Advanced UI Developer Interview Questions For Experienced

Advanced UI Developer Interview Questions For Experienced. UI developer is responsible for developing user interfaces of an application as per the design given by the UI designers. An UI developer should have the knowledge on UI development technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, AngularJs, React.js, and other front end development frame works.

Interviewer will ask various front end developer interview questions based on your profile and previous work experience. Here in this post we have listed 72 UI developer interview questions for freshers and experienced front end developers. Go through these web designing interview questions to crack your next UI developer job interview. All the best for your future and happy learning.

UI Developer Interview Questions

Assign Any Variable Name A Value Of “hello World”, And Print That Variable’s Contents To The Console.
Call An External Style Sheet And An External Script Located In The Root Folder Called Style.css And Main.js With Html.
Can Jquery Be Used To Make An Ajax Request?
Create A New Javascript Object With The Keys Of “fname” Equal To Your First Name, “lname” Equal To Your Last Name, And “fcolors” Equal To And Array Of 3 Of Your Favorite Colors. Assign This Object To A Variable Called “me” And Log It To The Console.
Create An Array In Javascript With A List Of 4 Colors, Assign That Array To The Variable, ‘colors’.
Declare A New Variable In Php Equal To The Number 3;
Declare All Elements With Class Of “blue-text” To Have A Text Color Of Blue.
Difference between <b> and <strong> tag?
Difference between <i> and <em> tag?
Difference between display none and visibility hidden ?
Difference between null and undefined
Difference between reset.css and normalize css?
Does HTML needs complier?
Have you already used MVC before? What you like/dislike about it?
Have you used Sass? What’s good about it?
How can you add a method to a class already defined?
How can you declare a class in Javascript?

Front End Developer Interview Questions

How Do You Access A Get Requests Url Parameter With Php?
How Do You Check If A Variable Has Been Set In Php?
How Do You Check If A Variable Has Not Been Set In Php?
How Do You Include A Comment In Css
How Do You Include A Comment In Javascript?
How Do You Install/use Jquery In A Project. What Is The Minimum Setup Needed To Start Using Jquery.
How Do You Select All Elements With The Class Of “selected” In Jquery?
How to center align a div tag in css?
How to check coding errors in css?
How to convert “20” to number in javascript?
How to use HTML5 New tags in IE8 and lesser.
How would you organize your Javascript code?
How Would You Solve A Floated Div’s Parent Height.
If You Have An Issue With Your Page, How Do You Debug It, What Tools Do You Use?
Inside A Php Function, What Param Needs To Be Set In Order To Access A Global Variable?
Is Javascript Case Sensitive?
Is javascript case sensitive?
Is Jquery Code Exicuted On The Clientside, Or Serverside?
Loop Through The Color Array And Print Each Value To The Console. Assume You Do Not Know The Amount Of Colors In The Color Array.

Advanced UI Developer Interview Questions

Name 3 Attributes Of The Position Property.
Name 3 Available Jquery Plugins That Bootstrap Has In Their Query Plugin Library.
Name 3 Of The Minimum Html Elements Needed For An Html Document.
Name 4 New Elements In Html5 That Were Not Available In Previous Html Versions.
Name Some Online Resources You Reference When Having Css Issues.
What Are 2 (shorthand) Boolean Operators Supported By Javascript
What can you do to improve page performance?
What Css Class Do You Use To Span 12 Columns On Medium Sized Screens But Only 6 Columns On Large Screens In The Latest Version Of Bootstrap?
What Is A Css Reset. What Is The Difference Between A Css Reset And Normalize.css
What Is A Simple Php Method To Make A Cross Domain Data Request?
What Is An Ajax Request And What Is A Simple Example Of Where A Ajax Request Would Be Used?
What is an AJAX request and what is a simple example of where a AJAX request would be used.
What is an AJAX request and what is a simple example of where a AJAX request would be used.
What is CSS Box Model?
What is Event bubbling and Event Capturing in Javascript?
What is Javascript Hoisting?
What Is Jquery and what are the advantages?
Have you worked with Bootstrap framework? Explain?

UI Developer Interview Questions For Experienced

What is output of “20” + 20 + 20 and “20” + ( 20 + 20)? in Javascript?
What is output of “20” + 20? in Javascript?
What is Semantic HTML?
What Is The Current Major Version Of Bootstrap?
What Is The Difference Between “==” And “===”
What Is The Difference Between Require() And Include() When An Error Is Encountered?
What is the difference between xhtml, html 4 and html 5? Which one do you use typically?
What Is The Result Of “20” + 20;
What is web accessibility?
What Javascript Method Would Convert The String “20” To An Integer (on The Fly) So “20” + 20 = 40?
What Minimum Things Do You Have To Do In Order To Include Bootstrap & Boostrap Js In A Project/ Html Document.
What Programming Language Does Jquery Use?
What’s the difference between HTML and XHTML?
When would you use CSS clear?
When would you use CSS float?
When would you use GET and POST requests?
Which is best HTML debugging tool.
Who Is UI/UX Developer? What He Does?

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If you know the answers for above UI developer interview questions, please comment in the below comment box, it will be useful for fellow UI and front end developers.


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