Talend Interview Questions and Answers

89 Talend Interview Questions For Experienced. If you are searching for ETL tool Talend Studio interview questions, this article will help you with 89 real-time scenario based Talend ETL interview questions to crack your next Talend job interview. Coding compiler wishing you all the very best for your future and happy learning.

Talend Interview Questions

What is Talend ?
What is difference between ETL and ELT components of Talend ?
How to deploy talend projects ?
What are types of available version of Talend ?
How to implement versioning for talend jobs ?
What is tMap component ?
What is difference between tMap and tJoin compoents ?
Which component is used to sort that data ?
How to perform aggregate operations/functions on data in talend ?
What types of joins are supported by tMap component ?
How to schedule a talend job ?
How to runs talend job as web service ?
How to Integrate SVN with Talend ?
How to run talend jobs on Remote server ?
How to pass data from parent job to child jobs through trunjob component ?
How to load context variables dynamically from file/database ?
How to run talend jobs in Parallel ?
What is Context variables ?
How to export a talend job ?
What is the purpose of Talend Runtime ?
How to use Talend job conductor ?
How to send email notifications with job execution status ?

ETL Tool Talend Studio Interview Questions

1. Talend – Merge multiple files into single file with sorting operation.
2. Loading Fact Table Using Talend
3. ROWNUM Analytical Function in Talend
4. SCD-2 Implementations in Talend
5. Deployment strategies in Talend
6. Custom Header Footer in Talend
7. Data Masking Using Talend
8. How to use Shared DB Connection in Talend
9. Load all rows from source to target except last 5
10. Late Arriving Dimension Using Talend
11. Date Dimension Using Talend
12. Dynamic Column Ordering Of Source File Using Talend
13. Incremental Load Using Talend
14. Getting Files From FTP Server
15. Initializing Context At Run Time Using Popup
16. User Define Function In Talend
17. Calling DB Sequence From Talend

Advanced Talend Interview Questions For Experienced

1. Difference between tAggregatedRow and tAggregateSortedRow in Talend
2. How to resume job execution from same location if job get failed in Talend
3. How to execute more than one sub jobs parallel in Talend
4. How to iterate filename and directories in Talend
5. What is the difference between OnSubjobOK and OnComponentOK in Talend
6. How can you pass a value form parent job to child job in Talend
7. How to call stored procedure and function in Talend Job
8. How to export job and execute outside from Talend Studio
9. How to pass value from outside in Talend
10. Can I define schema of database or tables at run time
11. What is tReplicate in Talend
12. What is tUnite in Talend Open Studio
13. How to optimize talend job to stop outOfMemory runtime error
14. How to optimize Talend Performance
15. How to execute multipule SQL statements with one component in Talend
16. What is tSystem component in Talend
17. Can I execute multiple commands at one time with a tSystem component
18. What is difference between tMap and tFilterrow in Talend

Talend Scenarios Interview Questions

1. What is the difference between the ETL and ELT components of Talend Open Studio?
2. How does one deploy Talend projects?
3. What are the elements of a Talend project?
4. What is the most current version of Talend Open Studio?
5. How do you implement versioning for Talend jobs?
6. What is the tMap component?
7. What is the difference between the tMap and tJoin components?
8. Which *component* is used to sort data?

Real-Time Talend Interview Questions

1. Talend workspace path should not contain any spaces.
2. Never forget to perform Null Handling.
3. Create Repository Metadata for DB connections and retrieve database table schema for DB tables.
4. Use Repository Schema for Files/DB and DB connections.
5. Create Database connection using t<Vendor>Connection component and use this connection in the Job. Do not make new connection with every component.
6. Always close the connection to database using t<Vendor>Close component.
7. Create a Repository Document corresponding to every Talend job including revision history.
8. Provide Sub Job title for every sub job to describe the sub job purpose/objective.
9. Avoid Hard Coding in Talend Job component. Instead use Talend context variables.
10. Create Context Groups in Repository
11. Use Talend.properties file to provide the values to context variables using tContextLoad.
12. Create Variables in tMap and use the variables to assign the values to target fields.
13. Create user routines/functions for common transformation and validation.
14. Develop Talend job iteratively.
15. Always Exit Talend open studio before shutting down the PC.
16. Always rename Main Flows in Talend Job to meaningful names.
17. Always design Talend jobs by keeping performance in mind.

Talend Certification Exam Questions

1. Remove Unnecessary fields/columns ASAP using tFilterColumns component.
2. Remove Unnecessary data/records ASAP using tFilterRows component
3. Use Select Query to retrieve data from database
4. Use Database Bulk components
5. Store on Disk Option
6. Allocating more memory to the Jobs
7. Parallelism
8. Use Talend ELT Components when required
9. Use SAX parser over Dom4J whenever required
10. Index Database Table columns
11. Split Talend Job to smaller Subjobs

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