Drools Interview Questions

51 Drools Interview Questions For Experienced. If you are searching for jBPM Drools rule engine interview questions, this article will help you with 89 real-time scenario based Drools interview questions to crack your next Drools job interview. Coding compiler wishing you all the very best for your future and happy learning.

Drools Interview Questions

What is Drools?
What are the advantages of using Drools?
How to halt process in DRL file
How to remove a object from KnowledgeSession in Drools after fireAllRules?
What are Drools global variables?
What is accumulate function in drl drools?
What are Drools recursive rules?
Explain DRL Drools get rule name salience agenda-group in DRL file?
What is Drools clear agenda group?
What is Drools Agenda Group setFocus?
How can you Check if Object does not exists in Working Memory in DRL Drools?
What is Drools DRL Create Knowledge Session and Knowledge Base?
Difference between Drools Stateful vs Stateless Knowledge Session?
How to create a Drools Knowledge Base as Singleton?

Advanced Drools Interview Questions for Experienced

What are Decision Tables? Have you used it?
What is the productized version of Drools?
What is meant by accumulate in DRL Drools?
What is meant by Drools Stateful vs Stateless Knowledge Session?
How is Backward chaining implemented in Drools?
Which Drools attributes have you used?
What are the different execution control statements in drools?
Have you integrated Drools with other frameworks? If yes explain why?
What is the standard supported by Drool?
What is JBoss Enterprise BRMS?
What is the productized version of Drools?
What are the components of JBoss Enterprise Version?
What are the features of JBoss Enterprise Web Platform?
What are the features of JBoss Enterprise Application or SOA Platform?
Who use the Business Rules Engine?
What are the two rules that are exhibited at the time of installation?

Real-Time Scenario Based Drools Interview Questions

How to count the number of object types in working memory in Drools?
What is Drools Collection Iteration?
How to handle NULL or NOT NULL in DROOLS?
How to add multiple action statements in drools fluent api?
What is nullpointer in kieservices.factory.get()?
How to iterate over a list of String and change it in RHS in drools?
Convert Drools drl file to javascript file in Drools?
How to create runtime a pojo object from a properties file in Drools?
How can you convert the rules from JSON format to DRL format?
What is Drools XStream in a spring service?
It is possible to define rules dynamically completely at runtime in Drools?
How can you load Drools/KIE Workbench artifacts directly from the repository?
How to add rules to a running KieSession?
How do you setup drools Kie execution server credentials?
How to manipulate guided decision table from Java API in Drools?
What is the new accepted way of programmatically creating new drools rules in Drools 6?
How to compile a .drl file through an ant build script in Drools?
What is Mvel dialect in Drools?
How to integrate Drools with Scala?
Difference between ‘Drools Camel Server’ vs ‘KIE-WB Execution Server’?


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