What is a Convolutional Neural Network?

What is a Convolutional Neural Network from Coding compiler. The Convolutional Neural Network is a special form of the artificial neural network. It has multiple convolutional layers and is well suited for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in the field of image and speech recognition.

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What is Cognitive Computing?

What is Cognitive Computing from Coding compiler. Cognitive computing uses artificial intelligence technologies to simulate human thought processes. The goal is to develop own solutions and strategies based on experience. The systems interact in real time with their environment and process large amounts of data.

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Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain – The perfect match from Codingcompiler. Artificial intelligence and blockchain are among the most progressive technologies that promise to radically change the life of society. What are the prospects for the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain?  A pair of “blockchain – artificial intelligence” is able to provide fundamental changes in all aspects of society, promising the growth of the global economy, despite the fact that they have a long way to go.

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Artificial Intelligence Vs Augmented Intelligence

Welcome to Codingcompiler. The goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only to simulate but also to complement human thinking. Meanwhile, the AI ​​is used in the economy many times.

Augmented Intelligence extends and supports human intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence. Computer-provided results and data analysis enable faster and more accurate human decisions. The artificial intelligence evaluates large amounts of data and provides people with decision-making.

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Artificial Intelligence Trends Forecast For 2019 And Beyond

Artificial Intelligence Trends Forecast For 2019 And Beyond from Coding compiler. If the historical progress of mankind taught us anything, it is that the real staged progress is not from a single technological breakthrough, but by the various factors of the same period.

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