63 Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions For Experienced

AngularJS Interview Questions For Experienced. If you are preparing for AngularJS Interviews, this article will help you to find real-time scenario based AngularJS interview questions. Here Coding compiler collected a list of 63 AngularJS job interview questions for freshers to professionals. Go through this below list of advanced Angular JS interview questions and crack your next AngularJS job.

AngularJS Interview Questions

Can you differentiate Javascript and AngularJs?
Can you explain a situation, when to use dependency injection in AngularJS?
Can you explain Factory method in AngularJS?
Can you explain SPA Architecture in AngularJs?
Can you explain Angular Js Boot Process?
Explain Currency Filter and when to use it?
Explain Directives In Angular Js.
Explain expressions in angularjs?
Explain Filter Filter angularjs?
Explain Ng-app Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-bind Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-click Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-controller Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-disabled Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-hide Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-init Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-model Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-repeat Directive angularjs?
Explain Ng-show Directive angularjs?
Explain Order By Filter angularjs?
Explain Templates In Angular Js.
Explain Uppercase Filterangularjs?

Advanced AngularJS Interview Questions

How Angular Js Integrates With Html?
How Angular.module Works?
How can you use “$rootScope” in AngularJS?
How can you use Factory method in AngularJS?
How did you perform validation in AngularJs?
How To Implement Internationalization In Angular Js?
How To Make An Ajax Call Using Angular Js?
How To Validate Data In Angular Js?
Is Angular Js Extensible?
On Which Types Of Component Can We Create A Custom Directive?
What Are Angular Js Expressions?
What Are The Advantages Of Angular Js?
What are the binding directives in AngularJs?
What Are The Controllers In Angular Js?
What Are The Differences Between Service And Factory Methods?
What are the directives in AngularJS?
What Are The Filters In Angular Js?
What Are The Services In Angular Js?
What is $rootScope in AngularJS?
What Is $rootscope?
What Is A Service?
What Is Constant?

AngularJS Interview Questions For Experienced

What is currency filter in AngularJS?
What Is Data Binding In Angular Js?
What Is Deep Linking In Angular Js?
What is dependency injection in AngularJs?
What Is Factory Method?
What Is Internationalization?
What is routing concept in AngularJs?
What Is Routing In Angular Js?
What Is Scope In Angular Js?
What Is Service Method?
What is Single Page Application in AngularJs?
What is SPA in AngularJs?
What is the use of currency filter in AngularJS?
What is the use of Factory method in AngularJS?
What Is Use Of $routeprovider In Angular Js?
When did you use currency filter in AngularJS?
Which Are The Core Directives Of Angular Js?
Which Components Can Be Injected As A Dependency In Angular Js?
What is the purpost of using $http service and ajax request in AngualrJS?


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