Top 5 Most Popular Programming Languages To Learn


What are the top programming languages ​​to learn to code in this year? As a novice programmer, you naturally want to get started with the ‘right’ programming language. In this article, we discuss the most popular programming languages ​​of the moment you should learn. Different programming languages ​​serve different purposes and domains. First, consider what kind of programs you … Read more

The Set Interface in Java

The Set Interface in Java

The Set interface contains only methods inherited from Collection and adds the restriction that duplicate elements are prohibited. Initialization A Set is a Collection that cannot contain duplicate elements. It models the mathematical set abstraction. Set have its implementation in various classes like HashSet, TreeSet, LinkedHashSet. For example: HashSet: Set set = new HashSet(); Here … Read more

Java 11 New Features At A Glance

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The Java 11 New Features at a Glance from Coding compiler – After Java 10, the first “normal” release after the new release cycle, was released on time, the first version with long-term support is now available with Java 11.

Due to the new semi-annual release cycle since Java 9 (September 2017), as an interested Java developer you can not look as fast as the next major version of the most widely used programming language has already been published.

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Java Performance Tuning Tips For Programmers

Java Programming Tutorials

Java Performance Tuning Tips For Programmers 2018. Want to make your project always high-performance operation? Here Coding compiler sharing some tips you can take to eliminate cache bottlenecks, as well as some other performance tuning suggestions. All the best and happy learning. Java Performance Tuning Most developers think that performance optimization is a complex topic that requires … Read more