PeopleSoft Functional Interview Questions Answers

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions And Answers For Experienced. Here Coding compiler sharing a very good list of 30 Peoplesoft interview questions with answers. We hope that these interview questions will help you to crack your next Peoplesoft job interview. All the best for your future and happy learning.

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions

  1. What are the different payment methods in PeopleSoft?
  2. What is the P2P Cycle in PeopleSoft?
  3. What is the main business process of Accounts Payable?
  4. What are the Voucher Staging tables available in PeopleSoft?
  5. What are the main components for setting the hire template in PeopleSoft?
  6. What are the methods available to update worker’s compensation packages?
  7. What is a regulatory region? What is the use of regulatory region?
  8. What are all the statuses used to define templates?
  9. List out different kinds of organizational relationships in PeopleSoft HRMS as per the person model?
  10. What are all the statuses available on the template hire status page?

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions And Answers

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 1) What are the different payment methods in PeopleSoft?

Answer # System Check and EFT are two of the most common Payment Methods used by enterprises. Apart from these, PeopleSoft Payables also supports many other Payment Methods.

They are:

Most Common Payment Methods:

  • System Check
  • Electronic Funds Transfer — EFT

Other Payment Methods:

  • Manual Check
  • Draft Customer Intiated
  • Draft Customer EFT
  • Draft Vendor Intiated
  • Automated Clearing House — ACH
  • Direct Debit
  • Giro-EFT
  • Giro-Manual
  • Letter of Credit
  • Wire Transfer

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 2) What is the P2P Cycle in PeopleSoft?

Answer # This Process includes Procurement to Payment cycle.

  1.  Requistion
  2.  Purchase Order
  3.  Receipt
  4.  Voucher
  5.  Payment

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 3) You have an interface file coming into PeopleSoft from a third-party system that sends details of already approved vouchers. An App Engine loads the file into the Voucher Staging tables. When the Voucher build process runs, it would be apt to create pre-approved vouchers for this origin. How would you set the system up to mark the Vouchers created from this origin as pre-approved?

Answer # We need to do small set up change at Voucher Origin

Below are the steps:

  1.  Open the Voucher Origin Set-Up
    (Set Up Financials/Supply chain > Product Related > Procurement Options > Vouchers > Voucher Origin)
  2.  Click on Vouchering Options 1 Tab
  3.  Voucher Approval Options — Check the radio button : Pre-Approved

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 4) What are main business process of Accounts Payable?

Answer # Payables Business process overview:

  • Create Vouchers and payments process using manual and automatic processes.
  • Country-specific tax withholding
  • Matching the vouchers with the purchase orders and receipts
  • Post the vouchers
  • Maintain vouchers throughout their life cycle.
  • Create drafts, single voucher payment, prepayments, and self-billed invoices.
  • Optionally, send electronic payments to PeopleSoft  Financial Gateway.
  • Analyze accounts payable information using online inquiries, and by generating reports.
  • Archive accounts payable data

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 5) What are the Voucher Staging tables available in PeopleSoft?

Answer # To load vouchers into PeopleSoft, we first load them into the Voucher Staging tables and then run the Voucher Build to create Vouchers from the staged data.



These are two staging tables used to load data through voucher build process into main voucher tables


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Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 6) What are the main components for setting the hire template in PeoplfSoft?

Answer # Template Record/Field

Template Section

Template Category Table

Template Creation

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 7) What are the methods available to update worker’s compensation packages?

Answer # Seniority Pay Increases

Grade Advance increases

Automated step increases

Step increases using review bands

Amount increases

Percentage increases

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 8) What is a regulatory region? What is the use of regulatory region?

Answer # A regulatory region is a region which has laws and regulations that are used by functionality in PeopleSoft HRMS. A lot of transactions are driven by regulatory requirements. These requirements include areas like ethnicity, disability, and health and safety.

Benefits of using regulatory region

When driven by Regulatory Region, the regulatory codes, People Code edits, and set processing in the system can vary by country and for each transaction.

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 9) What are all the statuses used to define templates?

Answer # Test (Default Value)



Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 10) List out different kinds of organizational relationships in PeopleSoft HRMS as per the person model?

Answer # Different organization relationships a person can have are:


Contingent worker

Person of Interest

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Real-Time Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 11) What are all the statuses available on the template hire status page?

Answer # Pending Hires

Cancelled Hires

Processed Hires

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 12) What are the levels available in tree manager?

Answer # Level





Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 13) What are Global assignments?

Answer # Global assignments enables the organization to assign employees to a global assignment and to monitor, compensate and track education, qualifications for the employee and dependents as they move to multiple locations in the organization having presence in different geographies.

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 14) What are all the various types of SJT?

Answer # SJT_CLASS




Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 15) What is the most important Record in PS HRMS?

Answer # JOB record

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 16) What is Home and Host concept?

Answer # Employees are based in a Home location.

The employee data, benefits and payroll information is maintained at the home location.

The new location where the employee moves is the Host location.

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 17) How is international assignments security implemented?

Answer # PeopleSoft delivers three options for International Security:

i) Home can see Host
ii) Host can see Home
iii) Both

International Security can be setup by navigating to:

Setup HRMS -> Security -> Core Row Level Security -> Security Installation Settings

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 18) For the action of Short Term Disability, what is the resulting employee status?

Answer # Leave of Absence

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 19) A company wants you to set the dependent age limit to 19 for all benefits. Which table should you use?

Answer # Benefit Program Table

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 20) When working on a conversion, what does PeopleSoft recommend you use as the initial effective dates on the Job Code Table?

Answer # Accommodate your longest tenured employee.

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Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions For Experienced

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 21) Which table has SetID as a high-level key?

Answer # Location Table

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 22) Which HRMS module does NOT use the Group Build functionality?

Answer # Payroll

Peoplesoft Functional Interview Questions 23) A customer asks you to set up a medical plan on the Benefit Plan Table. Which table must you set up first?

Answer # Provider/Vendor Table

24) our client has seasonal workers and wants to base the annual compensation rate on 125 work days per year. On which table do you define this requirement?

Answer # Frequency Table

25) Where do you enter default values that are specific to a PeopleSoft user?

Answer # Org Defaults by Permission List

26) A customer wants to set up a vacation plan and have the ability to track the vacation balances. Which three tables must be set up before you can track the vacation balances?

Answer # Provider/Vendor Table, Earnings Table and Benefit Program Table.

27) On the Job Earnings Distribution Page, what are three ways you can distribute the employee’s compensation?

Answer # To a different Department, To a different Job Codes and/or Position and To a different General Ledger Type.

28) Which deduction classification is used to set up a savings plan employer before-tax match?

Answer # Nontaxable Before-Tax Benefit

29) What is the purpose of EMPLOYEES table in PS? How is this table populated?

Answer # EMPLOYEES table is a current employee information table. This is primarily used in interfacing with third party systems or in business reporting as well in conjunction with EMPLOYMENT which is now a view.

30) What is job family? How is it different from job codes in PS?

Answer # To identify a particular job in PS HRMS we use job code. Example: You can have a job code representing Administrative assistant. This jobcode will have a defaulted salary grade and standard hours. A collection of multiple such jobs grouped together which use this job code will make a job family.


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