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Advanced Agile Developer Resume Samples –  Here Coding compiler sharing a very useful Advanced Agile Resume Samples for Agile professionals. This is the Real-Time Agile professional Sample resumes contain real-time projects. You can use these Agile resumes as a reference and build your own resume and get shortlisted for your next Agile Job Interview. All the best for your future and happy learning.

Agile Developer Resume Sample 1



Mobile: +91 xxxxxxxxxx

Agile Professional Summary

Highly experienced and skilled Agile Developer with a strong record of excellent teamwork and successful coding project management. Specializes in problem identification and proposal of alternative solutions. Adept at working on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Dynamic and competent professional with around 2.7 years of experience in IT Industry, and having cross-functional exposure in PLM Domain, strong team player, adapt at guiding and motivating professionals towards maximum productivity and interpersonal skills and comprehensive problem detection/solving abilities.
  • Presently working in Agile PLM project for Cisco Systems client.
  • Has worked on Agile PQM, PC modules and Customization in Agile including configurations in Agile.

To advance my career in the present environment by joining the professional and technological driven organization that encourages a proactive approach and provides necessary exposure for professional and personal development.

Primary SkillProduct Life Cycle Management
PLM TechnologiesAgile 9.2.x, Agile 9.3, Agile 9.3.x, ACP, Agile SDK.

Primary Domain Skill
Agile SDK , Configurations.
Agile PLM customizations. Custom PXs, Events, Agile Web Services, Dash Board Extensions, AIS, ACS.
ACP, Averify.
Agile Standalone Installation on Windows environment.
Programming LanguagesJava, JDBC, Oracle-SQL,HTML
Operating SystemsWindows 7, Windows XP
Database SystemsOracle 10g/11i.


FA QMS (PQM,PC Modules)

Failure Analysis – Quality Management Systems

Client: CISCO

Technologies used: Product Life Cycle Management

Tools used: Agile PLM


QMS (Quality Management System) solution provided to Cisco uses Agile’s PQM, PC modules for Failure Analysis of Cisco products via case management. Case management includes different workflow states, each tracking defined set of data and business validations corresponding to that workflow state. Agile Product Quality Management is implemented to meet the business demands of Failure Analysis process. The project provides support from the point of view of configuration management, SDK Development and testing.

      [Company Name]                        

(A leading IT company in India with rich domain knowledge and technology heritage in providing IT solution)

  1. FA QMS CDETS Validation Batch Job 

Duration: Current Project

 CDETS# is BUG ID for SW related issues,it is validated against QDI DB similar to GIMS validation.

Upon successful validation of CDETS# QDI can return multiple bugs with SW Product ID, SW Component ID, SW Version, SW version fixed, Bug Status, Bug Severity.

For each Bug returned new CDETS URL will be attached to Attachments Tab.

  • SW Product ID
  • SW Component ID
  • SW Version
  • SW version fixed
  • Bug Status
  • Bug Severity


  • Developed Standalone Batch Job to Validate CDETS# with DB Values which will update back to Agile with the values using Agile SDK as per clients requirements
  • Worked on configurations
  1. FA QMS GIMS Integration

Duration: 6months

GIMS is the primary tool for tracking root cause and corrective actions for field quality issues.  This corrective action process tracked within GIMS and the failure analysis and root cause processes tracked within QMS overlap.  Cisco tracks and manages product quality issue in a system called GIMS. One of the sources of input for this system is QMS.


  • Developed a Workflow based PX and an Event with Agile SDK as per the clients requirement.
  • Worked on configurations,other development activity as well as testing activity in the project. 
  1. Agile 9.3.2 Upgradation 

To cope up with the latest version of Agile, Company needs the environment to be upgraded to 932.

      Duration: 5 months

  • All the developments done in agile are to be deployed in new Agile 9.3.2, test them and if needed, have to modify the codes to ensure all the implementations done in 9312 work in 932.
  • Run ACP, Averify, Testing.


  • Modified the existing implentations  of Workflow based PX as per clients requirements and an Event with Agile SDK 
  • Worked on configurations as well as testing activity in the project. 
  1. FA QMS Application Enhancements

To provide a best-in-class customer experience, by making available consistent and accurate root cause hardware failure data, and thereby promoting reliability improvements throughout the product life cycle,  to significantly reduce the FA case Turn Around Time (TAT) and, ensures the capability to lower the Can Not Duplicate (CND) percentage rate and to evolve the current process in order to locate the true root cause of the failure the Business team needs the Enhancements in the previous implementation and new developments.

Duration: 4 months


  • Involved in the modifications of implemented Custom based Process Extensions, development of Event PXs using both Java and Groovy Script, Agile Core Web Service
  • Worked on configurations, and other development activity as well as testing activity in the project.
  • Developed Standalone Batch Jobs.
  1. OEM Root Cause Migration

Processes executed by FA sites that involve sending a part to Supplier for further Root Cause Analysis through Component FA Cases are not fully supported in QMS and require manual workarounds to provide required data elements. Data is being manually tracked on spreadsheets. The proposed process is to establish a process in QMS to systematically capture data and report on OEM/ODM data and Root Cause data.

Duration: 3 months


  • Developed Standalone Batch Job to migrate all data from PSRs to QCRs with Agile SDK as per the client’s requirements.
  • Worked on configurations, ACP and other development activity as well as testing activity in the project.
  1. Failure Analysis Case Priorities

The FA Case Prioritization process and definitions (and the way they are handled) were not consistent across the different organizations within the FA End-to-End Process.  Additionally, priority is determined manually and therefore subject to interpretation. The proposal is to redefine and align the FA Case Priority definition and prioritization process.  The proposed solution will systematically assign priority to an FA Case – eliminating the inconsistencies related to manual interpretation.

Duration: 3 months


  • Involved implementation of Custom based Process Extensions. Developed Custom PXs, and Event PX.
  • Worked on configuration and other development activity as well as testing activity in the project.
  1. Case Aging & Auto Closure: 

Customers ship the defective parts back to Company, which is received by Company depots across the world. Parts are then sent to predetermined FA Site or BU Site to perform Failure Analysis, either on Customers request or Quality Engineers request. In certain scenarios, the part isn’t received at the Company Depot and the FA Case in QMS is left at ‘In-Transit’ workflow state leading to huge number of FA Cases in ‘In-Transit’ state. QMS FA Cases should go through ‘Pending Closure Approval’ to ‘Material Disposition’ workflow states to be considered closed. But due to various reasons the cases don’t go to closure and stagnate at a workflow state with no updates. This leads to high number of FA Cases with no updates over a period of time. The proposed solution finds all such FA Cases and auto closes them.

Duration: 6 months


  • Worked on Developed Batch Jobs with Agile SDK as per the client’s requirements.
  • Worked on configuration and other development activities as well as testing activity in the project.

Agile Developer Resume Samples – 2

Work Experience – 7 + Years [Onsite Experience of Germany & Dubai]

[Company Name]

Gujarat, India

July 2015 – Till Date

Sr. Software Engineer cum Team Lead | Microsoft MVC (Visited onsite to Germany)

Project Mgmt., Leadership and Development (30% Management + 70% Development)

Visual Studio 2013 | C# | MVC 5 | Devexpress | JQuery | JavaScript | Ajax | Json | WCF | Web Api | Sql server 2014 | TFS | IIS | Entity Framework (Code First) | LINQ | Jira | Agile | Scrum | Retrospective | Deployment | Slow Cheetah | SignalR

[Company Name] Sr. Analyst Programmer | Microsoft MVC

Gujarat, India Project Mgmt., Leadership and Development (60% Management + 40% Development)

Sep 2014 – July 2015 Visual Studio 2013 | C# | MVC 4 | Jquery | JavaScript | Ajax | Json | WCF | Web Api | Sql server 2012 | SVN | IIS

|Entity Framework | Linq | Jira | Agile | Scrum | Retrospective | Documentation | Deployment

[Company Name]

Gujarat, India

Dec 2013 – Sep 2014

Sr. Software Engineer | Microsoft MVC

Project Mgmt., Leadership and Development (30% Management + 70% Development)

Visual Studio 2012 | C# | MVC 4 | Jquery | JavaScript | Ajax | Json | WCF | Web Api | Sql server 2012 | TFS | Telerik Controls | IIS | Entity Framework | Linq | Jira | Agile | Scrum | Retrospective | Documentation | Deployment | Media Query | Responsive Layout | Open Xml | Web Deployment Package 7.0 | Postman

[Company Name]Sr. Software Engineer | ASP.NET
Gujarat, IndiaProject Mgmt., Leadership and Development (30% Management + 70% Development)
Jul 2010 – Sep 2013Visual Studio 2010 | C# | Jquery | JavaScript | Ajax | Web Services| Sql server 2012 Oracle | Crystal Report | IIS
[Company Name]Sr. Software Engineer | ASP.NET
, Gujarat, IndiaProject Mgmt., Leadership and Development (10% Management + 90% Development)
Visual Studio 2008 | C# | Jquery | JavaScript | Ajax | Web Services| Sql server 2012 Oracle | Crystal Report | IIS
Jul 2008 – Jul 2010


Birth Date: dd mm yyyy

[web Site]

I want to apply my project management and software development skills in an environment that enables me to achieve the highest of my abilities and gain further experience for the benefit of an organization by delivering the project within triple constraint i.e. Time, money and cost.


PMP Pre – 35 PDU’sAstrowix (rep), Mumbai
2014– Till Date
Project ManagementSymbiosis, Pune, Maharastra
2012– 2012
MBADr. C V Raman University, Bilaspur,
2009– 2011
BE (IT)ADIT, Sardar Patel University, Vallabh
Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat
2004– 2008
.SchoolingKendriya Vidyalaya, CBSE Board
1992 – 2004

Hobbies Passport Number


Book Reading   Cycling Surfing Watching TV

SkillsPersonal Skills
Sql serverRetrospectiveCommitment
MVCDocumentationTime Keeping
Telerik ControlsJqueryOrganisation
VSS / TFS /SVNJsonTeam Player
HTML/ CSSXMLCommitment
Oracle / ToadJavaScriptTime Keeping
Entity FrameworkAjax
IISN Substitute

Project Management

  • Initiation, Project Charter, Scope Management, Time and Resource Estimation, Scheduling, Quality Management, Team Management, Communication Management, Risk Management, Procurement and Software Configuration Management.


  • Appreciated and awarded with silver coin by Elecon Group for securing distinction in final year of MBA (80%) and Project Management (83%).
  • Appreciated and honoured by CMD of Elecon Group and Renoir Group for completing the required task by achieving the milestones in specified time limit.
  • Stood first position in the entire university among 3 colleges by securing highest marks in Operating System, Artificial Intelligence and Simulation and Modelling.
  • I have earned highest points in university by taking extra elective subjects in each semester.
  • Appreciated by Radicon and Benzler group (USA) for good work on Product Configurator (Automation) application for an Engineering Organization.
  • Participated in Java and Asp.Net courses conducted by TCS and Microsoft Student Partners.
  • Appreciated for presenting a seminar on Domain Name Space in last semester of engineering.


  • “C – Language” by Information Technology Centre (ITC), Mogri , Anand
  • “Asp.Net and C#” by All India Society for Electronics and Computer Technologies (AISECT), Anand
  • “Asp.Net and C#” by Aptech Computer centre, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand
  • “Ethical Hacking” from Reliance Web world by Ankit Fadia, Vadodara


  • “Linux operating System” from GCET Engineering College, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand
  • “Web Designing and Visual Basic 6.0” from Microsoft, ADIT College, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand

“Computer Peripherals” from ADIT College conducted by IEEE, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand

Agile Developer Resume Sample 3

Key Skills and Knowledge:

Domain Expertise & Solutions

  • C/C++.
  • Linux IPC’s
  • Design Patterns
  • Data Structures
  • Telecom provisioning.
  • Embedded (MFP- Printers)

Operating Systems:

  • Linux/Unix
  • Windows


  • PL-SQL


  • Gdb


  • Vim/Gvim
  • Net Beans
  • Eclipse

Source Code Control Tools:

  • CVS / SVN
  • GIT
  • Clear-Case

Other tools:

  • HP Quality Center
  • Putty
  • Source Monitor

Other technical skills:

  • Shell Script

Quality Assurance tools:

  • Digite
  • Mini-Tab
  • Crystal Ball
  • Sonar Qube
  • TFS

Soft Skills:

  • Effective Communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership

Lead –  Agile Coach / Software Quality Analyst /  Scrum Master

  • Certified professional Scrum Master by
  • 2 years of experience working as SQA. Measuring performance metrics for several projects and coaching project teams on best practices of Agile methodology and CMMI v1.3.
  • 4 years of experience as IT professional with software development in C/C++/Unix on Linux/Unix for embedded domain (MFP – printers) and telecom provisioning systems. 
  • 7 months of experience as an Issue Management executive.

Professional Experience

Current Employer:                                                            [Company Name], Bangalore

Team:         Quality Assurance                                                           Period: Feb 14 till Date

Quality Assurance:  Quality team is responsible for mentoring project managers in adhering to CMMI standards. Auditing the projects and carrying out Organization level initiatives for increasing the quality of deliverables.

Role: Lead Quality Analyst


  • Agile methodology implementation into projects.
  • Played scrum master role to support projects in implementing agile and work with team to identify improvement areas.
  • Participate in all the Scrum ceremonies for the Projects/SM areas and ensure the effective implementation of the Agile process (Scrum/ Kanban).
  • Involved in verification and evaluation to improve quality process as per CMMI 1.3 standards.
  • Able to tailor Agile processes as per the customer need keeping the process always aligned to Agile Manifesto
  • Responsible for creation of monthly performance and productivity metrics.
  • Participation in project planning activities by drawing formal methods, helping project managers in setting quality objectives and managing them statistically.
  • Initiating Root Cause Analysis for projects, based on audit findings and process performance.
  • Drive best practice, quality and consistency within design and development phases.
  • Establish and monitor the closure of action plans for improvement based on the feedback from the CSAT survey.

Current Employer:                                                            [Company Name], Bangalore

Projects:         FTTP-IVAPP Team                                             Period: June 12 till Feb 14

Client:   Verizon (Broadband & Telecommunications), Tampa, USA

FTTP-IVAPP Team: The Integrated Verizon Advanced Provisioning Platform (iVAPP) is an FTTP provisioning platform for voice, data, and video. iVAPP interfaces with Verizon’s pre-existing provisioning systems for voice (AAIS-Core/NTAS/SOAC) and data/video (BAAIS).

Role: Senior Software Engineer


  • Complete responsibility of Delivery, Process and Offshore team.
  • Mentor and coach development team.
  • Task scheduling and follow up.
  • Requirement gathering & analysis of deliverables.
  • Preparing concept documents, Design (HLD and LLD).
  • Develop, test and review deliverables.
  • Client Coordination.

Role: Quality Controller


  • Participated in projection of our project for CMMI level 5 audits.
  • Responsible for creating and reviewing FDD, WBS, UTC, RTM, PMP and other artifacts.
  • Performed periodic review of the feedback results in appropriate changes in the development process.
  • Knowledge of the quality related process and adhere to the same in the project.

Previous Employer:                                                          [Company Name], Bangalore

Projects:        HP-FW MFP-CPE-FAX Team                               Period: Aug 09 till June012

Client: Hewlett Packard (Imaging & Printing Group), Boise, USA

HP-MFP-CPE FAX Team:  Hewlett-Packard and Wipro Technologies are partners in development of Software Solutions and Firmware for the LaserJet Printers and Multifunction Peripherals (MFPs). MFP-CPE team in Wipro is responsible for providing maintenance/enhancements for Firmware of HP MFPs. 

Role:         Software Engineer


  • Involved in the identifying, analyzing defects, questionable function error and inconsistencies in output, user interface screen and content. 
  • Involved in Triage and Scoping activities.
  • Involved in OXPD (open extensibility platform device) feature and defect fixing.
  • Involved in fixing defects in all subsystems like printing, scanning, digital send (Email, Fax, and Scan to shared folder) etc.
  • Involved in fixing issues arising out of Duration testing and also fixing memory leaks.
  • Involved in code review of the features and fixes introduced.

Previous Employer:     [Company Name], Gurgaon               Period: Dec 08 till July09

Client: Quest Diagnostics

Role:       Executive Issue Management


  • Involved in identifying the risks for maintaining quality of reports delivered.
  • Involved in identifying hospitals and doctors that could help us in achieving flawless workflow and patient service.
  • Involved in direct contact with agency sales manager of different insurance firms.
  • Involved in the process for achieving 100% efficiency in order to accomplish six sigma standards for risk assessment department.

Significant Achievements:

  • Worked as a SPOC from offshore for implementing new features and resolving defects on HP Edge-Line printers.
  • Received “Trailblazer” AWARD from PES for OXPD for best project delivery.
  • Received FIMC (Feather in my cap) AWARD for OXPD.
  • Received Thanks Zillion award for fixing last minute blocking issues for the 11.1 release.
  • Received a Creative Genius award for “Defining the process for reducing the overhead and achieving successful Triages”.

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