SSIS Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced

SSIS Interview Questions And Answers. If you are looking for SQL Server Integration Services Interview Questions, here is the comprehensive list from basic to most advanced SSIS interview questions for 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+ years of SSIS experienced professionals.

When attending interviews for experienced roles, you should know practical SSIS interview questions, and real-time SSIS scenario based interview questions. These SSIS interview questions for experienced will help you to crack your SSIS job interview.

SSIS Interview Questions

These are the basic interview questions on SSISSQL Server Integration Services. Go through this below list of beginner SSIS interview questions.

  1. Explain what is SSIS?
  2. Mention what are the important components of SSIS package?
  3. Explain what is Solution Explorer in SSIS?
  4. Explain what does it mean by data flow in SSIS?
  5. Define what is “task” in SSIS?

SSIS Package Interview Questions

  1. Explain what is SSIS package?
  2. List out different types of connection or files that support SSIS?
  3. Explain what is a container? How many types of containers are there in SSIS?
  4. Explain what is Precedence Constraint in SSIS?
  5. Explain what variables in SSIS and what are the types of variables in SSIS?

SSIS Checkpoint Interview Questions

  1. Explain what is a checkpoint in SSIS?
  2. Explain what is connection managers in SSIS?
  3. Explain what is SSIS breakpoint?
  4. Explain what is event logging in SSIS?
  5. Explain what is logging mode property?
  6. Explain what is a data flow buffer?

SSIS Split Interview Questions

  1. For what data checkpoint data is not saved?
  2. Explain what is conditional split transactions in SSIS?
  3. List out the different types of Data viewers in SSIS?
  4. Mention what are the possible locations to save SSIS package?
  5. What will be your first approach if the package that runs fine in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) but fails when running from an SQL agent job?

SSIS Event Handler Interview Questions

  1. Explain what is the role of Event Handlers tab in SSIS?
  2. Explain how you can notify the staff members about package failure?
  3. Explain how would you do logging in SSIS?
  4. Mention how would you deploy a SSIS package on production?
  5. Explain how to handle Early Arriving Facts or Late Arriving Dimension?
  6. Explain how can you do an incremental load?

SSIS Interview Questions For Experienced

  1. How do I sort packages in Solution Explorer?
  2. How do I check to see if a record exists in my destination and update it, and if it doesn’t exist, insert it?
  3. Why are my mapped drives not working?
  4. Why is my SQL Server Destination component not working?
  5. Why is my Excel interop failing intermittently in my Script Task?
  6. How do I set a flat file name for flat file connection manager dynamically?
  7. How do I use dynamic T-SQL in Lookup?
  8. How do I use lookup transformation to load data incrementally?
  9. How do I perform data type conversions in SSIS?
  10. How do I create a folder for SSIS package in MSDB with T-SQL?

SSIS Practical Interview Questions

  1. How do I resolve the error “Connection is busy with results for another command”?
  2. How do I programmatically create a Transfer SQL Server Objects task?
  3. How do I execute a stored procedure with a return value and an output parameter in an Execute SQL Task?
  4. How do I use the Fuzzy Grouping transformation?
  5. How do I use Integration Services to achieve Push-mode processing for Analysis Services?
  6. How do read data from Excel 2007 with Integration Services 2005?
  7. How do I upgrade my DTS packages to SSIS 2008 packages?
  8. How do I troubleshoot SSIS packages failed execution in a SQL Agent job?
  9. How do I track the error message when my SSIS package failed execution?
  10. How do I troubleshoot a connection error regarding DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER ?

SSIS Scenario Based Interview Questions

  1. How do I troubleshoot SSIS package hanged for running?
  2. How do I use SSIS to completely transfer my database including logins, users, and permissions from one server to another server?
  3. How do I record log information in Script Component?
  4. How do I create and deploy a SSIS custom task?
  5. How do I improve package loading performance in BIDS when I open a package which is imported from another place?

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