Robotic Process Automation Case Study – Back Office Administration

Robotic Process Automation Case Study – Back Office Administration. Robotic Process Automation Case Study and RPA Use Cases. How your company can efficiently and accurately optimise back-office resources for significant cost savings with the help of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

RPA Use Cases – Back Office Administration

Robotic Process Automation helps in optimise back-office resources for significant cost savings.

Back Office Administration Overview


Every organization has routine tasks that demand accuracy and speed but
don’t really require organizationing to accomplish. In fact, such repetitive
processes – clerical, time-consuming and error-prone – can be a cause of
frustration for employees, as well as a waste of precious resources.

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RPA technology is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for people to perform back-office processes, such as those found in finance, accounting, supply chain management, customer services and human resources.

Using RPA, you can automate administration and reporting tasks with Virtual Workers as your back office admin team. These robots handle end-to-end processes, essentially performing any task that a human user would otherwise do manually. A robot can carry out any type of task which is assigned to it, performing it quickly and accurately – every time.

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Automation is particularly useful for Finance and Accounting departments where they can automate accounts payable accounts receivable, order management, invoicing, collections and reporting processes to work more efficiently.

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RPA also works well for Human Resources, to automatically handle activities such as payroll and absence management, starter and leaver processes and employee data management.

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By eliminating repetitive and manually interactive processes, RPA drives efficiency, enhances productivity, consistency and accuracy. This enables companies to improve response time to new markets and adhere to global regulatory requirements.

Robotic Process Automation Case Study

Sector: Financial Services

Challenge – With over 300 staff using a legacy mainframe application to manage the savings and investments for over 400,000 people, this organisation’s customer service operation was struggling to cope with its inbound customer requirements.

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Due to restrictions in the 18-year-old system, processing cases often required the use of Excel spreadsheets containing complex business rules, so handling the volume of requests from customers such as policy holders and independent financial advisers – such as updating details, accessing beneficiary details or calculating lump sum payments – was extremely manual and complex with handling each case taking an average of over 20 minutes.

Robotic Process Automation Case Study Outcome

Virtual Workers provide automated execution of customer services activities, reducing average execution times from over 20 minutes to just 2 minutes. Actions can be initiated either by customer services agents or directly by customers or financial advisers in a simple web portal customised for each user type.

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Alongside process efficiency, the instances of human error have
been removed, improving accuracy – a vital factor in a regulated financial services environment. With 10x faster execution, customer experience is streamlined, and service staff are free to offer improved customer interaction. The organisation has estimated productivity improvements of circa £1.5M annually, and an ROI in less than two months.

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RPA Use Case Outcome

  • FASTER EXECUTION – 10x faster
  • PROJECTED SAVINGS – £1.5M annually

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