ServiceNow Interview Questions And Answers

ServiceNow Interview Questions And Answers. If you are looking for ServiceNow Interview Questions, here is the comprehensive list from basic to most advanced servicenow admin interview questions for 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+ years of experienced professionals. These servicenow developer interview questions will help you to crack your servicenow job interview.

ServiceNow Interview Questions

What is ServiceNow?

What is Integration?

What is Service Portal?

What is the latest servicenow user interface and when it was released?

What is full form of CMDB ?

What is CMDB Baseline ?

How to enable or disable an application ?

What is a view ?

What is ACL?

What do you mean by impersonating a user? How it is useful?

Which is the Parent table for incident,change and problem ?

What is a record producer ?

What is dictionary override?

What do you mean by coalesce?

What is an UI policy?

What is a data policy?

ServiceNow Interview Questions And Answers

Q) What provides a guide for moving data from import sets?
A) Transfrom map
Q) How do you change the sort sequence of fields or task?
A) Modify the order field
Q) Tables and Fields can be viewed and manipulated where?
A) Record List

Tables and Columns

Q) What is the sequencing of publishing a Knowledge Article?
A) Draft


Q) What are the 3 basic components of Workflow?
A) Approvals


Q) How do you modify or create workflow?
A) Utilize the Graphical Workflow Editor
Q) Where do you go in ServiceNow to change the banner and colors?
A) System Properties, then CSS Properties
Q) To access the control list you have to have which access?
A) Security_Admin
Q) What are the 3 basic components of workflow?
A) Approvals


Q) Where do you go to delete tables?
A) Tables and Columns

Choose “delete” and type the word “delete”

Q) What is a row?
A) A record is a row
Q) What is a column?
A) A field is a column
Q) What do incident, problem and change have in common?
A) They save to the task table

ServiceNow Admin Interview Questions

 Q) If importing data, how do you keep from importing duplicates?
A) Utilize the Coalace field to state which field is the unique key
Q) What controls what data users can access ?
A) ACL-Access Control List

ACLS is a rule that will match the object (Field or Table) and which permissions are required to access the object

Q) Where do you go to add/modify a service catalog item?
A) Service Catalog>Maintain Item
Q) What provides a guide for moving data from Import Sets?
A) Transform Map
Q) What is stored in a table?
A) Ddata
Q) How are users related to roles or groups?
A) 1 to many relationships
Q) What are update sets?
A) Groups of customizations that can be moved from one instance to another

(Homepages are not added by default, data does not get added to update sets, scheduled jobs are not added to update sets)

Q) What is a CI?
A) A CI is tangible and intangible
Q) What is BSM?
A) Business Service Management BSM map graphically displays the configuration items, CI, that support a business service.
Q) What is a tool that will autopopulate the CMDB about your windows computer?
A) Help the Helpdesk
Q) What is a record producer?
A) A specific type of catalog item that allows end users to create task based records such as incident from the service catalog
Q) Does ESS have a role?
A) ESS does not have a role
Q) When you open a service catalog and click the Order button what gets created?
Q) What is a select box, single line text, reference, check box, multiple choice?
A) variable

ServiceNow Developer Interview Questions

Q) What is a variable set?
A) Unit of variables that can be shared between catalog items
Q) What are the workflow stages?
A) Waiting for approval>fulfillment>delivery>completed
Q) What are the workflow activities?
A) approvals,conditions, notifications, task, timers, utilities
Q) If a request is rejected what happens?
A) Notification is sent and sets the status to canceled
service catalog workflow can be attached in 3 ways:
manually on the catalog item form
automatically based on conditions
automatically if no other workflows attached
Q) SLAs include actions that can be triggered when during the lifecycle?
A) Anytime
Q) What is the difference between SLA, OLA, and Underpinning Contracts?
A) Type Field
Q) Which workflow is designed to be used over and over again?
A) Default SLA Workflow
Q) Retroactive start when activated does what?
A) Sets start to equal when the ticket was created
Q) What are the steps in a SLA?
A) start


Q) What is ran on the client side and what is ran on the server side?
A) UI Policy/Client Script is Client Side and Business Rule/Data Policy is Server Side
Q) How can you set a read-only field?
A) UI Policy
Q) What controls enable admins to set mandatory and read only states for fields and can be used to enforce data consistence across applications?
A) Data policy
Q) What is a business rule?
A) A piece of JavaScript configured to run when a record is displayed, inserted, updated, deleted or when a table is queried. It can be set to run before or after the database action has occurred.
Q) What are update sets?
A) Customizations that can be moved from 1 instance to another
Q) How do you limit file attachments?
A) Security>System Security
Q) What is a security rule at the row and column level that is executed when attempting to access a ServiceNow table?
A) ACL-Access Control List
Q) What has conditions,scripts and roles and can limit security?
A) ACL-Access Control List
Q) What is the Duration of the elevated role?
A) Current Session

ServiceNow Interview Questions For Experienced

Q) When is a notification sent out?
A) When an event has been fired
Q) What is the notification flow and how can a notification be sent out?
A) Script, Business Rule, Workflow can all send out notifications
Q) Can a user open an Incident by email, if so what is utilized?
A) Inbound Email Action
Q) Where can you view information about system activity?
A) System logs
Q) If the system is going to be upgraded,what will be exempt from the upgrade?
A) Any record that has been altered from the base state by the customer
Q) What module tracks all upgrades made to the system?
A) System Diagnostics>Upgrade History
Q) What does SaaS stand for?
A) Software as a service
Q) Where does the home icon take you and what does the icon look like?
A) Takes you to the Homepage and the icon looks like a little home
Q) What can you do if the Homepage is slow?
 A) Remove some gauges or change the refresh rate
Q) My manager is going to be out of town and needs to have the supervisor approve while he/she is out of town, what would he/she utilize in ServiceNow?
A) Delegate-Delegation is the ability to designate other users to receive and interact with approvals and task assigned to you

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