What is BLOB – Binary Large Object Storage

A BLOB (Binary Large Object) is a large binary data object that is usually processed and stored by databases in a special way. Typical BLOBs are files, such as video, audio, or image files.

The abbreviation BLOB stands for Binary Large Object and describes a large file that is in binary form and should be stored in a database. It may be, for example, video, audio or image and graphics files.

Special procedures and data types are necessary for storing and processing such large files in databases. On the one hand, this is due to the size of the files and, on the other hand, to the structure of the contents of the BLOBs, which is not readable by the database systems.

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What is Big Data and BigTable

What is Big Data – The Big data is nothing but a databank available on the Internet and in the enterprise. Big data is getting bigger, more confusing and difficult to process. More and more technologically sophisticated tools and programs are designed to tame the flood of data.

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Artificial Intelligence Vs Augmented Intelligence

Welcome to Codingcompiler. The goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only to simulate but also to complement human thinking. Meanwhile, the AI ​​is used in the economy many times.

Augmented Intelligence extends and supports human intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence. Computer-provided results and data analysis enable faster and more accurate human decisions. The artificial intelligence evaluates large amounts of data and provides people with decision-making.

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What is Amazon Redshift?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Amazon Redshift is a fast and scalable data warehouse as a service from the cloud, designed for large data volumes up to the petabyte range. The typical administration tasks of the Data Warehouse are automated by the Amazon vendor. Business intelligence tools and SQL clients can connect to Amazon Redshift.

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What is Amazon Machine Learning?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Amazon Machine Learning is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and enables machine learning on an infrastructure provided in the cloud. With Amazon Machine Learning, you can find large-scale patterns, derive machine-learning models, and generate forecasts.

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What Is Amazon Kinesis Data Streams?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. Amazon Kinesis is an Amazon Web Services service that lets you capture, process, and analyze streaming data in real time. Recordable data includes video and audio data, IoT device telemetry data, or application data.

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What is ACID Database?

Welcome to Codingcompiler. What is ACID? The term ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) describes rules and properties for carrying out transactions in database management systems (DBMS). If the transaction complies with the ACID principle, the information in the database systems is considered reliable and consistent.

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The Big Data Phenomenon – Everything You Should Know.!

The Big Data Phenomenon – Everything You Should Know.! The quantitative explosion of digital data has forced researchers to find new ways of seeing and analyzing the world. It’s about discovering new orders of magnitude for capturing, searching, sharing, storing, analyzing and presenting data. So was born the ”  Big Data  “.  Read the comprehensive article on Big Data from Coding compiler.

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What is Big Data? – A Comprehensive Guide on Big Data

What is Big Data? – A Comprehensive Guide on Big Data. Here Coding compiler sharing a complete beginners guide to big data. If you are new to big data then you must read this article to get familiar with big data analytics. Let’s start learning about big data. Happy learning.

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