20 Best User Interface Design Tools 2019

20 Best User Interface Design Tools 2019. Now we can design with many tools that can fulfill almost every process and fulfill your creative requirements. There are many solutions out there for everyone and the possibilities are extraordinary. This is a good time for you to explore new tools and see what’s available to design and showcase your project.

The biggest challenge is which tools should you use? Over the past few years, the combination of Sketch and InVision has become a popular choice for designers, but other tools also offer competitive features and options. There has never been a better choice of prototyping and wireframe tools out there, so we think this is a good time to take a closer look.

Want to make the perfect user interface  ? Here are the 20 Best UI Design Tools 2019 summarized by Codingcompiler.com .

20 Best User Interface (UI) Design Tools 2019

Wireframing Design Tools

1.  MockFlow


MockFlow lets you build basic layouts quickly

The first best UI design tools, namely MockFlow. MockFlow is a series of applications that is very helpful for a number of tasks in a typical project process. The WireframePro application  is a good alternative prototyping tool for you to use, especially if you are testing several new ideas.

If you only need to make wireframes, then you can use MockFlow. Mockflow is great for working on initial ideas and allows you to build  basic layouts quickly.

2.  Balsamiq


The drag-and-drop element on Balsamiq makes work easier

If fast wireframing is what you are looking for, then Balsamiq is the right advice. You can easily develop the structure and layout for your project easily. Drag-and-drop elements  can make work easier and can link buttons to other pages. This means you can quickly start planning your user interface and then share it with your team or client .

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3.  Axure


Axure is a great tool for more complex projects

Axure has always been one of the best tapping tools on the market and is great for projects that are more complex and require dynamic data. With Axure, you can really focus on making projects that are more technical and require extra attention when entering into a structure and data.

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4.  Adobe Comp

If you want to draw frames on a trip, Comp is a must

Adobe Comp is the right choice for those who make a concept while traveling. Do you have a tablet with a smart pencil? Adobe Comp is  worth downloading if suddenly inspiration develops a new concept for layouts when you are away from your workspace.

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UI Design and Prototyping Tools

5.  Sketch

Sketch is a practical choice for many designers

Sketch is a very popular tool in the design community where you can make user interfaces  and hi-fi prototypes. One of the great features is Symbols.  You can design assets and UI elements for reuse. This helps create a design system and keeps your interfaces more consistent.

From there, you can easily export your design to a clickable prototype. If you are an InVision user, make sure you check the Craft plugin.

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Best Design Tools for UI Developers 2019

6.  InVision Studio

With InVision Studio you can create responsive designs on one artboard

The dreams of many UI designers will come true with InVision Studio. Still in its initial release, this tool will help you create  beautiful interactive interfaces with many features. You can create animations and special transitions from a number of movements and interactions.

In addition, you can stop thinking about making lots of artboards for multiple devices because responsive design can be achieved in just one artboard. This certainly saves a lot of time, so you can think of more ideas.

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7.  Proto.io

Proto.io can take you from rough sketches to prototypes like the original

Proto.io is a remarkable competitor for making living prototypes, such as from rough ideas to fully mature designs. This tool also provides many possibilities for your project, including detailed animations and custom vector animations too. You can start by developing initial ideas in a hand-drawn style, then process them into wireframes and finish them with a high-fidelity prototype .

Sketch and Photoshop plugins are very helpful if you want to design using other tools, but do handle the end-to-end  design process well. Other features such as user testing will also help validate your design. Proto.io is the all-in-one solution, and a large number of  trusted brands  have used it.

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8.  Adobe XD

XD is a good choice if you are locked in the Adobe workflow

Adobe XD offers the best environment for digital projects under a collection of Adobe Creative Cloud design tools.

If you are a sharp Adobe user and are new to XD, you might not find an  interface that is very similar to Adobe. This is a leap if you have been designing in Photoshop for a while.

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9.  Marvel

Creating pages with Marvel is very easy

Marvel is another prototyping tool that is the right choice when used to generate quick ideas and perfect interfaces . Like many other applications of this type, Marvel offers a way to build pages that are very neat and allow you to simulate the designs you make through a prototype.

There are some great integrations with Marvel, which means you can enter designs that have been made into your project workflow.

10.  Figma

Figma allows you to create and design  interfaces quickly. The Figma platform is proud to be a collaborative design tool where many users can work simultaneously on a project – this is very effective when you have multiple stakeholders in a project involved in shaping results.

This is the ideal type of tool if you have a direct project where developers, copywriters, and designers need to do something at the same time.

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Top 20 UI Design Tools 2019

11.  Framer X

If you use React, then Framer X works brilliantly beside it

Framer X is a really interesting new design tool that is certainly worth considering by experienced UI designers. Prototyping and making interactions become very easy. If you are a big fan of React, then you can design and synchronize the code. Aside from being a great tool, there is a strong community of designers behind Framer X that offers UI assets and equipment.

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12.  Flinto

Flinto is a nice and simple design tool that allows you to create unique interactions in your design. You  can take advantage of a number of movements and make easy transitions by designing conditions before and after.

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13.  Principle

The principle is perfect for building animated interactions that look great

Interaction design is the Principles superiority, especially in terms of cellular applications. The principle can be used to design animated and interactive user interfaces  . Whether it’s a multi-screen application design, or new interactions and animations, the Principle will help you create a design that looks amazing.

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14.  Atomic

Atomic is an interactive design tool, which distinguishes it from the others is the ability to create form elements that you can type. There is also a useful feature that allows you to import data and fill designs. This tool really can save you time because of its efficiency.

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15.  UXPin

For large projects and design systems. UXPin is the best solution

Described as an ‘end-to-end’ UX platform, UXPin is basically another design tool, but with a strong ability to create a design system. UXPin serves a larger design team that needs to work with the same style and guidelines, saving time for product development collaboration.

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20 Best User Interface Design Tools 2019

16.  ProtoPie

This tool allows you to make complex interactions. Perhaps the most prominent feature in ProtoPie is the ability to control smart device sensors in your prototype, such as slope, sound, compass and 3D Touch sensors. Depending on your project, ProtoPie is a great tool to include original application features. This will really make it easier for you because without the need for code .

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17.  Justinmind

Justinmind is well integrated with Photoshop and Sketch

Justinmind is useful for prototyping and integrating with other tools such as Sketch and Photoshop. You  can choose your interactions and movements to help unite your prototype. This tool also contains a UI kit, which allows to quickly unite the screen.

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18.  Origami Studio

Origami is packed with useful features such as custom rules and logic for interaction

Since Origami Studio is built and used by designers on Facebook, you might consider this to be a great tool. And you are right. There are a large number of features at Origami, including adding rules and logic to your interactions.

How many times do you want a button to appear or behave differently because of something else? There is a feature for creating a true-to-form prototype with Origami, but it is very technical and requires some learning. This tool is perfect for developers and designers who work together.

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19.  Fluid

Fluid is nice and intuitive, and is equipped with some excellent UI assets

Fluid is an intuitive tool for building rapid prototypes and working on designs. Fluid packs some good assets that are different from the others to make you work with fast prototypes and, after upgrading, it’s easy to assemble your own symbols with your chosen UI assets.

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20.  Zeplin

Zeplin is not always a prototyping tool, but it is very suitable in the prototyping post-design and pre-development stages. Zeplin  allows you to take your design and prototype, submit it to the developer and ensure that your ideas are executed properly.

You can upload Sketch, Photoshop, XD and Figma files to Zeplin and that will create an environment for developers and designers to submit projects.

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