53 Accenture Java Interview Questions

Accenture Java Interview Questions. The coding compiler sharing a list of 53 real-time java interview questions for experienced. These java questions will help you to prepare for the Accenture job interview.

Accenture Java Interview Questions

Go through these below Accenture java interview questions.

  • Describe A Problem You Faced And How You Deal With It ?
  • How To Read And Write Image From A File ?
  • How Concurrenthashmap Works?
  • Can A Static Block Throw Exception?
  • What Is Difference Between Iterator Access And Index Access?
  • What Is Java Reflection Api?
  • What Is The Difference Between Serializable And Externalizable Interfaces?
  1. What Is An Abstract Method?
  2. What Value Does Read() Return When It Has Reached The End Of A File?
  3. Can A Byte Object Be Cast To A Double Value?
  4. What Is The Difference Between A Static And A Non-static Inner Class?
  5. What Is An Object’s Lock And Which Object’s Have Locks?
  6. What Is The % Operator?
  7. When Can An Object Reference Be Cast To An Interface Reference?
  8. Which Class Is Extended By All Other Classes?
  9. Which Non-unicode Letter Characters May Be Used As The First Character Of An Identifier?

Accenture Java Interview Questions for Experienced

What Restrictions Are Placed On Method Overloading?
What Is Transient Variable?
What Is Collection Api?
What Is Casting?
What Is The Return Type Of A Program’s Main() Method?
If A Variable Is Declared As Private, Where May The Variable Be Accessed?
What Do You Understand By Private, Protected And Public?
What Is Downcasting ?

What Modifiers May Be Used With An Inner Class That Is A Member Of An Outer Class?
How Many Bits Are Used To Represent Unicode, Ascii, Utf-16, And Utf-8 Characters?
What Restrictions Are Placed On The Location Of A Package Statement Within A Source Code File?
What Is Assembly Condition Codes?
What Is Data Movement?
What Are Kinds Of Processors?
What Are Assembly Attributes?
What Are The Types Of Assemblies?
Explain An Intermediate Language?
What Is Assembly Language?

Accenture Real-Time Interview Questions

What Are The Advantages Of Assembly Language?
What Are The Basic Features Of Pc Hardware?
What Is Binary Number System?
What Is Hexadecimal Number System?
What Is Local Environment Setup?
How To Installing Nasm?
What Are The Assembly Program Sections?
What Is The Data Section?
What Is The Bss Section?
What Is The Text Section?

What Are The Assembly Language Statements?
What Is The Syntax Of Assembly Language Statements?
What Are Memory Segments?
What Are The Processor Registers?
What Linux System Calls?
What Are The Basic Modes Of Addressing?
What Is The Equ Directive?

Which Location Do You Want To Work In And Why?


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