What is Amazon Redshift?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Amazon Redshift is a fast and scalable data warehouse as a service from the cloud, designed for large data volumes up to the petabyte range. The typical administration tasks of the Data Warehouse are automated by the Amazon vendor. Business intelligence tools and SQL clients can connect to Amazon Redshift.

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What is Amazon Machine Learning?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Amazon Machine Learning is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and enables machine learning on an infrastructure provided in the cloud. With Amazon Machine Learning, you can find large-scale patterns, derive machine-learning models, and generate forecasts.

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What Is Amazon Kinesis Data Streams?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Amazon Kinesis is an Amazon Web Services service that lets you capture, process, and analyze streaming data in real time. Recordable data includes video and audio data, IoT device telemetry data, or application data.

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Amazon Web Services Cheat Sheet

Amazon Web Services Cheat Sheet – AWS Services and Products. Hey, have you heard about these new AWS services: ContainerCache, ElastiCast and QR72?

Of course you are but I just made them up. To avoid falling into such situations, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the cheat sheet on Amazon Web Services from Coding compiler. Let’s dive into the world of AWS.

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