Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Blockchain Guide

Cryptocurrency Guide –  Everything You Need To Know About  Bitcoin, Blockchain from Coding compiler. Even people not connected with the financial sector or the IT industry have often heard about Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain. Since its introduction in 2009, Bitcon, as a peer to peer payment system, has increasingly attracted attention and conquered new users. Moreover, the leading international financial institutions speak of new opportunities for the use of blockchains, and the need to regulate relations related to cryptocurrency. It is worth noting that a consortium has also been established in Russia under the leadership of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation dealing with this subject matter.

Using blockchains as the main concept of bitcoins, experts are called as very promising. However, as with any technology, bitcoins have a reverse side of the coin, which attackers can use for personal gain. These are primarily issues related to the trafficking of illegal content, uncontrolled financial transactions, as well as ensuring the confidentiality of subjects and the security of translations.

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The Best Low-code Platform Solutions

The best 22 low-code platform solutions for programmers from Coding compiler. When it comes to low-code development, software developers have the wrong idea about them. Due to low-code visualization, drag-and-drop programming methods, it is often associated with business users or citizen developers.

This reputation has led many developers to wonder if it will be introduced into the workflow, but as companies accelerate their digital transformation, they may have no choice. According to relevant data, low-code platforms are rapidly becoming the standard for many organizations. This article will recommend 22 low-code solutions, can they make programmers and developers more efficient?

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Artificial Intelligence And The Blockchain

Artificial Intelligence and the blockchain – The perfect match from Codingcompiler. Artificial intelligence and blockchain are among the most progressive technologies that promise to radically change the life of society. What are the prospects for the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain?  A pair of “blockchain – artificial intelligence” is able to provide fundamental changes in all aspects of society, promising the growth of the global economy, despite the fact that they have a long way to go.

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Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence from Coding compiler. Machine learning is one of the industry trends of these years, there is no doubt. Or was it deep learning? Or Artificial Intelligence? What is the difference?

Deep learning is considered as a sub-field of machine learning , which in turn is a branch of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence). Machine learning includes all (sometimes very different) methods of classification or regression that the machine itself learns through human-led training. In addition, machine learning also includes unsupervised methods for data mining in particularly large and diverse amounts of data.

Deep learning is a sub-type of machine learning and does basically nothing else: it’s about trained classification or regression. Less commonly, deep learning algorithms are also used as an unsupervised learning mechanism for learning pattern noise (data mining). Deep learning refers to the use of artificial neural networks, which are often superior to other methods of machine learning and have other advantages and disadvantages.

This is article is the first article series “Getting Started in Deep Learning“.

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21 Free Resources For Designers 2019

21 Best Free Resources For Graphic Designers 2019 from Coding compiler. Creating a website or product with a good design is usually not cheap. You know that you want to create a design that will look good, but how can this be done if the budget is limited? While there is no alternative to hiring a cool designer, there are ways to create something worthwhile and at the same time save money on trifles – for example, pick up free fonts, icons, photos, and adjust the color scheme. This post contains 21 of our favorite free design resources. They will help to make your next project visually bright, useful for both novice and professional.

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The 50 Best Free Modern Fonts Download 2019

The 50 Best Free Modern Fonts Download 2019 from Coding compiler. If you are looking for a gorgeous and stylish font, take a look at this modern selection of 50 free fonts for designers. This review is full of elegant, stylish and versatile fonts. It is ideal for all types of modern design, from websites to printed materials.

We also want to make sure you understand what “free” really means when it comes to fonts and typography. Font designers sometimes offer their fonts for free for personal and commercial use. Some offer them free for personal use only, while others offer only a demo version, and the full version is available after purchasing a license. Therefore, be sure to review the details before using the fonts below in your projects.

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Best Design Tools For UI/UX Designers 2019

175+ Best Design Tools For UI/UX Designers 2019 from Coding compiler. A comprehensive collection of the best design tools for all purposes like tools for color matching, fonts, illustrations, wireframes, user flows, creating and testing design. You don’t need any other resource to find the tools for your design purposes, bookmark it come back and check the list of tools for your desired activity. We hope that you will enjoy reading this article. Let’s start knowing about best tools for UI/UX designers in 2019.

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What is BLOB – Binary Large Object Storage

A BLOB (Binary Large Object) is a large binary data object that is usually processed and stored by databases in a special way. Typical BLOBs are files, such as video, audio, or image files.

The abbreviation BLOB stands for Binary Large Object and describes a large file that is in binary form and should be stored in a database. It may be, for example, video, audio or image and graphics files.

Special procedures and data types are necessary for storing and processing such large files in databases. On the one hand, this is due to the size of the files and, on the other hand, to the structure of the contents of the BLOBs, which is not readable by the database systems.

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What is Big Data and BigTable

What is Big Data – The Big data is nothing but a databank available on the Internet and in the enterprise. Big data is getting bigger, more confusing and difficult to process. More and more technologically sophisticated tools and programs are designed to tame the flood of data.

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Artificial Intelligence Vs Augmented Intelligence

Welcome to Codingcompiler. The goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only to simulate but also to complement human thinking. Meanwhile, the AI ​​is used in the economy many times.

Augmented Intelligence extends and supports human intelligence with the help of artificial intelligence. Computer-provided results and data analysis enable faster and more accurate human decisions. The artificial intelligence evaluates large amounts of data and provides people with decision-making.

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