Advanced Ranorex Interview Questions For Experienced

Advanced Ranorex Interview Questions For Experienced. If you are looking for Ranorex Test Automation Interview Questions, then you are at right place. Here we have compiled a list of 84 Real-Time Ranorex Interview Questions.  This blog post helps you to prepare and crack your next Ranorex job interview. All the best guys and happy learning.

Ranorex Interview Questions

Basic Ranorex Interview Questions

What is Ranorex?
Advantages of Automation Testing with Ranorex?
Are virtual users in NeoLoad carrying out the same actions as the Ranorex automated test?
Are you supporting Selenium Grid or cloud providers such as SauceLabs and BrowserStack?
Can I perform cross-platform web tests using the same test case in Ranorex 7.0?
Can I reuse my existing Ranorex tests, which I have created entirely in code without using the object repository and run them on endpoints?
Can I test different system dates/times within one Ranorex test suite run?
Can I test for memory leaks with Ranorex?
Can I test my desktop app, which is connected to a server, with NeoLoad and Ranorex?
Can I use Visual Studio Plugins in Ranorex Studio?
Can the JUnit compatible report be integrated in Jenkins or other CI tools?
Can we execute Selenium tests written in Java or only those written in C#?
Can we trigger Ranorex and NeoLoad tests from build or CI systems like Jenkins, TeamCity, TFS, etc.?
Can you convert an existing object repository with WPF items to the new WPF paths?

Ranorex Interview Questions For Experienced

Can you explain how Ranorex Test Automation Works?
Can you switch endpoints programmatically?
Difference between Button.Click() and Button.Press() in Ranorex?
Do we need a Ranorex Runtime License for each virtual user in NeoLoad?
Given a Ranorex.Adapter, how can I rietrieve the corresponding RepoItemInfo?
Given a RepoItemInfo, how can I retrieve the corresponding Ranorex.Adapter from the repository?
How can I extract a simple folder out of a repository in Ranorex?
How can I increase the performance of Ranorex tests?
How can Ranorex adequately handle a large web app?
How can you do Functional Testing with Ranorex?
How can you do Mobile Testing with Ranorex?
How can you Integrate Ranorex into Any CI Process?
How can you perform Web Testing in Ranorex?
How do I move a module group into a folder in Ranorex?
How does the new WPF plug-in work with 3rd party controls and other technologies?
How many years of experience on Ranorex?
How to access Android application via Appium in the middle of Ranorex test suit?

Advanced Ranorex Interview Questions

How to combine automated functional and load testing?
How to combine Ranorex and NeoLoad tests?
How to create conditions in Ranorex without coding?
How to demonstrate Ranorex and TestComplete for a given PoC project?
How to do image validation tests in Ranorex?
How to do Localization of Ranorex XPaths?
How to do threading tests in Ranorex?
How to get a list of similar elements using Ranorex?
How to integrate GIT with Ranorex?
How to integrate Ranorex automated testing into Jenkins?
How to integrate Ranorex test cases into Jira?
How to integrate Ranorex with Bamboo CI?
How to leave Ranorex’ command prompt open after test suite has finished?
How to make Ranorex detect SAP?
How to move Selenium scripts to Ranorex?
How to perform cross browser test automation with Ranorex?
How to read data from excel using code module in Ranorex?
How to reconstruct failed test cases in CI systems?
How to run Ranorex tests in a specific browser version?
How to share data from one Ranorex module to another?
How to solve Compiler Error: cannot convert from ‘X’ to ‘Ranorex.Core.Testing.ITestModule’?
How to trigger the scroll event of a slider reliably in Ranorex?
How to verify Ranorex object recognition on your AUT?
How does Windows Desktop Test Automation work with Ranorex?

Scenario Based Ranorex Interview Questions

I have already created Ranorex web tests. Can I transform functional test sequences from these tests into NeoLoad load tests?
Is it possible to automate tests without programming skills using Ranorex?
Is it possible to use Ranorex tests to create load instead of using NeoLoad?
Is there a free version of Ranorex and NeoLoad so I can try the integration?
Is there a limit on virtual users, which Ranorex can add to a NeoLoad test?
Is there any difference to recording web tests in previous Ranorex versions? Do I have to re-record my tests through the WebDriver?
What about the support of Microsoft Edge?
What are Ranorex automation helpers?
What are the common issues faced when working with selenium and Ranorex?
What are the differences between Ranorex and TestComplete?
What are the system requirements for Ranorex and NeoLoad to enable this integration?
What are the system requirements to execute Ranorex tests and which environments are supported by the Selenium WebDriver integration?
What is Compiler Error: cannot convert from ‘X’ to ‘Ranorex.Core.Testing.ITestModule’?

Real-Time Ranorex Interview Questions

What is Keyword Driven Testing in Ranorex and how can you do that?
What is Ranorex Agile Testing and how can you do that?
What is Ranorex GUI Testing and how can you do that?
What is Ranorexpath? What is the use of Ranorexpath?
What is Regression Testing in Ranorex and how can you do that?
What is Remote Testing? How to perform Remote testing with Ranorex?
What is special about a space in a Ranorex Regex?
What is the Alternative to Ranorex that integrates in Visual Studio?
What is the difference between Ranorex and QTP?
What is the difference between this Selenium WebDriver integration and Ranorex Remote?
What kind of applications can test with Ranorex?
When should I start my Ranorex test with NeoLoad, and when does it make sense to start my NeoLoad test with Ranorex?
Where should I install Ranorex and NeoLoad? Can everything run on the same machine or should we use separate systems?
Where to put central code in a Ranorex test suite?
Which license do I need to execute a Ranorex test on a Selenium WebDriver endpoint?
Which Selenium server versions are supported with Ranorex?


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