Angular 2 Interview Questions And Answers

Angular 2 Interview Questions And Answers. Here we are providing a list of 21 Angular 2 interview questions for freshers and experienced. We hope that these interview questions will help you to crack your next Angular 2 job interview. All the best for your future and happy learning.

Angular 2 Interview Questions

Question # 1) What is Angular 2?

Answer # AngularJS is by far the most popular JavaScript framework available today for creating web applications.
And now Angular 2 and TypeScript are bringing true object oriented web development to the mainstream, in a syntax that is strikingly close to Java 8. The main features of Angular 2 are Components, TypeScript, Services.

Question # 2) What is Angular 2 and TypeScript?

Answer # Angular 2 is built with features of ES6 (and ES7), Web Components in mind, and targeting evergreen browsers.
TypeScript is a typed super set of JavaScript which has been built and maintained by Microsoft and chosen by the AngularJS team for development.

Question # 3) Why do we use Angular 2?

Answer # Angular 2 is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.
With AngularJS, designers can use HTML as the template language and it allows for the extension of HTML’s syntax to convey the application’s components effortlessly.
Angular makes much of the code you would otherwise have to write completely redundant.

Question # 4) Is ES6 Typescript?

Answer # ES6 (also called ES2015) is the next iteration of JavaScript, but it does not run in today’s browsers.
There are quite a few transpilers that will export ES5 for running in browsers.
TypeScript provides an optional typing system while pulling in features from future versions of JavaScript (ES6 and ES7).

Question # 5) What is the use of typescript?

Answer # TypeScript is a strict superset of ECMAScript 2015, which is itself a superset of ECMAScript 5, commonly referred to as JavaScript.
As such, a JavaScript program is also a valid TypeScript program, and a TypeScript program can seamlessly consume JavaScript.

Question # 6) What are the key components of Angular 2?

Answer # Angular 2 has the components like Modules, Component, Templates, Metadata, and Service.
The Angular 2 Component combines the AngularJS Directive, Controller, and Scope.
Components are the fundamental building blocks of Angular applications.
They display data on the screen, listen for user input, and take action based on that input.

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Question # 7) What are the modules in angular 2?

Answer # In Angular, a module is a mechanism to group components, directives, pipes and services that are related,
in such a way that can be combined with other modules to create an application.
An Angular application can be thought of as a puzzle where each piece (or each module) is needed to be able to see the full picture.

Question # 8) What is a component in angular 2?

Answer # Component decorator allows you to mark a class as an Angular component and provide additional metadata that determines how the component should be processed,
instantiated and used at runtime. An Angular application is a tree of Angular components. Angular components are a subset of directives.

Question # 9) In Angular 2 Module consist of what arrays?

Answer # Angular 2 Module consist of Bootstrap Array, Export Array, Import Array.

Question # 10) What is Bootstrap array in Angular 2?

Answer # In Angular 2, Bootstrap array is used to inform Angular JS which components need to be loaded, so that its functionality can be accessed in the application.

Angular 2 Interview Questions And Answers

Question # 11) What is Export array in Angular 2?

Answer # Export array is used to export components, directives, and pipes which can then be used in other Angular JS modules.

Question # 12) What is Import array in Angular 2?

Answer # The import array can be used to import the functionality from other Angular JS modules.

Question # 13) What are angular 2 directive?

Answer # The three types of directives in Angular 2 are attribute directives, structural directives, and components.
Structural directives change the DOM layout by adding and removing DOM elements.
Attribute directives change the appearance or behavior of an element.

Question # 14) What is Link function in Angularjs directive?

Answer # Directives that want to modify the DOM typically use the link option to register DOM listeners as well as update the DOM.
It is executed after the template has been cloned and is where directive logic will be put.

link takes a function with the following signature, function link(scope, element, attrs, controller, transcludeFn) { … }, where:

scope is an AngularJS scope object.
element is the jqLite-wrapped element that this directive matches.
attrs is a hash object with key-value pairs of normalized attribute names and their corresponding attribute values.
controller is the directive’s required controller instance(s) or its own controller (if any). The exact value depends on the directive’s require property.
transcludeFn is a transclude linking function pre-bound to the correct transclusion scope.

Question # 15) What is a DOM in Angular 2?

Answer # DOM stands for Document Object Model. Angular 2 directives are used to bind application data to the attributes of HTML DOM elements.

Question # 16) What is the meaning of Ng in Angular 2?

Answer # ng is the core module and stands for Angular. The ng module is loaded by default when an AngularJS application is started.
The module itself contains the essential components for an AngularJS application to function.

Question # 17) What is the use of custom directive in Angular 2?

Answer # Angular 2 Custom directives are used in AngularJS to extend the functionality of HTML. Custom directives are defined using “directive” function.
A custom directive simply replaces the element for which it is activated.

Question # 18) What is Routing in Angular 2?

Answer # Routing is used to separate different parts of our app, generally by using the URL to denote our location.

Question # 19) What are the main components of Routing in Angualr 2?

Answer # There are four main components that can be used to configure routing in Angular 2:

Routes: – It describes our application’s routes.
Router Imports: – It uses to import our application’s Routes.
RouterOutlet: – It is a “placeholder” component that gets expanded to each route’s content.
RouterLink: – IT is used to link to application’s routes.

Question # 20) What is Tsconfig JSON in Angulr 2?

Answer # The presence of a tsconfig.json file in a directory indicates that the directory is the root of a TypeScript project.
The tsconfig.json file specifies the root files and the compiler options required to compile the project.

Question # 21) what is ngOnChanges in Angular 2?

Answer # ngOnChanges is called right after the data-bound properties have been checked and before view and content children are checked
if at least one of them has changed. The changes parameter contains the changed properties.


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