the time or the budget to increase head
count to handle more high value, skilled tasks, or work on business improvement and change projects.

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Companies can optimise their IT resources with the support of a Virtual Workforce. Through either assisted-automation (automation with human support either to initiate or approve actions), or by fully automating (no human intervention) existing user actions and taking over labor-intensive administrative tasks, employees are freed up for more intellectually demanding activities. By focusing on subjective decision-making, innovation and customer-facing activity that can’t be automated, the IT team is far more efficiently employed and feel more professionally engaged.

This Virtual Workforce is, of course, available 24/7. They don’t make mistakes. They don’t deviate from the defined process. They never have a bad day. They work at machine speeds. And at busy times, in an instant more of them can be called upon to step in and take up the load.

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They are simple to deploy – often in areas where automation was previously considered to be unviable, and they are easy to manage with a significantly lower level of investment. And above all, you can rest assured that the jobs are getting done – on time, consistently and accurately.

Robotic Process Automation Case Study

Sector: Information Technology

Challenge – A market leading managed service provider was faced with the
challenge of a new client needing a niche skilled support solution for its systems and applications. The complex management requirements for the new client’s systems left the IT provider with the prospect of having to employ expensive experts to run a 24/7 service operation.

Robotic Process Automation Case Study Outcome

Virtual Workers were deployed to manage and automate the various complex, low volume system administration tasks around IT applications and infrastructure, including validation, regular testing, diagnostics and fault remediation.

This replaced the need to recruit further highly trained staff to perform these tasks. The quality of the service delivered by the provider has improved vastly, with previously time consuming, yet critical activities now being executed more regularly, ultimately offering speedy system support.

The solution not only delivered a better service, but also produced an estimated saving of £250K in staff costs compared to the use of offshore resources, or £500K compared to locally employed staff.

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REDUCTION – 3 fewer FTEs per Virtual Worker

PRODUCTIVITY SAVING – > £250K annually

24/7 – Service operations

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