15 Most Popular UI Design Trends 2020

15 Most Popular UI Design Trends 2019 from Codingcompiler. The design of mobile applications has now turned into a separate industrial field which is currently worth millions of dollars. You could say that the design of mobile applications has now become an important aspect in the world of applications.

Basically the User Interface (UI) and mobile application design are exactly what users will see when they will use the mobile / web application for the first time. Application developers and application owners are at high risk of losing application users if they don’t like the application user interface at first glance.

This is another reason why UI is very important because it is directly connected with the fact that users can delete applications only by assessing UI and application design. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best and most popular UI design trends in 2019.

15 Best UI Design Trends 2019

15 best and most popular UI design trends to follow in 2019.

  1. Frameless Background

  2. Gradient

  3. Interface Illustration

  4. 3D Graphics

  5. Color Contrast

  6. Typography

  7. Large Picture

  8. Minimalism

  9. Application Gesticulation

  10. Full Screen Experience

  11. Augmented Reality

  12. Biometric Authorization

  13. Cards

  14. Emoticons

  15. Animation

15 Most Popular UI Design Trends in 2019

1. Frameless Background

user interface design

Image Credit: Nathan Riley

One of the most popular UI design trends for 2019 is the use of frameless background images. In other words, developers can choose a full screen image without a frame as a background image. Compared to cellular applications, this technique is very popular for web pages.

Apart from this, there are various visual content such as abstract graphic compositions, flat & semi-flat illustrations, basic photos, three-dimensional rendering etc. Basically, this is a technique for changing web pages in a manner similar to posters that also allows background images to be an integral part of the overall theme of the website.

2. Gradient


By 2019, UI designs such as gradients are expected to make a big comeback to take on a higher user interface design trend, namely from a complete flat design interface to a semi-flat design interface. Gradient design also provides space for creative color experiments on the layout of mobile applications, in an effort to make it vibrant and interesting.

But to maximize gradients, UI designers must also have good knowledge of color theory and many other artistic skills. This is because making gradients is almost a design challenge that includes high risk of making the screen unattractive with a choice of poor color combinations.

3. Interface Illustration

UI application design

Image Credit: Anton Tkachev

The interface illustration is basically a graph created specifically for the web and cellular interfaces to display various diversity of UI application designs. Last year, this kind of visual application design occupied the highest ranking trend.

With illustrated interfaces, mobile app designers have the ability to create beautiful artwork that is also a proven way to attract users’ attention to your website and cellphone application.

4. 3D Graphics

UI design trends

Image Credit: Jet Style

3D graphics or three-dimensional graphics are one of the most popular and essential UI design trends that come with a variety of visual content. In terms of 3D graphics, designers need different skills that often include training in certain software.

In this UI design trend, you will also see that most three-dimensional images are inspired by real-world objects. That is why the application and design of this webpage is so successful in developing an emotional connection with users which further helps in providing a better user experience.

5. Color Contrast

UI Design Trends

Image Credit: Awwwards

Color contrast is yet another attractive user interface design trend where everything revolves around the perspective of color differences. A contrast has now turned into an effective way to allow expression levels in the UI display with the help of color. One of the main approaches to color contrast integration is a separate screen design.

This technique is quite useful in separating various interactive zones with the help of duality options provided in color contrast.

6. Typography

cellular UI design

Image Credit: Japanese GQ

At present, cellular UI design seems incomplete without adding some bold typography because it is a key factor that also contributes to attracting the attention of users. Typographic trends require creative experiments from a mixture of elegant fonts with interesting taglines.

For example, text content that is visually integrated into creative images, adding elements of animated typography, and using interfaces based on typography as the core visual elements of UI design.

7. Large Picture

UI Design Trends

Image Credit: MUZLI

The bigger picture in the design of the user interface is another trend that will boom in 2019. This is a web UI design for web-based pages also known as Hero Images. These images are also said to be the first design element that will attract the user’s attention in the early moments of user interaction.

Hero Images are high-quality illustrations, photos and graphic compositions that are abstract and can be easily linked to the theme of the content of web pages. In addition, these images cover most of the screen, 25 to 50 percent of the total dimensions.

Top 15 UI Design Trends 2019

8. Minimalism

Minimalism. Photo: Behance

Cellular UI design cannot be labeled as the latest UI trend because it has become a popular trend in 2018 too, but in 2019 people still don’t understand the design of the user interface . When it comes to minimalism and simplification, users tend to like it more because adding some design elements in the application might confuse them.

The minimalist design approach makes the entire  user experience  (UX) simpler and easier. The other main plus point here is that this applies to a large number of colors. For example, one common strategy today is to choose one color along with a variety of colors from a particular color.

9.  Application Gesticulation

Gesticulation in the Application. Photo: medium.com

Gesticulation in the application or in-gesticulation app is a smart way to improve your user interface with the help of the latest technology. A few years ago, the whole concept of sensory smartphone operation seemed unusual to people and now application users expect all their mobile applications to have such built-in functions. Gesticuulation in applications is one of the user interface design trends  that must be owned for 2019.

10.  Full Screen Experience

Full Screen Experience. Photo: NVE Media

In part 1, we discuss frameless images. At present frameless designs are becoming a trend. More and more new devices have it. With more screen space, users hope to use it fully. Along with full screen experience, the quality of assets will make a big impact on user expectations about the application.

This is why more and more Androids, as well as iOS devices, work hard to provide a full screen experience along with high-quality features to surpass user expectations without pixelation.

11. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality. Photo: Search Engine Land

This is a completely new field that promises us to completely change the way we see and use our devices. Our smartphone can be a lens for the virtual world. AR lenses can be integrated into messaging applications that create a more attractive user experience, and games such as Pokemon Go.

Besides being fun, AR can solve real life problems. The easiest example is measuring real-world objects without using traditional measurement bands.

Before you start designing and developing ARmu applications, see the augmented reality framework released by Apple, ARKit and Google, ARCore, to help create an innovative AR mobile application with easier and faster speeds.

12.  Biometric Authorization

Biometric Authorization. Photo: Youtube

Biometric or  Biometrical Authorization Authorization  is also an important cellular UI design trend with options such as Touch ID , Voice Identification,  Face ID etc. These features are very useful for protecting a user’s personal information while making a bypass for traditional login authentication methods. These features also act as safe and time-consuming login procedures.

13.  Cards

Card. Photo: Wertopic

Cards  also play an important role in managing data in web and cellular based applications. Because they can consist of all media such as video, visual, text, links related to the object specified and more. On the other hand, cards are one of the best UI design trends that will focus on displaying large amounts of content on the screen at one time. Along with this, they look aesthetically pleasing and are highly optimized for fast beats on the screen.

14.  Emoticons

Emoticons. Photo: Dribbble

2019 will be a year where emotional intelligence will be adopted by most mobile application designers and it will be far greater than just adding animation effects in the application. Last year, Animoji was released on the iPhone X device   which has shown the trend of this innovative user interface .

15. Animation

Animation. Photo: Twitter

The main goal here is to make mobile app users like this application for a long time. For that, you can use multiple interactions and animations in the form of fonts, icons, buttons, and even photos. This approach can be continued with functional animations that allow users of your application to use the application in more depth. Functional animation also allows users to understand the application in detail which can then direct them through the journey of the design of the animated scene that you created.

The trend of interface design  has always been an interesting topic when application designers learn more about what’s new in the field  of mobile application design. That’s the 15 best and most popular UI design trends in 2019. We hope that with the help of this article, you will be able to gain valuable insights on various types of user interface  design trends for web pages and mobile applications.

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